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Bill understands that Brooke is torn but RJ is a teenager. He is going to be vicious with his parents and they always will be. Brooke knows that Bill is obviously an expert on teenagers. Bill believes that he is an expert on everything. Brooke believes that RJ is older than his years and always has been. Bill guesses that Brooke should put a gold star on him. Bill wants them to leave today and start their adventure. He understands that Brooke wants to wait but RJ will adapt especially when he sees how happy Brooke is. Bill tells her that they should do this.

RJ wants to know what they mean by Brooke’s promise. RJ asks where all the negativity is coming from. Ridge doesn’t think that anyone is being negative. RJ feels that it sounds like it. Steffy tries to explain but RJ thinks that the point is that he stopped Brooke from marrying the guy or at least hopes that he did. Thomas asks if Brooke said that she was canceling the wedding. RJ guesses not but hopes that she does. RJ thinks that Ridge should be happy to. He cannot see why Ridge would want Brooke to marry that guy.

Quinn wonders if Eric is being serious. She asks if he wants to get married right away. Eric asks what is stopping them. Quinn can think of a couple of sons and his granddaughter. Eric believes that if they let them stop them then it is their own damn fault. They can all complain but all Eric wants is Brooke he wants to make this official. Eric kisses Quinn. Quinn suggests that they need to get their feet back on the ground. Eric wonders why because he likes it up here. Quinn does as well but they are in the minority. Eric asks who the majority is. Quinn explains that his entire family is against them. Eric feels that is their problem not his. Quinn wants him to make it clear that he plans to write them all off to live his life with her. Eric thinks it is a fair trade to him. Quinn thinks he is joking. She wants to have a life with him but doesn’t want him to do anything drastic. Eric knows that his family will come around when they see what Quinn means to him. They need to stop talking about something that they have no control over because they have a wedding to plan.

Steffy knows that RJ just got back into town so they cannot expect him to understand. RJ wants to know what he doesn’t understand. RJ thinks that if he can get through to Brooke than so can Ridge. Ridge doesn’t want Brooke marrying Bill but it isn’t that simple. RJ doesn’t think that anything ever is around here. He just doesn’t think that Brooke should be marrying Bill Spencer.

Bill believes that they will be all over RJ. Bill promises that RJ will adjust because kids always do. Brooke knows that RJ has had to adjust so much in his life. Bill thinks that RJ is strong and he admired the way that RJ stood up to him. Brooke loves Bill very much but first and foremost she is a mother. Her son is confused right now and she needs to be there for him. She cannot just run off. Brooke hopes that he can understand. Brooke hopes that Bill gets it. They will just wait a while. Bill feels like he has been waiting for Brooke his whole life. Brooke guesses that a little long will not really matter. Bill believes that a little can turn into a lot rather quickly. Not this time. Bill knows that RJ really doesn’t like him. Brooke doesn’t think that he knows him. Bill knows that he has heard stuff from his father. Brooke believes that they brought up RJ has an independent thinker. Bill guesses that RJ is quite a kid. He definitely has some bulldog in him. Brooke knows that someday he will take off a little from his stepdad. Brooke doesn’t want to drag this out any longer than they had to. Bill is sure that Ridge doesn’t either. He is going to be very disappointed that he isn’t getting his palms on Forrester. Brooke doesn’t think this is about Ridge. It is about the two of them and she wants RJ to be a part of it as well. Bill guesses that they wait. Brooke thanks him and kisses him. Bill will not wait long. He needs her with him. He has for a long time. Brooke has to get back. Bill tells Brooke to have RJ meet him at the gym sometime. They can go a few rounds at each other. Brooke laughs.

Steffy and Thomas walk into Rick’s office. Steffy feels that this could be a real problem. Thomas doesn’t think that it is necessarily. Steffy points out that RJ comes home from school and tells Brooke how he feels. Brooke is not going to take this well. Thomas is sure that Ridge will calm RJ down. Steffy isn’t sure. Ridge is wavering. They need those shares and in order for that to happen Brooke needs to marry Bill as soon as possible. It has to happen before Eric gets anymore attached to Quinn.

Eric wonders if Quinn is ok with the menu. Quinn wonders if they will really get married here. Eric says it will be around his family. Quinn hopes so. Eric doesn’t think that they would miss it. Quinn puts them all in the invite. Eric promises that it will be the last wedding of his life. Quinn doesn’t like the sound of that. Eric asks what she means. Quinn means that it is ok but it just sounds weird. Eric promises that she is adding on thirty years to his life. Quinn wonders if it is just thirty years. She guesses that they should get the invitations out. She can only imagine what the responses will be. Eric wants to go have dinner. Quinn guesses that would be nice before they all rally together an intervention. Eric doesn’t think that will happen. Quinn will be Mrs. Eric Forrester and there is nothing that Ridge or anyone could do to stop that.

