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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric walks a tray of food to Quinn who is still in bed. She asks him how lucky a girl can be. Quinn asks how early he got up to pull this all together she would have helped. Eric feels that Quinn was to peaceful in bed. He can tell that she was dreaming about her. Quinn thinks no doubt. Dreaming or asleep she is at peace because of Eric. Eric loves her and calls her Mrs. Forrester. They click glasses and kiss.

Ridge walks over to Pam’s desk and nods at her. Ridge walks into Eric’s office and asks if they have heard anything. Thomas hasn’t heard from him. Steffy says no. Wyatt hasn’t heard a word. Thomas cannot believe that a boycott didn’t work. Rick walks in. Maya and Zende follow. He asks if they have spoken to Eric. Ridge hasn’t and wonders if they have. Rick says no but he has been speaking with Maya and they think that they might have made a huge mistake. Maya thinks that it was a mistake to not go to the wedding. Steffy feels that Eric is the only one who made a mistake by getting married. Thorne walks in and explains that is why they should have been there for him. Zende knows that Eric would have done it for them. Thorne doesn’t think that there is any question. Ridge thinks that they took a stand. Pam feels that they showed Eric how much they didn’t care. Ridge feels they showed him how much they do care. Ridge wonders what their plan was. To go to the wedding and pretend they were ok with it. Rick suggests that it is them that need their eyes open.

Quinn tells Eric that he is not packing for her. Eric wonders if she doesn’t trust him. Quinn trusts him with her life but not with her wardrobe. She just wants to know where they are going. Eric doesn’t think she needs to know. All she needs to know is the bills are paid and they will enjoy it. Quinn says cheers to that. Eric wonders if she would like some more champagne. Quinn guesses a little bit more. Eric gives her a glass of something else and tells her not to choke on it. She looks at the glass and asks if that is another key inside it. Eric doesn’t think it is a key. Quinn pulls a chain out and attached is a neckless with a huge gem on it. Quinn thinks that it is beautiful. Eric feels it is prefect for any honeymoon destination. Quinn thinks they have a lifetime of possibilities.

Steffy suggests that they can be there for Eric’s divorce. They will throw the biggest party the family has ever seen. Thomas suggests that there might not be another divorce. He wonders what happens if this is it for them. Wyatt knows they don’t want this to be true but this could indeed be the final wedding for both of them. Death do them part. Ridge is sure that Quinn is going to try to outlive Quinn seeing that Eric is an older guy. She can enjoy the money that way. Thorne doesn’t want Ridge to say that. Steffy thinks that it takes a while for some people to see ugly and when it does they will be there for Eric. Zende thinks that it might not have been so worth it to see Eric hurt. It could be possible that he is so hurt that he no longer trusts anyone but Quinn. Thorne wonders if anyone got any text messages after the wedding or a call. Thorne thinks that Eric is so upset that he is not talking to any of them. This could backfire big time.

Quinn tells Eric to stop giving her gifts because she doesn’t have a gift for him. Eric thinks that she is the gift of his life. Quinn is going to the best wife ever. Eric doesn’t doubt that. Quinn knows that neither will his family because she will also be the best step-mother as well. She knows that they might not have been here for the wedding but they will come around eventually. She knows that they will. Eric doesn’t want to talk about his family. Quinn reminds him that they are her family as well and she doesn’t want to be responsible for Eric not being around them. Eric tells her that they were not there. It was the most important day of his life and he never has felt this disrespected. Quinn promises that they will get through this. Eric wishes that they could have trusted him. Eric will not forgive them. Quinn doesn’t want to see Eric angry and bitter. They have to show the family how happy they are and then in one year they can throw a first year anniversary. She knows they will come to that. Eric asks how she can be so forgiving. Quinn explains that it is because she knows how horrible she was. She knows it. She also knows that the woman that they are trying to protect Eric from doesn’t exist anymore and she won’t as long as they are married. Eric wants to talk to them. Quinn wishes that he wouldn’t. She suggests that they go on the honeymoon and relax first. Eric has to do this. Quinn will go with him then. Eric doesn’t want her hearing anymore of their ugliness. He will handle this and then they can take off for the honeymoon and the rest of their lives.

