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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/21/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the Forrester living room Ridge is with Steffy, Pam, Thorne, Rick, and Zende. Ridge believes that they all agree that Quinn has to be stopped. Quinn knows that they are all aware at all dangerous she is. Rick doesn’t think they can let him marry her. Thorne promises that they will not let the man. Ridge is glad that he came home for this. Thorne knows that they need all the support they can get. Zende explains that Kristin is not happy about this either when she heard about it. Pam doesn’t think anyone was expecting a wedding invitation. Steffy thinks that they just have to keep Quinn out of the company. Ridge knows that their plan is undergo. Steffy explains to Thorne that Bill is giving Ridge his shares as a wedding present to Brooke. Pam asks when Bill and Brooke are getting married. Steffy guesses it isn’t as soon as they hoped. Ridge feels that they can get Eric to listen and then it will not be necessary. Eric walks in. He guesses that this is why it was so quiet at the office. They are all here. Eric says hello to Thorne. Eric can see that he got the invitation and so did everyone else. Ridge has spoken to Kristin, Felicia, and Richard and they all agree. These are his kids and grandchildren and they all love him. They cannot allow him to marry Quinn.

Wyatt walks into Rick’s office and asks Quinn if she is being serious. Quinn is glad that he got it. Wyatt feels that her getting married to Eric cannot be real. Quinn is going to marry him tomorrow and hopes that if he cannot make it that he is at least happy for her. Quinn begs him to please. Quinn knows it was a surprise. Wyatt asks why it was an email. Quinn explains that was Eric’s idea. He wanted to get married right away. Wyatt wonders why they did not just elope then. Quinn says that they wanted their families together. Wyatt feels that Eric’s family doesn’t want them anywhere near each other and are ready to chase her away with pitch forks and knifes. Quinn thinks that is a horrible thing to say. Wyatt wants her to face reality. Quinn is excited about this. She doesn’t want to see Eric hurt. He wants his family to share in his joy. Wyatt feels that some things just are not possible. Quinn explains that Ridge called Eric to the house so they may be working things out as they speak.

Thorne doesn’t think they are calling Eric out. Rick tells him that they asked him here because they love him. Pam believes that they all love him so much. Pam knows that he is the love of her sister’s life. Stephanie would not want this. Zende knows it is really fast. Thorne got a call saying that he was dating Quinn and then the next moment he gets a wedding invitation. Thorne asks if he came home just to talk him out of this. Thorne came home because he is worried. Thomas points out that Eric is the leader of the family but his decision making in this is off. Steffy cannot let this happen. Ridge tells him to look at all of them. They are standing united. This is a mistake. Quinn will never be a part of this family.

Wyatt feels that Quinn is asking him to do something that will ruin his life. Quinn feels that if everyone gets on bored then it will not ruin anything. Wyatt reminds her that his wife moved out because they were dating. Quinn tells him that Eric is the one who wants to marry her. This is not a joke. This is real. Wyatt doesn’t think that makes it right and Steffy doesn’t have to agree. Quinn wishes that Wyatt would come to her wedding. She wonders if he wants her to be happy. Wyatt does. If she was engaged to anyone else his tux would be at the cleaners if she was engaged to anyone else. Quinn has had a huge difference in her life. Wyatt knows that Eric wasn’t invited over to the house for a surprise bachelor party. He is probably trying to talk Eric out of going through with the whole thing. Quinn knows that is not going to happen and she hopes that Wyatt will be there to support her.

