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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn continues to scream Eric’s name but Wyatt grabs her from trying to be around the Forrester’s. Everyone else is gathered around Eric who is on the ground not moving. Thorne tells them all to give him space. Quinn runs over and tells them to move around so she can be with him. Rick tells them that he has a pulse but is weak. Maya is on the phone with 911 and tells them that they need an ambulance. Thomas tells them to check is breathing. They say it is very shallow. Quinn wants to know what is happening. Wyatt starts to try to drag Quinn out but she gets free again. She pushes Rick and Thorne away and grabs his hand. She tells Eric that she is with him and help is on the way. She wants him to hang in there because she isn’t going anywhere. Ridge tells someone to get him a pillow. Thomas promises that he will make it. Quinn begs for him to wake up. The paramedics show up and Maya says it has been less than fifteen minutes. He has a high blood pressure. They ask if Eric is on any medication. Ridge tells them no. Quinn says he is. He is on a blood shortening medication. Quinn asks if they will be able to save her husband. Pam is begging for Eric to stay with them. The paramedics take Eric out of the room. Quinn starts to run and Ridge grabs her. Quinn says no. Wyatt tries to keep her back as well. Ridge walks after him. Quinn breaks free again and starts running.

The paramedics and some of the family show up at the hospital. The doctor asks what they have. The paramedic tells him that it is a 70-year-old man who collapsed thirty minutes ago. Rick and Thorne run over and ask what is going on. The doctor explains he will update the family soon. They take Eric into a room. Thorne keeps saying that he has to make it.

Thomas is walking around. Maya is frowning. Pam asks if she should make some coffee. Zende doesn’t think she has to do that. Pam wants to feel useful. Maya knows that waiting is hard. Thomas has never been good at this. Zende cannot get the visual out of his head. Wyatt wonders what happened. When he and Quinn walked in Eric was on the ground. He knew that he called the meeting to confront the family but he didn’t expect he would be on the ground. Maya explains that he called the meeting to call out the family and called the boycott a betrayal. Pam has known Eric a long time. She has never seen him so angry like this. Thomas explains that is when he started to lose it. Zende guesses that Eric knew or figured out that this was Ridge’s idea and they went at it. Maya thinks that Ridge was trying to explain that this was them helping but Eric wouldn’t have it. Zende knows that is when Eric started to change and couldn’t speak well. He glazed over and that was it. Maya thinks that he was right. He called them out one by one and what he said was true. Eric deserved better from all of them. Zende knows they are his family and they let him down. Thomas realizes it was his most important day. Pam was at the house and Eric looked so happy. He was making everything special and perfect. Eric was so grateful for her being there. Then she left and walked out. That is how she repaid him. Wyatt feels that they were just trying to make a point. Maya doesn’t think that point got through very well.

The doctor tries to wake up Eric. He asks if he can hear him speak.

Steffy and Ridge are watching through the window. Ridge asks how this is even possible. Steffy is crying. She cannot believe that Eric just fell like that. She wishes that she could just change everything. They don’t even know what happened.

In the lobby Thorne tells Rick that they should have never listened to Ridge. It was cruel regardless of who he was getting married too. Rick agrees. Especially after everything that Eric has done for them. Thorne doesn’t think that they could have ever predicted this. Thorne feels so guilty. A nurse walks out. Ridge runs over and asks how he is. The nurse says they are going to run some tests and then will know more after that. Quinn runs over and asks where Eric is. She wonders what the doctor has said. She demands that they answer her because he is her husband. Ridge tells her that there has been no change. Quinn runs over to the window and sees Eric in the bed. She turns away and is crying.

Pam asks Thomas what Steffy has said. Thomas tells her that there is nothing new yet. They are still waiting for results. Thomas asks what they were thinking about boycotting the wedding. Zende feels they were protecting him. Wyatt reminds them that it was from a woman that loves him very much. No one showed up to the wedding and she gave him an out. She wouldn’t be the reason that he lost his family but Eric wouldn’t take it. Wyatt should have been there. Maya knows that he was in a tough spot. He was caught between his wife and mother. Wyatt still thinks that he should have been there that day of all days. Not that it would have made a difference for Eric but he would have felt better for himself. Pam admits that she hasn’t always been as stable as she is now but no matter how nutty she got Eric always stood by her and forgave her. Then she did this to him. Thomas thinks that they are all to blame. Maya remembers that when Eric found out about her being transgender he didn’t care. She is sure that he had an initial reaction but by the time he got to her he had love in his eyes. Zende remembers when he was adopted. Eric invited him in with open arms. He was family right away without questions. Same thing when he moved to LA. Then he didn’t show up to his wedding. Thomas knows that Eric saw the best in all of them. He taught him how to be a better man and be a better father. Pam knows he felt so betrayed. They literally broke his heart. Thomas knows that he is fighting for his life.

