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Ridge feels that betrayed is a big word. Eric wonders what else they would call it. They all did it to him. They had a chance to support him. To come and witness him say vows in front of God and family. There is no family. They were not there. Steffy claims that they did it because of Quinn. They wanted him to see how they feel about him. Eric guesses that he instead saw how they feel about him. They all feel guilty in expression.

Quinn believes that this was the most important day of her life and her son wasn’t there. Wyatt hates to break it to her but he was definitely there the day that she gave birth. Quinn looks at him angry. Wyatt is sorry. He tried to lighten the mood. Quinn reminds him that he has always been her main focus. Wyatt knows that was the case until Eric. Quinn believes that he should have understood because of how he feels about Steffy. Wyatt does understand. His feelings for Steffy kept him away from the wedding. Quinn feels that they both should have been there. Wyatt tells her that any other man even Deacon and he would have been there. Quinn thinks that there is a very small part of her that is proud of him for standing by his wife’s side. She hopes that Wyatt gets points for that. Quinn doesn’t think that Eric has ever felt like this in his entire life. He was abandoned by his entire family. Not one of them tried to be happy for them. Wyatt thinks that there is a very small part of him that wants to try if that counts for anything. Quinn guesses that it is a start. She asks if Steffy said thank you at least. Wyatt wonders what she would have said thank you for. Quinn means for putting her selfish needs above his own mother. Wyatt asks if it is really that selfish that she would do this. After everything that Quinn has done. He told Steffy that he would keep her away from the Forrester’s. Then Quinn ends up with Eric of all people. Quinn reminds Wyatt that she married him. It isn’t that anyone would realize that though based on her own behavior. She moved out and has been stringing her along. Wyatt doesn’t think that is what Steffy is doing. Quinn knows that he didn’t go to his own mothers wedding and yet Steffy hasn’t given the slightest indication on whether she is moving back in. Wyatt thinks that Quinn feels that Steffy will go back to Liam. Quinn wonders if Wyatt thinks so. Wyatt doesn’t know but he does know that he will never give up.

Rick doesn’t think that Eric means that. He thinks that Eric knows how much he means to all of them. Eric guesses that he does now. Thorne really wishes that Eric wouldn’t say it like that. Eric wonders how he would like him to say it to them after what they all did to him. Maya wishes that Eric would understand… Eric understands. He knows what they were trying to do. They were forcing him to stop feeling emotions that he feels. They were trying to make him not marry a woman who has been nothing but devoted to him. Steffy thinks that Quinn is dangerous and he doesn’t get that. Pam feels that it is Pam’s history. Quinn has a mean streak. Eric thinks that there is a pretty big mean streak running around this room right now. He wonders if they know what mean Quinn said to him when she came down the stairs. She looked at the room and his family wasn’t there. She came down the aisle towards him and looked and saw how much it hurt. She told him not to marry her. This awful and selfish woman that they think she is was willing to give up her happiness for his. He doesn’t want to hear them say that Quinn Fuller… Quinn Forrester is a danger to him or anyone else here. He never wants to hear that again.

Wyatt thinks that they just need to settle down. Steffy will come home and they will finally move on with their lives. Quinn believes that could happen now that she and Eric are married. Wyatt doesn’t think that. He feels that her marriage has stalled that process. Quinn thinks that it proves that she is not manipulating. Wyatt asks how. Quinn told Eric not to marry her. Wyatt asks if she really did that. Quinn did. He convinced her otherwise. He told her of the affect she has on him. He still wanted to marry her. Steffy needs to understand that. Maybe they all will.

Ridge gets it. He trusts Quinn and Ridge gets why. She always says the right thing at the right time. Eric wonders why he thinks that every word that comes out of Quinn’s mouth is devious. Quinn wonders if maybe one day Quinn will prove them otherwise. They however were worried about Quinn’s history. Eric feels that everyone has a history. Pam has a history too. He forgave her for that. Pam knows he did. Eric knows that Pam feels that somehow his relationship with Quinn somehow taints Stephanie’s memory. He wonders though about the amount of times that he had to forgive Stephanie. If he hadn’t forgiven Pam time after time she wouldn’t be here in this room right now. He forgave her and she walked out on him yesterday. Pam starts to cry. She doesn’t know. Eric took Zende in as well. He asks if that counts for something. His mother asked him to take Zende in and look after him. It never occurred to him that he would live anywhere else. Eric is his grandfather. Eric welcomed him into this family. Eric wonders if he has ever felt anything but welcome. Zende says no. Eric wants to know why when he welcomed Quinn into the family why Zende wasn’t there. Eric is disappointed in Zende. He is so disappointed that Zende wasn’t there to welcome a new Forrester wife into the family. Eric asks why Maya wasn’t there. He asks if she has ever felt nothing but welcome in the family. Maya nods yes. Eric welcomed her and her sisters and mother and father. All the drama. Lots of drama. It didn’t matter though because he saw in Rick’s eyes how much she meant to him. Eric welcomed Maya. He wonders if any of them bothered to look into his eyes about how he felt about Quinn. This was hateful. Neither Maya or Rick has any right to do this after all he has done for them. Rick knows. Eric knows that Rick thinks that he is owed something because he favors Ridge all the time but it is simply not the truth. He begs him to treat him differently. Eric continues to give to Rick and the first time he asks for something back and Rick doesn’t come. Rick doesn’t know what to say. He actually does know what to say. He is worried. Eric tells him about all the times he has worried about Rick. Eric still stands beside him every time. Eric has never disagreed. Eric asks him to come to his wedding. One thing and he wasn’t there. Eric turns around and screams at them that they didn’t come to his wedding. They all look ashamed.