Eric has heard enough. He appreciates their concerns but he is fine. Thorne has been filled in with the stuff involving Quinn. Steffy claims they only told him what they could prove. Eric isn’t surprised that they all have questions. Rick doesn’t think that they don’t know Quinn. Eric feels that they only know about her past and the things that she regrets. Quinn isn’t perfect and nobody is. They have all made mistakes. The difference is that they all are forgiven for theirs. He wonders about all the seconds chances they have all been given. Eric knows that Pam mentioned Stephanie. Her strongest attribute was her ability to forgive. It saved their marriage on a number of occasions. It made her biggest enemy her best friend and in the end… He sees that strength in all of them. He thinks it has helped their family out of these things over the years. They do not think they can do this but they can because they are Forrester’s. He wants to see them all at his wedding tomorrow. Thomas doesn’t think that they can ignore what she has done. Eric isn’t going to let her do anything bad to the family. Steffy thinks that him marrying Quinn only makes things worse. Eric knows who Quinn is now. She is a beautiful and complex woman who brings so much to his life. She is a balance. Rick doesn’t think that there is a balance with Quinn. Eric has earned the right to decide who he will marry. He reminds them all that all the things they are so desperate to protect the only reason they exist is because he has faith in all of them. He hopes they can have faith him. Eric tells them to come to the wedding. They need to be the people they were raised to be. Show the strength the Forrester’s were raised with. Eric walks upstairs. Steffy walks into the kitchen. Quinn walks in. She says hello. She knew that Ridge wanted to see Eric. She didn’t know the whole family would be here. She asks where Eric is. Rick tells her that he is upstairs. Quinn is shocked that Steffy couldn’t make it. Ridge tells her that she had to step away for a little bit. Quinn asks if they really cannot see what this is doing to Eric. He cannot handle it. Ridge doesn’t want to fight about this. Quinn wishes that they would listen to the two of them. They are getting married tomorrow and assumes that they want Eric to be happy. She asks why they cannot give Eric that gift. Ridge thinks that they came here to stop the wedding. Quinn wishes that they would find it in their hearts to come to the wedding. Rick feels that Ridge said it best. They do not want this. Quinn knows that Eric does. Obviously nothing that has been said has changed Eric’s mind.

Quinn hasn’t said a bad word about any of them or tried to turn Eric against any of them. She asks if they can just accept it and show a little bit of optimism. Eric has always been at their side even when he had to choose one. He and Stephanie worked so hard to keep the family together. Thorne tells her not to speak about Stephanie. Quinn knows that Stephanie would want Eric to be happy. That is what she does for him. He does the same thing for him. She is so grateful to have Eric in her life and she will not mess that up. She promises them. Quinn doesn’t normally express her feelings like this but Eric means everything to her. She would do anything for him. Pam thinks she would do anything except leave him alone. Quinn feels that Eric has been along long enough. She thinks that what he deserves now is someone loyal and devoted. She will honor Eric every single day she spends with him. She wishes they could honor that as well. She wants them to accept the invitation. They all walk out on her.

Eric is in his bedroom. He hears his family tell him that that he should not be with Quinn. Eric starts to think about all the times that he has spent with Quinn. He then starts to think about Steffy protesting it like a child. Eric looks conflicted.

Quinn walks upstairs but Steffy walks in. She asks where everyone is. Quinn explains that they all left. Steffy tells her that this isn’t her house yet. She cannot run them all out yet. Quinn didn’t. She wanted them to stay but they all walked out. Quinn wishes that they could work this out. Steffy doubts that will happen and wonders if Eric is still here. Quinn says that he is upstairs. She imagines that he is pretty upset. Quinn will be a devoted wife to Eric. She wants him to come to the wedding tomorrow. She wants her to forget that Quinn will be there. She just has to do it for her grandfather and everything that he has always done for her.

Maya walks into Eric’s office where she finds everyone around the conference table. She got a late start with Lizzie but Rick filled her in. Rick thinks that is all right. They are waiting for Steffy and wonders if she saw her car out there. Maya didn’t. Ridge knows that she will be back when she is ready. Thorne isn’t convinced that they should have left. Rick knows they did what they could. Ridge thinks that Eric is under the impression they are being selfish. Thomas knows that he really wants them at the wedding. Thomas knows about everything that Eric said about forgiveness really hits home with him. Ridge thinks that it did with all of them but wonders what they do. He asks if they forget all the horrible things that Quinn has done. Pam wishes that this could have been someone else. Rick thinks that they all heard them. It is real love… Ridge asks if they are ok that Quinn will be the next matriarch of the family. Thorne doesn’t think anyone could replace Stephanie. Ridge feels that is what will happen. Ridge knows that Quinn will be Mrs. Eric Forrester, and if they show up to the wedding, then it means they condone it and asks if they can really do that.

Quinn wants to get along with her family. Steffy doesn’t want her anywhere near them. Especially Eric. Quinn doesn’t think that she has to worry about him. Steffy points out that she said she wouldn’t be a problem for her marriage. She cannot believe anything she says. Quinn wishes that she could listen. Eric loves her and wants her there. Steffy is here to protect Eric the way he has always protected her. Quinn promises that she will never hurt Eric or let anyone else hurt him. They could have just got married on a remote island but they didn’t. Family is to important for them. People listen to Steffy. The rest of the family could follow her lead. She wishes that she would do it for her grandfather for everything he has ever done for her.

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