RJ asks if he is being sent back to boarding school. Ridge doesn’t want him to be ridicules. RJ knows what he saw when he walked in here. Ridge was discussing something with Brooke when he walked in here. RJ laughs at the word discussion. Ridge guesses that they were hugging too and asks what the big deal is. He wants RJ to calm down. RJ can tell that Ridge is still in love with Brooke. Ridge will always be in love with Brooke. RJ can tell that the two are meant for each other. Ridge tells RJ that he has to prepare himself for the possibility that Brooke is going to marry Bill Spencer. Brooke walks in and says hello to RJ. She loves walking in and seeing him here. RJ asks what happened. He really hopes that she isn’t going to go away with him to get married. Brooke says that she isn’t. Ridge looks confused. RJ hugs Brooke.

Quinn asks how her invitation sounds. Eric reads it aloud. “Quinn Fuller and Eric Forrester request the honor of your presence at their wedding.” Eric thinks that they are lucky they are even being invited at all. Quinn laughs at this. Eric wants to spice this up a little. He wants to say “Hey kids. They are done shacking up together. They are getting married!” Quinn thinks something a little more civil. Eric doesn’t think they should have to be. Quinn wonders if he is angry at them. Eric isn’t. He gets it but they are being disrespectful. Quinn is not used to respect but Eric has to be respected by everyone. His family especially. That is what concerns her. Eric doesn’t want her to let it. Quinn still is. He is the king of the castle. He is the patriarch of the family. Especially some of their lives. She never wanted him to be disrespected. She only wanted to bring positive things. She will not give up though. She loves him to much. Quinn thinks that the only thing they can do is to get all the people in their lives to realize that this is not a manipulation from her. This is real. She would never do anything to hurt them. Quinn needs him to get their family to understand. She doesn’t mean to go on and on. It just means a lot to her. Eric never wants her to apologize for expressing her feelings. Eric promises that as long as he lives and breathing and smiling that his family will understand that she means something to him. They will all see how he loves her and they will move past this. Quinn wonders about Steffy. Eric thinks Steffy will as well.

Steffy doesn’t think that she will ever see what Eric sees in that woman. Thomas knows that Quinn does seem to make Eric happy. Steffy doesn’t think that Quinn can be trusted. Everyone knows that. They have to protect Eric. They have to secure those shares. Thomas hopes that Brooke is flying off with Bill as they speak.

RJ thanks Brooke for listening to him. Brooke believes that they always listen to him. RJ wants them to be together and the he saw them hugging. He knows that they always talk about destiny and why they are meant to be together. He feels that they are both free and available. Brooke did what RJ asked. She didn’t get married but they will get married. Sooner than later. RJ wants her to wait. Ridge reminds him that he came back here to spend time with his friends and family and that is what he will do. He thinks they will spend time together. Brooke promises that they will. They are reunited and that means more to her than anything.

Steffy hopes that Ridge has heard something from Brooke. She hopes that he is able to get through to RJ. Thomas goes to see if RJ is still here. He walks outside and asks if RJ will come in to talk to him real quick. RJ walks in. Steffy asks if he has heard from Brooke. RJ explains that they just spoke. She is not marrying him. Steffy is shocked. RJ doesn’t get them. He cannot be the only one who can see how much of a train wreck this would be. He knows that Brooke isn’t their mom but Bill is not a good guy. He wonders if they would wish him on their worst enemy. Steffy thinks that there is a lot at stake here. RJ had to tell her how he felt. He guesses that they will see. She hasn’t broken it off completely. Brooke said that she would hold off for the moment but they will get married soon. Steffy knows they are family and they have to trust each other. She explains that a lot is riding on this. She cannot tell him yet. He needs to trust her. RJ cannot get in the middle of this. The future of the company is at stake.

Quinn guesses that this is it. Eric thinks that it is a beautiful invitation for a beautiful event. Quinn wonders if he is sure about this. It is his last chance to pull out. Eric tells her to send it. Quinn thinks that the earth is about to shake. Eric feels that it has done that since the first time he kissed her. Quinn presses send.

Brooke just couldn’t do it. She couldn’t run off and marry Bill. Ridge is glad she didn’t do it for their sons sake. Brooke needed him to know that he could hear what they had to say. Ridge thinks that Brooke is a good mother and was a good wife. Brooke will marry Bill and then Ridge will get the shares and get Quinn out of the office. Ridge guesses that they can see what happens. They can plan in time. Brooke guesses that there is no reason to drag their feet. Ridge gets an email. It is an invitation from Eric and Quinn. They are requesting their presence at their wedding two days from now. Eric will do it. He is going to marry Quinn.

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