In Rick’s office they are all working on various things. Ridge receives a text from Felicia. She is upset and the airport and about to leave and get on a plane. Thorne is sure that she is upset over what they did. Ridge thinks that none of them should be upset. Rick doesn’t think that they wanted him to marry her but they still should have been there. Thorne gets a text message from Felicia as well. She hasn’t heard from Eric and is worried that they messed up. Ridge closes the door and asks what is the matter with them. None of them messed up. Thorne asks if he honestly thinks that they do not have a problem. He asks if they do not have a right to feel guilty. They should have never deserted Ridge on his wedding night.

Pam is on the phone with Charlie going over seating for festival. Eric shows up and Pam tells Charlie she has to go. Pam is shocked that he is here. Eric doesn’t think that should surprise her. Pam just means it is the day after and he got married. She tries to give him a lemon bar. Eric ignores her offer and goes into his office. Pam rushes after him. She feels terrible and doesn’t know what to say. Eric reminds her that she was there and was pretending support him lying to his face. Eric asks where Pam went. Pam went to speak to Ridge. She called them. Ridge and Steffy had been so worried and they thought that if they staged a boycott that he might call the thing off. Eric isn’t going to call something off because his family called a group boycott. Eric wonders if this was all Ridge and Steffy’s idea. Pam promises that they were just concerned for Eric. Quinn has done some horrible things. Eric doesn’t want to hear it. He wants her to get them all in here. Everyone who was supposed to be there that wasn’t.

Ridge has no patience for this. If they want to think about what is right and wrong he has better things to do. Thomas thinks that they are just worried. Ride is worried as well. Which is why he didn’t go to the wedding because he doesn’t want Eric with this silly woman. Pam walks in and tells them that he is here. Wyatt wonders about Quinn. Steffy thinks this could be a good sign. Pam says that he is really hurt. Ridge thinks that he will be alright. Pam has never seen him like this before. He wants them all to be in his office right now.

Pam walks into Eric’s office and tells him that they are all here. Eric is not looking at any of them and says nothing. They all walk into his office. Steffy and Ridge have no remorse on their faces. Pam gathered everyone because he asked.

Wyatt is still in Rick’s office. Quinn walks in. She sees that he is here. Wyatt asks if she got his message. He said that he would wait for her. Quinn wasn’t sure that she could trust a message. He said that would be at her wedding. Wyatt explains that Eric has everyone in the office right now if she wants to join him. Quinn doesn’t want to be a distraction right now. Wyatt looks at the ring. He wonders how the ceremony was. Quinn says that it wasn’t very crowded. It was wonderful. Simple and elegant. Just what they needed. Wyatt wonders about the neckless. Quinn says it was a gift from Eric. Wyatt wants to be happy for her. Quinn knows that he has Steffy to think about. She hopes that he realizes that she would never have done this if she didn’t truly believe in what she has with Eric. Wyatt knows. Quinn doesn’t think that her marriage has to hurt Wyatt’s. She hopes that Steffy realizes what her little stunt did to Eric yesterday. Wyatt doesn’t think that it was just Steffy. They whole family united. Quinn knows that they united to hurt him. Not one person showed up. She isn’t sure if Eric can forgive them.

Thomas explains that Ivy told them that he and Quinn were alone at the wedding. He is sorry. Zende doesn’t think that it was their intention for him to marry Quinn alone. They just thought that if they weren’t there that he might change his mind. They were wrong. Maya knows that it was a terrible mistake. If they actually thought that he would go through with it they would have been there Thorne agrees. He was going to be the best man. He said he would stand up for him and he let him down. He hopes that Eric can forgive him. He begs for his forgiveness. Rick knows that they made a statement because they were concerned about him. They did this for him. Eric finally turns around. Eric has heard from everyone but the ring leaders. He knows it was Ridge and Steffy. He asks if they have anything they have to say. Eric thinks that Steffy is as stubborn as Stephanie. Sometimes it helped her and other times it didn’t. Eric wonders if she has learned nothing from her mistakes. Eric guesses not. Eric thinks that any respect that Steffy might have for him. Any of the affection they had for each other has been thrown away. Eric tells Ridge that he is his son. He knew how much this would hurt him. He knew how much it meant to him. He taught him and stood by him all these years and this is what it comes down to. Ridge betrayed him.

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