B&B Monday Update 9/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Bill informs RJ that they do not have a lot of time for a big debate. The jet is waiting for them. Brooke tells Bill that she cannot just walk away from her son. Bill knows that RJ is back and he plans to be here a while. RJ thinks that is the plan. Bill guesses that they can talk about it until the cows come home after they are back. RJ is asking Brooke not to go. Bill tells Brooke that they have to get going. RJ believes that if Brooke marries Bill that she will ruin their family. He doesn’t want Brooke to do it.

Steffy is glad that RJ is home but she is sure that it doesn’t compare to how Brooke is doing. Ridge feels that she is thrilled to say the least. Steffy knows that RJ cannot be happy to see his mom marrying Bill. Thomas wonders how much influence RJ has over Brooke. Ridge thinks quite a bit. Steffy doesn’t think that RJ can interfere. They need those shares and it is the only way to get Quinn out.

Quinn is sitting in the Forrester living room working on a piece. Eric walks in and tells her that she makes walking into a room an adventure. Quinn asks how that is. Eric believes that it is fun to think about what she will be doing and what she will be wearing. Quinn knows that she is wearing clothes and asks if he is disappointed. Eric doesn’t know. He starts to kiss Quinn. Quinn is going to take that as a no. Quinn believes that he looks handsome. Eric thanks her. He sits down next to her. Eric notes that Ivy believes they work very well together. Quinn agrees. They are getting their grove back. She thinks that Ivy and her understand each other. Eric is glad to hear that. He hopes there is no judgment. Quinn explains that she just wants her to be happy. Eric wishes the rest of his family could feel like that. Quinn is so sorry that there is so much going on between Eric and his family. Eric doesn’t want her to be. It isn’t her fault. Quinn believes that it is though. Eric doesn’t think that it is his families right to choose who he is with. Quinn wonders why they cannot decide for themselves who they are with. She wonders why they cannot see that they are actually happy. Quinn doesn’t want Eric to answer that. She knows the answer. It is because of her the evil Quinn. Steffy will never stop until she finds a way to rip them apart. Eric promises that will never happen.

Steffy wants to know what is going on with Ridge. He knows that there is something that he is not telling them. Ridge wonders why she is saying that. Steffy knows Ridge. RJ is getting into Brooke’s head. Ridge reminds her that RJ is her son and his feelings matter. Steffy wants to know what he said. Ridge explains that Brooke marrying Bill was ridicules and Ridge thinks that is true. He said that Bill is a clown and Ridge agrees to that being true as well. Ridge knows that he doesn’t want the wedding to happen and then pitched the idea of his parents getting back together. Thomas guesses that makes sense. Steffy thinks it is impossible because Brooke has to marry Bill. Thomas knows that they are so close to having the company. Steffy needs Ridge to talk to RJ. He cannot stop this wedding.

Brooke tells RJ that there is a lot he doesn’t understand. RJ feels that he knows enough. Bill married her sister. They had a child together. RJ asks why he is coming on to Brooke in the first place. Bill believes that they have a long and complicated story which they will walk RJ through when they get back. RJ doesn’t want to hear anything from Bill. Bill informs him that he is in the picture now and is not going anywhere. RJ knows that Brooke has convinced herself that she has feelings for Bill but who she really loves is Ridge. That will never change. They always find their way back to each other. She has to call this off because she cannot marry this guy. Bill tells Brooke they have to go because the jet is waiting.

Eric asks if this is enough. Quinn wonders what he means and asks if it the happiness that he has brought into her life. Quinn thinks that it is more than enough. He has her wanting for nothing. Eric assumes that there has to be more. Quinn would love his families acceptance. Quinn thinks that this ring symbolizes something so good and yet the family cannot see that. Eric has talked to his family blue in the face trying to convince them that she is good for him. He asks if Quinn is going anywhere. Quinn wonders if he means tonight. Eric means if she plans to leave him. Quinn doesn’t think that will be happening. Eric wants to take action then. Quinn wonders how. Eric tells her that she is his future and he is convinced of that so they should get it started.

Thomas would like to know how much RJ knows of Brooke’s future. Ridge promises that he knows nothing other than that she will marry Bill. Steffy suggest that they tell him about the plan to take over the company. Ridge doesn’t want him knowing any of that. Little kids have too much to think about already. Thomas wonders if he was happy to see him at least. Ridge loved seeing him. He hates that all the children grow up so fast. Ridge thinks that RJ is sharp. He doesn’t want Brooke to be with Bill any more than he does. Steffy really hopes that Ridge isn’t letting RJ get to him about Brooke.