Thorne realizes that Eric has been gone for a while. Steffy asks how this is even happening. She wonders if there was a medical issue that she didn’t know about. Ridge guesses that if there was he didn’t know about it either. Rick thought that Eric was in great shape Thorne thinks that this about them breaking Eric’s heart. He should have been his best man. Rick has never seen him this mad. They caused this. Ridge doesn’t think they caused this. They were trying to protect him from this. Steffy cannot live with herself. Ridge thinks it will be fine. Quinn asks how he knows. She wonders if the doctor said something. Ridge says no. Quinn wonders if he had a stroke or a heart attack. Quinn tells him that he cannot keep shutting her out like this. She has a right to know. Thorne tells her that they know nothing. They do know that none of them did right by Eric. Ridge feels Quinn did least of all. Quinn asks what he means. Ridge believes she is to blame for this. She put the whole family in this situation. Eric is brought back into his room. Quinn asks what is going on. The nurse says that the doctor will be able to tell them more. Steffy wonders if they can see him. The nurse says yes. Only family. They all start to walk in but Ridge stops Quinn. He tells her that she is not going in. Quinn is going in. She is his wife. Ridge will not allow it. She is not going in.

Maya gets a text from Rick. Eric still hasn’t woken up but they are letting family in. Zende wonders he if will feel the family around him and wake up. Thomas hopes so. He isn’t afraid to admit that they are all afraid. Thomas knows they will all have different opinions but nothing is worth this. Zende hopes he can forgive them once he is better. Wyatt feels they need to be positive. They need to will Eric back to being awake. Pam thinks that a prayer wouldn’t hurt. Pam asks for God to bring Eric to his healing hands. He brought Eric to be head of this family and they need him and his guidance. They need to show him the same love that he has shown them every day. She begs God that Eric is not done yet. She doesn’t want Eric taken away. They all saw amen.

Thorne gets next to Eric. He says hello. Thorne is so sorry. He never wanted to hurt him. They were just looking out for him. They thought so at least. Thorne doesn’t think it was an excuse. They behaved badly and Eric can be angry again. Thorne needs Eric to come back to them. They are not a family without him. Thorne pushes Rick to Eric’s side. Rick asks if Eric can hear him. He asks if he can hear how sorry he is. He has defended him even when he was dead wrong. Rick is so ashamed for this. Rick screams that Eric fight back like the warrior he knows he is. Rick tells him to fight back. He is here. The whole family is here.

Quinn is not going to be kept away from her husband. Ridge will handle this with his family. Quinn realizes that he might not like this but she is Eric’s wife. She is family. Ridge thinks that she is the reason that he is in that bed. Quinn knows he keeps saying that but they are all the reason his heart was broken. They betrayed him. Steffy knows they were protecting him. A nurse walks over and asks if there is something they can help with. Quinn tells him that he needs them moved so she can see her husband. Ridge tells the nurse that this woman is not to be anywhere near his father. Ridge and Steffy walk into the room. The nurse stops Quinn from getting close to the room. The nurse sees these kinds of things with family in crisis. She should probably just wait for now.

Ridge and Steffy walk into Eric’s room. The doctor explains that Eric had a brain hem ridge. Ridge asks if he will be alright. The doctor says that they stopped the bleeding and they are monitoring him. He asks what caused this. Steffy says that he got very upset. Rick knows they caused this. The doctor thinks that a weakened blood vessel caused this. Ridge knows that he will pull through. Quinn barges in and Ridge tells them to keep her out of this room. Quinn will not be kept from her husband. Quinn tells Eric that it is her and she is here. She asks what is going on. Quinn asks if Eric can look at her. She tries to get him to squeeze her hand. She needs to know he will be ok. Quinn asks what is happening. He wasn’t like this when he left the house. She wants to know what is going on with her husband.

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