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Written By Anthony
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Quinn is in Eric’s bedroom putting her makeup on. Ivy walks in still sporting an American dialect. She tells her that she got her something from her private collection. She guesses that she can use it as something borrowed. Quinn thinks it is beautiful. She thanks her for being here. It is such a big day for her and Eric. Ivy doesn’t want her to get emotional now. She doesn’t want to have to fix the mascara. Quinn is going to be Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Eric walks around the living room of the mansion and tells the servers that what they have done is stunning. He knows that the roses are all Quinn’s favorite. Pam and Charlie are there. Eric asks if they will help the caterers. He needs to make sure that they all have enough food. Eric thanks them for being here. He knows that they are not for the wedding but he appreciates them being here. In spite of what the rest of them think about the wedding his family will come together.

In Eric’s office Steffy cannot believe that the family has gotten cold feet. Maya doesn’t think that it is that easy. Steffy doesn’t think that any of them should be going to the wedding. She sure isn’t. Thorne doesn’t think that anyone is thrilled about it but the cannot just abandon their father. Ridge thinks that this puts the entire company at risk. Felicia asks if they really don’t show up. Zende knows that Eric would be devastated. Wyatt knows that Quinn would be too and he is the only one that she has. Felicia knows that they will get married whether they are there or not. Thomas suggests that them not showing up will show that Eric shouldn’t marry Quinn.

Charlie can see that Eric is expecting a lot of people. Eric is. He knows that not everyone can make it. Bridget can’t. because she is at work and Brooke is spending some much needed time with RJ but otherwise it will be everyone. Just the way she likes it. Someone walks in with a wedding dress and tells her to bring it up to Quinn. Pam is in amazement that Eric designed the wedding dress. Eric of course did. He cannot wait for them all to see it. He knows that everyone will rally around his bride and him. This will be the most special day in both his and Quinn’s life.

Quinn wants to keep her face without that much makeup. Eric likes little makeup. She wants as little distraction as possible. Quinn gets the dress and she and Ivy look at it. Quinn thinks it is beautiful. Quinn feels that he is the sweetest and kindest man on the planet. It amazes her how much her life has been changed. Ivy can honestly see it. Steffy cannot see her grandfather make such a large mistake.

Steffy will not go to the wedding. She knows this is the biggest mistake of his life. Felicia feels that Eric has been there for all of them. Zende agrees. He asks how they can just turn their backs on him. Thorne knows that they can’t. Despite everything Eric needs them right now. Ridge thinks that he needs a wakeup call. Rick doesn’t think that he is listening. Maya knows that they tried on a number of occasions. Felicia knows that it means a lot for Eric have them all there. Thorne is Eric’s best man and cannot leave him hanging. Ridge is not letting him or any of them go anywhere.

In the kitchen Eric explains that he wants this to be a spectacular occasion. Champagne the whole evening. Food to be passed out before the ceremony. Pam asks about all the stuff over on the counter. Eric tells her it is for after the reception. Charlie thinks that there is enough to feed sumo wrestlers. Eric plans to feed the family through the night. Charlie promises that they are taping their favorite cooking shows so they are here. Eric thinks that there is a whole new beginning for the family.

Quinn feels really good about today. The family will be there for Eric. Ivy knows that they will whether they like it or not. Quinn thinks that is what family does. They support each other even if it is challenging. Ivy feels like she is talking about Steffy. Quinn believes that the only person that Steffy is hurting is Wyatt and Eric. Hopefully after today she will see that she cannot fight it and accept she has to go back to her husband and then Ivy and Liam can start a life together. Quinn doesn’t want to hear that Ivy wouldn’t like that. Ivy doesn’t want her to get to far ahead. This is all about Eric and Quinn today. Quinn knows that it is.

Eric wants everything to be absolutely perfect. He wants to make sure that when Quinn walks downstairs that they play the bridal chorus. Reverend Murphy walks in. Eric is glad that he could make it on such short notice. Reverend Murphy is glad to meet his bride and is sure that she is a great person. Eric thinks that she is.