Bill believes that he and Brooke understand that this is a lot for RJ to take in as there has been a lot to happen since he has been gone. He will walk him through it. They will call a family meeting and he can hear everyone’s point of view after they get back. RJ doesn’t think they are family and never will be. He is not going to marry his mom. RJ has waited a long time to see his parents get back together. They are the family. RJ tells Brooke to tell Bill that the wedding his off. Brooke understands RJ is concerned but first she needs to speak to Bill alone. RJ sighs and says ok. Brooke wants a hug before he leaves. She is glad that he is home. RJ is too. Brooke tells him that they will talk in a little bit. RJ leaves. Bill suggests that he should have suggested calling him dad. Bill tells her that this is their time and they cannot miss it. They deserve this. They need to go get their life.

Eric has had a wonderful life with unbelievable success with an extraordinary partner all these years. He knows that there is a wisdom that tells a person that he should eventually step back and hand it over to someone else. He could walk away into the sunset until Quinn walked to his door. She showed him things he didn’t know he was missing. Eric thinks that there is so much more of life to live and he has no plans to stop now. He doesn’t see the point in not getting married right now.

Steffy hopes that Ridge is not letting their plan fall apart and he is not letting RJ influence him. Ridge thinks that he is being protective of her. The same way he is of the two of them. He doesn’t think that Bill is a good man for Brooke. Steffy wants Ridge to start thinking about the future of their family. They need to think about Eric’s well being and the company. RJ walks in and says hi to Thomas and Steffy. The two hug him. Steffy asks where he has been. RJ says he was at Bill’s office. He will not let Bill marry his mom. It is ridicules. Ridge agrees but it is more complicated than that. RJ wants to know how it is complicated the guy is a jerk. Ridge will not argue with him there. Steffy asks if Brooke is there with Bill. RJ confirms that she was. Steffy asks if they still plan to go off and get married.

Brooke is excited to have her son back home. Bill is sure that she is. Brooke really missed him. He stays away at school between terms but always texts saying he has had a fabulous time. She knows why he didn’t come home though. He didn’t want to see his father married to another woman and his family split. Brooke wants to spend time with him and doesn’t want him angry with her. Bill gets that. She has some plans to think of. Brooke knows that RJ wants his mother and father reunited. Bill guesses that is understandable. Bill doesn’t think that will happen and she need to tell him that gently. He will have to accept it so she might as well give him a head start. Brooke can’t. Bill asks what she can’t do. Brooke needs a little time.

Quinn asks if he really wants to get married right away. Eric doesn’t think anyone is getting any younger especially him. He knows he is not getting his family’s approval. Quinn knows he says that but knows what his family means to him. Eric doesn’t think that they are obligated to approve his choices and neither is he. Quinn feels the same way. Eric wants to do it then. They should start their lives together right away. Quinn will marry him right away. Eric is glad.

Steffy asks if RJ saw anything that looked like Brooke and Bill were leaving together. RJ knows that Bill thought they were. Thomas asks if RJ changed Brooke’s mind. RJ hopes so. Steffy doesn’t think she would do that. RJ wonders what they mean. Steffy knows that Brooke made a promise and will not go back on her word.

Bill wants Brooke to take all the time she needs after they have been married. Brooke reminds him that RJ has only been home five minutes. She cannot go running off now. Bill thinks they can compromise. They will get married and come back in a couple of days. Brooke tells him that RJ hates the idea of them being married. Bill is sure that he does. Brooke is his mother. The only person he wants to see her with is Ridge. Brooke wants to listen to his concerns. Brooke needs to be there for RJ right now. Bill thinks that she can be there for him just not right this second. He has been gone for so long. He only just now shows up and expects this. Brooke guesses that for him to be this upset shows how he really is. These feelings need to be addressed. Bill asks what happens next. Brooke is committed to Bill. Bill asks about Ridge. He wonders what was going on between the two of them when RJ walked in. Brooke wonders what he is asking. Bill knows he says he is committed. No looking back Brooke needs to not look back at the past. If she is holding on to feelings to Ridge then she needs to own it. Brooke tells Bill that she has none. She wants Bill as her husband. She thanks Bill for understanding. Brooke needs to spend time with RJ but is committed to him. She does love him so very much. Bill loves her too. The two kiss and then hug. Brooke looks concerned.

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