Wyatt wouldn’t count on understanding from Steffy or any of the Forrester’s for that matter. They think that she is hurting Eric. They are trying to protect him. Quinn laughs at this. They are not trying to protect him because they betrayed him. His pain is over now. It is done. Quinn is in his wife. She will protect him. They can all join her in caring for Eric. They need to understand that she is part of the family. She is Mrs. Eric Forrester and there is nothing they can do to change that.

Thorne realizes that they all obviously have a lot to do to make up for what they did. He promises that they will. Eric wants to know how he plans to do that. Eric counted on Thorne to show up and be best man. Eric wants to know why he didn’t just say no. Instead of pretending to support him. Thorne wasn’t pretending. He wanted to be there. Eric asks until when. He assumes when Ridge and Steffy talked him out of it. Eric doesn’t think that Thorne even knows Quinn. All he has in his head is what Quinn supposedly did. Steffy doesn’t think they are lies. Eric doesn’t need to know those things. Eric needs to know if that matters to Thorne at all. Thorne assures him that it matters to him. Eric asks if it matters to Thomas at all. He is a little surprised by Thomas for being a part of this. He thought that Thomas made his own choices but instead he bought into the mob mentality. Thomas should have talked to Eric. Eric thinks he should have. They all should have but none of them did. They thought that Steffy and Ridge could tell them what was right for him. They were wrong.

Quinn doesn’t think that it should have been this way. It should have been a big family wedding with toasts and speeches. Quinn wonders why they couldn’t have done that for Eric. Wyatt believes it was because it was Quinn. Quinn cannot believe that because it was her they made Eric suffer. Quinn hears a noise from the other room. She asks what that was. Wyatt thinks that it sounded like Eric.

Eric knows that Steffy said she forbids it. That is what she said in Monte Carlo. She was channeling her name sake. He is glad that he didn’t go with it. Steffy thinks that he should have. Eric feels that Steffy should have. She should have asked him about how he was feeling. She just made demands. It had to be all about Steffy.

Wyatt is listening at the door. He can tell that is definitely Eric. Quinn is shocked he is yelling. Wyatt asks if she is sure she wants to go in there.

Eric realizes that Steffy has big issues with Quinn but those are in the past. He wonders who she is to say that Quinn doesn’t deserve a second chance. Steffy thinks that Quinn has had millions off chances. She guesses that she is like Stephanie but she is doing this to look out for Eric. Eric believes they should all try to emulate the ability to take care of themselves. Especially Steffy. She walks away crying. Ridge is gloating and smiling like a brat. Eric tells him to stop it. He has been taking care of him longer than anyone else in this room. He used to crawl around in here and draw all over his good work. Ridge was talented though. Eric never realized how talented. It all evolved into confidence and then arrogance. That is a Marone thing. He and Massimo both crave being the strongest man in the room. Ridge smirks at this. Eric wonders if this is really about him taking over the CEO position again. Ridge thinks that this proves that they were right. He thinks that he is crazy. Eric cannot believe that he thinks this proves he is losing it. Ridge is not doing this. He will not let him berate him like he has with everyone else. Ridge knows this his relationship with Quinn is wrong. Somewhere in there Eric knows it is true. Eric doesn’t think that Ridge gets to decide that or decide what everyone else in this room feels. King Ridge doesn’t get to tell them all how to feel about everyone else. Ridge controls who he respects. He looks like is about to start swinging. He doesn’t respect a single thing about that horrible woman. Eric tells him that he will have to respect Quinn now because she is Mrs. Eric Forrester. They are going on their honeymoon. He will respect her. All of them abandoned him like this. They want him to relax. He cannot do this.

Quinn cannot let Eric face this alone.

Ridge tries to walk off. Eric demands he get back. Eric explains that when Stephanie died he stayed by himself for a very long time and then Quinn came along and his life got a lot better. He cannot change that. Eric asks how he can take that away from him. Eric wonders if they knew what it was like to see what it was like in Quinn’s eyes to see they were not there. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric knows the first thing about any of them. Eric tells him that he made him feel alone. Eric starts to get dizzy and falls to the ground. Quinn walks in and screams Eric’s name.

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