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Quinn knows that Steffy has said that she will never trust or accept her. Steffy tells her that is correct. So her telling her that she has changed is like white noise to her. Quinn knows that they both love Eric and they both love Wyatt so there has to be a common ground they can work towards so that both those people can have them in their lives. Steffy wonders if she knows what she is like. She is like a chronic illness that Wyatt has just gotten used to dealing with. Quinn pleads with Steffy to come to the wedding tomorrow. The rest of the family will follow her lead. It is only an hour out of all of their lives. She will not take it as getting the families blessing but it will be a blessing for Eric.

Pam wonders if they should just do it for Eric. She asks if they should just go to the stupid wedding. Thomas wants to know if it is really supporting Eric if they know it isn’t good for him. Maya explains that in her experience she knows that it isn’t a good thing to have people who are disgusted by what they are doing is going to make for a good wedding day. Zende knows that it is what Eric wants though. Rick guesses that if it was one of those romances then he could handle it but it is a wedding. Felicia storms in asks where Eric is. She asks why they are all letting him marry this crazy person.

Carter and Eric are on the sky lounge and Carter tells Eric that at least one person has to sign the marriage license. Eric is sure that they can bribe someone into signing it. Carter explains the prenuptials. He needs to read them carefully. Carter also has papers for his family’s protection. Eric is sure that these were Ridge’s ideas. Carter feels that Ridge is only suggesting what any lawyer would. Eric would never ask Ridge for advice on these things. Carter tells him that it is only a power of attorney in case of an emergency. If he dies, then his will kicks in but if his health is hurt then he needs someone who can be in charge of the company. Eric is sure that Ridge thinks that it should be him. Carter explains he can pick anyone he wants. Eric is sure that Ridge thinks it should be him.

Felicia got a wedding invitation all of a sudden. She would like to know how they could let Eric even date this woman. Ridge says that he didn’t ask his opinion. Felicia thought she was fired. Ridge wants to know why Felicia is blaming him. Felicia loves Ridge but he always acts like head of the family until something goes wrong. Rick has a laundry list on why they should burn Ridge at the stake but Eric out did them all. Felicia asks about all the things that Quinn did to Liam Spencer. They ask how she knows about all that. Pam had to keep the family aware of what was going on. Felicia wants to know where Kristin is. She knows that Eric expected the entire family to show up. Zende guesses that Kristin keeps stalling hoping that something will change. She is too upset to make it tomorrow. Felicia didn’t show up to go to a wedding. She did so in order to make sure it doesn’t happen. Ridge guesses that they all agree they won’t allow Eric to marry Quinn.

Quinn understands that Eric loves all his children and grandchildren. She needs to know that Steffy is the apple of Eric’s eye. Everything about her and she was named after the great love of Eric’s life. It would mean a lot to Eric. Steffy tells her that she might call herself Mrs. Forrester but she will never be one of them ever.

Eric asks if this power of attorney has an exception clause. Carter could probably add something. Eric is fine. He will look it over tonight. He wasn’t going to sign it now. Carter only offers advice. He understands that the family is nervous but he is sure that tomorrow they will all see that things are all right.

Steffy asks how Quinn could possibly ask her to be a part of this wedding after what she has done to her and the people that she loves. Quinn knows that she is a very idealistic person. Quinn respects that. She knows that Steffy expects others to follow suit in her opinions. She respects that. Steffy has never really wanted to have Quinn’s respect. Quinn understands that. She asks if Steffy gets that she isn’t hurting her though. The only person she is hurting is Eric and Wyatt. She asks how those ideas are fitting in with her. Steffy admits that it isn’t going over well at all. Quinn asks if Steffy would ever let Eric stop her from living the live she wants. That is exactly what she and her family are doing to Eric right now.

