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Written By Anthony
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Quinn realizes that Eric’s family doesn’t want them married. Eric does want this though and his family knows that. Eric points out that Pam and Charlie were here. Thorne was supposed to be his best man and even Wyatt isn’t here. Quinn is so sorry. Eric doesn’t think that she has anything to apologize for. He loves Quinn. Quinn loves Eric so much. She would give anything to be his wife. She cannot let him do this though. His family is too important to him and he will lose them. She doesn’t want him to marry her.

Steffy thinks that they had to stop it. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric gave them a choice. Pam knows that Eric planned such a beautiful wedding. Zende thinks that this was pretty harsh none of them showing up. Thomas thinks that if they go over there now Eric might be willing to talk. Ridge doesn’t think they are going anywhere. They are staying put. He thinks this is unbelievable.

Quinn knows that Eric’s family just wants to be heard. She knows that Eric cannot do this without his family. He planned this beautiful ceremony. It is more than anything she could have ever dreamed of. It will not happen though. They are not getting married today. She doesn’t think that his family is trying to hurt him. Eric knows that his family knew it would hurt him. Quinn knows that the only reason that his family isn’t here is because of her. Eric doesn’t think it is Quinn’s fault. This was a choice that his family made. He will not let them do anything. Eric sees that Quinn has changed every day. He is surprised by Quinn every day. He wants Quinn in it as his wife. His children and grandchildren might not be here to see it but they are getting married today. Eric turns to Ivy and thanks her for being here. Ivy says of course. He asked this beautiful lady here to marry her and that is what they will do right now. Quinn smiles through her tears.

Thomas asks if any of them have heard from Eric. Rick says not yet. Throne is the best man and realizes that he should be there. Ridge realizes that he is and suggests that he do what is best for Eric and stay here. He needs to let this sink in and agree that Quinn should not be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

The Reverend explains that he is honored to be here today to unite Quinn and Eric in marriage and celebrate a love big enough to fill up this room. He asks them to join hands. Quinn asks if they are really doing this. Eric tells her that they are. Quinn asks Ivy to hold her flowers. Ivy does so. The Reverend asks if Quinn takes Eric to be her husband to love and comfort and honor and keep him. In sickness and in health for the rest of her life. Quinn does. He then asks if Eric will do the same for Quinn for the rest of his life and Eric will. He asks if Eric will make his promise to Quinn. Eric explains that he was thinking about how much he means to her. About how much they have done for each other. He remembers the first time they were attracted to one another. When she was signing her first contract for Forrester. He wanted to make sure that his family treated them fairly. He promised that he would defend her for the rest of his life. Eric believes in Quinn and wants the best for her. He will make sure that she gets it. He will make sure that he gets his love and admiration. Quinn was thinking about that moment as well. She remembers how different she was back then. The first spark with Eric. He changed her. He has been part of so many changes in her life. Quinn wants to bring nothing but good. She looks at the empty seats. Quinn wants to support Eric in the same way that he supports her. She wants to stand by Eric as his partner. He will be faithful. His love and admiration for him grows stronger every day. She feels so lucky to spend the rest of her life with him. Quinn will always be here with Eric in her heart and here with him physically. The Reverend explains that they will now exchange rings. Eric asks if she brought the rings. Quinn tells him that he has them. The Reverend thinks that like their love these rings remain unbroken. He has Eric tell Quinn that he gives Quinn this ring as a symbol of his love and devotion to her. He has Quinn do the same for Eric. The reverend says that it is his pleasure to pronounce them husband and wife. He tells Eric that he can kiss the bride. The two kiss and smile.

Later on after the ceremony Ivy tells Quinn and Eric that their vows were beautiful. Ivy thinks that Eric planned a beautiful ceremony. Eric thanks her and asks her to stay and celebrate a beautiful ceremony. Ivy thinks that she will let them celebrate on their own. She tells Eric that she loves him. She congratulates Quinn as well hugging them both. She leaves. Eric tells her that they should cut the cake. Quinn thinks it is a lot of cake for two people. Eric thanks Reverend Murphy for today. Murphy thinks that they will have a very healthy and strong marriage. Quinn agrees.

Ivy walks into Eric’s office knowing that they would all be here. Pam asks what happened. Ivy cannot believe that they abandoned them. She asks how they could do that. Thomas asks if it worked. Steffy wonders if Eric called off the wedding. Ivy tells them that they went through with it. She congratulates them all for breaking Eric’s heart for absolutely no reason. He and Quinn are married.

Eric looks at photos of his family. He looks at his ring on his hand. He looks around the room. Quinn walks over to him. Quinn says that she could have waited. Eric is glad that they didn’t. He is disappointed that they didn’t show up though. He isn’t shocked that Ridge and Steffy didn’t but Felicia flew in from Paris and Thorne promised to be his best man. He cannot believe that Rick, Thomas, and even Zende didn’t come. He is their father and grandfather. He pushed them in their strollers and took them to the park. He never missed one ball game or recital. He was always there to cheer them on. Then when they got bigger he brought them in the business because he wanted them to be a part of his life. Every part of it. Then he invites them today and they do not show up. Quinn promises that she is here for Eric. She will be for the rest of her life. Eric promises that he is as well. Quinn is glad that they don’t have guests to entertain so they can go straight from the wedding to the honeymoon. Eric tells her to go up and he will be there in a minute. Quinn tells him to bring a couple of bottles with him. Quinn walks upstairs. Eric takes out the power of attorney papers and sees a note that says Ridge Forrester on them.

Ivy thinks that Eric was devastated when he saw that none of them were coming. They should have seen it. The music was playing and Quinn came down the stairs. It was awful. Steffy can bet that Quinn forced Eric to go through with it. Ivy is angry at this response and tells Steffy that she didn’t force him to go through with it. She told him not to go through with it. She told him that she didn’t want to be responsible for Eric being at odds with his whole family. Steffy finds that very hard to believe. Ivy tells her it is true. Eric is the one who wanted this. He was insisting. Quinn makes him happy. That is why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Thorne knew this was a mistake. Thomas thinks that boycotting the wedding set him off. Steffy doesn’t think that Eric would do this just to spite them.

Eric puts the papers on a table in the foyer of the house. It says “to Ridge” on them. He thinks to himself reminded of telling the family to come to the wedding being the people that they were raised to be. Quinn walks downstairs. She knows that he has been down here a while. Eric is sorry. He thinks that she is beautiful. Eric knows that their wedding could have been more than it was. Everyone having a new start instead it was just the two of them. Quinn doesn’t think that was too bad. Eric thinks that they will savor every day they have together. Quinn thinks that is more than she ever dreamed of. Quinn was thinking about how lucky she was. She was shown respect she didn’t deserve. He has her love forever. She will be loyal and protective for him. She is appalled that Wyatt and the family didn’t show up. It didn’t ruin the ceremony though. Eric tells her that he has a gift for her. Quinn doesn’t need a gift. He is her gift. Eric presses a button and a light shine over the mantle. In place of where Stephanie’s portrait once was a portrait of Quinn is now there. He asks what she thinks. Quinn wonders if he is sure. Eric asks if she likes it. Quinn does love it. Eric loves Quinn. Mrs. Eric Forrester. The two kiss. Quinn smiles with innocence in her eyes.

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