Maya thinks that the bottom line is that none of them feel good about going but wonders what it says if they don’t go. Steffy believes it gives Quinn the green light to continue to destroy Eric’s life. Wyatt knows that Quinn expects him to be there but he wonders how he will support that. He has to stand by his wife on this one. Ridge gets a call from Pam. She explains that she is at the house with Charlie. Ridge wonders why. Pam got a call last night asking if she would help and she couldn’t say no. Pam tells him that Eric has gone all out for Quinn. The house looks beautiful. She has never seen him look so happy. He really is in love with her. They all have to come otherwise Eric will be devastated. Ridge tells Pam that she has to leave. It is the only way to get Eric to leave. Rick thought that she wasn’t going to go. Ridge told her she needs to leave. Felicia thinks that is a little harsh. Thorne doesn’t think it is fair to put Pam in that position. Ridge wants to protect Eric. It is time to act. They have to boycott the wedding.

Quinn looks at herself in the mirror. Ivy thinks that she just needs one last sprits and she will be done. Ivy thinks that she looks beautiful. Eric will be blown away. Quinn feels great. The smile on her face and the joy. It has always alluded her in the past but she will treat Eric like a queen. They are blending their families and saying vows over people they love. Ivy knows that Quinn really loves him. Quinn knows that he really wants to marry her. She will make sure to live the rest of her life making Eric happy.

Eric walks into the kitchen and asks one of the servers if she has seen Pam or Charlie. The server hasn’t seen them. Eric sighs.

Pam and Charlie walk into the office. Felicia asks what Eric was like. Pam thinks it was how he looked. There were flowers everywhere. The house looked like a wedding cake exploded in the living room. Wyatt thought it would be a brief ceremony. Pam tells them that Eric went all out. He definitely expects them all to be there to celebrate. Ridge guesses they can bring the food down to the shelter because they will not be there. Pam knows that Eric has such high hopes. Thomas doesn’t think that they can go. Charlie wonders why they are all dressed up then and knows that Thorne is best man. Thorne explains that Ridge is insistent that they do not go. Felicia knows that it will break Eric’s heart. Ridge thinks that it will be a wakeup call. Pam doesn’t like Quinn either. She feels sorry for Eric. Steffy doesn’t think she can. They need to make a stand. They cannot condone Quinn.

Quinn imagines that everyone should be arriving by now. She asks if she should put her dress on. Ivy can help zip her up. Ivy can get dressed by herself. Quinn is ok. She tells Ivy that if jewelry doesn’t work out that she has a great future in making a bride feel beautiful. Ivy thanks her. Quinn guesses it is her last few moments as Quinn Fuller. She is going to walk out there today and hold her head proud. She will look them all in the eye and tell them that she is humble and grateful. This will be a moment that Eric will never forget.

Thorne knows that Eric was expecting them a while ago. Rick wonders what they can do. Pam guesses that none of them will be there. Not even Wyatt. Wyatt has to stand by his wife. Ridge thinks that they can stand together. Zende thinks that he should go. One of them should be there. Pam thinks she should go too. Thorne doesn’t think that just because they are not there doesn’t mean that he will not marry her. Ridge thinks it will be a wakeup. He will not marry Quinn.

Eric looks at Stephanie. He knows that she was his one true love, but it is time he lives again. He hopes that somewhere she is happy for him. Ivy walks next to him and tells her that his bride is almost ready. Eric is glad. Ivy tells him her father cannot make it. Eric knows that he is halfway around the world. Ivy wonders where everyone is. Eric didn’t realize that it had gotten so late. They should be here. They wouldn’t not come. Eric realizes they are not coming. Eric wonders what they should do. Quinn is going to come down any moment. Quinn comes down stairs. The music starts. She has a bright smile on her face. Ivy sits down and looks sad. Eric looks heartbroken. Quinn realizes no one is there and looks sad. She does smile though starts to walk down the aisle. The reverend stars the ceremony explaining that they are here today to celebrate the special bond between Quinn and Eric. Joining them in holy matrimony. Quinn says she needs a moment. She realizes that she is not worth it. He is losing his family. She loves him but she cannot let him do this. She cannot let him marry her.

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