Ridge asks what it is with Felicia. She always has something to say like she has a mysterious power over Eric. Felicia doesn’t think it is mysterious. She worships the man. What she asks for she gets. Thorne thinks that it is true. She mostly does. Rick guesses that it might work with shiny new cars and trips to Rome but when it comes to this it is totally different. Thorne asks if he has thought of getting a prenuptial. Ridge tells them that it was already taken care of by him. Maya thinks that is good. He isn’t going into it blind. Ridge asked Carter to draw up a power of attorney naming him. Zende assumes that is just in case he gets sick. Rick wonders why it couldn’t be him. He doesn’t care about the company he only cares about himself. Felicia wants them to focus on Eric and calling off the wedding. Felicia will talk to him tonight. Zende says that Eric will be watching the game with him. Maya points out that there could be last minute wedding prep. Zende knows he wouldn’t miss the game. Pam asks what game. Zende says it is Thursday night football. Felicia wonders if she can watch to. She enjoys football. Thorne knows that all she cares about is men in uniforms. Felicia likes all the stuff that goes along with it. Maya knows it is mostly the guys in uniform. Felicia guesses maybe. Eric walks in and is glad to see Felicia. Felicia asks when she has ever said no to him. He is glad that they all have a chance to be with him. He needs someone to stand with him. He wonders if Thorne will be his best man. Thorne doesn’t know what to say. Naturally he is honored. Felicia wants to know what he would say if she told him that she wasn’t ready to turn him over to another woman. Eric would say that she was talking to Ridge. Felicia has been asking everyone and what she hears worries her. Eric feels that she should have come to him. Nobody in this room knows Quinn as well as he does. Rick feels that they know her as well as they want to. Eric wants to know what that is based on. This is about showing them what they mean to each other. Thorne doesn’t think that Stephanie has been gone that long. Eric can no longer measure his life in decades. He doesn’t know if he can die alone out of respect for her memory. Felicia promises that he will always have them. Eric wants to know when the last time he ever saw Felicia was. He is sorry. They will talk after the wedding. He thinks that they will have a lot in common. Eric asks if Thorne will be the best man. Thorne guesses that he will. Eric cannot wait to see them all at his wedding. He leaves.

Quinn will not pretend to understand her. Eric, however, sees her as a loving and accepting person. Steffy is done. Quinn wishes that she would try to listen. The wedding is tomorrow. Steffy guesses that is only if there is a wedding. Eric might come to his senses. Quinn asks what will happen if there isn’t one. If She will cut him out of his life forever. Her campaign to get rid of her isn’t working that well. She asks how alone Steffy really wants to be. Steffy knows that Eric will listen. Someday soon he will listen to every word of warning. Eric is lonely. Eric has this wound that was hiding from them. She wonders if they should have moved back in to help him and they will as soon as Quinn is thrown out. She can count on it. Steffy leaves.


Eric asks Thorne what is the matter with him. Thorne was put on the spot and doesn’t know what he was supposed to do. Ridge thinks that no would have been really good. Thorne knows that life is short and even love doesn’t last forever. He asks Ridge to know how he knows that. Thorne just wants his father to be happy. Maya thinks that is what they all want but they haven’t been here up close to see how destructive Quinn can be. Felicia cannot believe how Eric can think they have anything in common. Pam feels that unless her ride home is a broom, she doesn’t see it. Ridge understands why Thorne is feeling this way but out of all the possibilities that could happen from being married to Quinn happiness is not one of them.

Eric walks into the living room and asks what Quinn is doing. She asks where he has been. They kiss. Eric has had to deal with some legal business. He hands her the prenuptial agreement. Quinn guesses that someone else has been keeping some secrets as well.

Rick refuses to believe that they are helpless to this maniac. Steffy feels it is like Quinn can say the right thing every damn time. She says the right things but then it is the wrong thing and Steffy feels heartless. Ridge thinks that she gets more delusional every day. Steffy doesn’t think it is that. Quinn sees them all very clearly and knows that they respect Eric. There are certain things though that they will not cross to go against them. Steffy thinks that they have to start crossing lines.

Eric was told something by Ridge that struck with him. After tomorrow she will have not only a legal relationship with him but with everyone else in her family. All their inheritances and everything. Quinn asks what will happen if she refuses. Eric asks if she means to sign. Quinn means to read it. She knows it says that there are three places to sign and four to initial. Quinn is signing. Eric explains that it also says that if she doesn’t do her chores then she doesn’t get her allowance. She will be obligated to iron all his shirts. Quinn continues to sign while he talks. She will have to give him a massage. Eric is shocked she isn’t stomping her feet and wondering why he doesn’t trust her. Quinn knows exactly why his family doesn’t. She knows that Eric does. If Eric hasn’t figured it out already she doesn’t care about money. One of the benefits of making it by her own when she was younger was that she knows how to take care of herself. She doesn’t need him to take care of her. She needs him to be him. She asks him to sign as well. Eric guesses that he will. Eric wonders why everything has to be difficult other than them. Quinn guesses they are doing something right.

Thomas tells Steffy if she had a plan then she needs to count him in. Steffy explains that if she had a plan then they wouldn’t have this wedding tomorrow. Pam loves Eric. She would do anything for him. She would do so much for him to be happy. Maya knows Quinn isn’t the answer. Rick cannot sit in a room tomorrow and watch Eric marry that woman. Steffy isn’t going. Thomas won’t go then. Thorne won’t go alone. Rick guesses that they have made a choice. The only thing they can do is keep an empty house. He hopes that they all agree. They will boycott the wedding.

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