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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/16/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

RJ doesn't want Bill as his step-father and he doesn't want him for Brooke either. Brooke wishes that RJ would try to understand. She realizes that this is a lot to process all at once. RJ walks in and sees the two of them being close and yet Brooke is engaged to Bill Spencer. Ridge tries to remind him they still have a lot to discuss. RJ cannot do this. He thinks that it is clear that Brooke and Ridge should be together. RJ asks about Will who doesn't even have a voice in this because he is so young. He does though so they need to listen to him when he says is to stop going out with Bill. The most important thing she has taught him is family.

Alison hands Bill the wedding bands as well as the divorce papers. They are all signed and executed. Alison thinks he looks like he is ready to get married. Bill remembers the contract for Forrester. Once they are married Brooke will get the papers.

Steffy looks at her phone and informs Thomas that the rumor is that Bill might take Brooke to go get married. Thomas asks why she is only now telling him this. Steffy didn't want to get her hopes up. Thomas thinks this is insane because they only just got divorced. Steffy says that it is true. They could get those shares today. That means goodbye to Quinn.

Quinn shows Ivy the ring and wonders what she thinks. Ivy believes it is stunning. She wonders what it is. Quinn says eight carrots but wonders who is counting. Ivy is happy for them. Quinn wonders if she really is. Ivy claims to be. She thinks that Eric is a good person and she is excited for the two of them. Quinn promises that she is a much better person now. People are capable of changing. Just look at Ivy. Ivy has changed herself completely to look like Steffy and appeal to Liam. She is beginning to think this is impossible. Quinn is sure that Liam will come around. Ivy has tried reaching out but she doesn't think that it is working. Quinn doesn't want her to wait for him to come to her. Ivy did make a move and kissed him. Except now she is even more sure that he is in love with Steffy.

Bill thinks that it is simple. He will get married and then hand over the shares. Alison guesses that it is a true act of love if he is going to hand over those shares so willingly to a man he cannot stand. Bill believes it is a parting gift to Ridge. He knows that Ridge will get everything he wants. Bill doesn't give a damn so long as he is out of Brooke's life.

Ridge tries to tell RJ that just because Brooke is married to a Spencer doesn't mean that they are not family. RJ thinks this is his last chance to fight for Brooke. He wonders if they have forgotten the stories that he told him about all they had to go through to be together. The things that Stephanie did to keep them apart. He finally has a chance and nothing is holding Ridge back. Nothing should come before family. Brooke promises that they will always be close. RJ informs them both that if they do nothing to stop this then he will. He leaves.

Alison tells him that he has an editor's meeting. Bill wants her to reschedule that. Alison asks what he wants for lunch. Bill is not hungry. Alison looks unsure. Bill tells her that he knows what he is doing. Alison reminds him that he is going to be giving his entire investment of Forrester over to his new bride. She asks if he is absolutely certain that he wants to do that. Bill doesn't give freebees. If Brooke wants this as his wife then she can have it. Alison reminds him that he will be giving up the board meetings and control over Ridge. Bill does love watching the board meetings where Ridge throws a fit. It is so much fun. Alison thinks there is still time to change his mind. Bill knows he will be rid of the dress maker once and for all and he admits that the Forrester's are in this mess to an extent because of him. Alison asks how. Bill created a child with Quinn and that is the only reason she is in their lives.

Quinn needed a friend and that is exactly why she is so grateful to have Ivy on her side. She just needs Ivy to keep up the good work with Liam. Ivy is doing this because she is interested in Liam. She needs to know if there is a future for them. Quinn knows that there are real feelings for Liam. She believes that Liam and Steffy are a terrible couple. She would be better off with him. Ivy would like to think so. Quinn knows that Steffy has it out for both of them. If Steffy keeps doing this though then Eric is going to side with her instead of Steffy.

Thomas is picking up a vibe. Steffy wonders about what. Thomas asks if Steffy is second guessing this plan with Brooke marrying Bill. Steffy isn't at all. They need those shares for this all to work. She is cool with it. She is totally on board. She just wonders if Ridge is.

Ridge understands that every child wants to see his parents together. Brooke didn't realize how important it was to RJ. Now she feels like she is letting him down. Ridge feels that RJ is just a little surprised but he will get past it. He just wants to do what is right for her. Brooke has never seen him like that. Ridge thinks that RJ is a good kid who is just fighting for his family.

RJ walks into Bill's office. Bill tells him that he is obviously lost. The interns meet on the twelfth floor. He tells RJ to run along. RJ guesses that Bill doesn't remember him. Bill thinks that RJ was the intern who screwed up his lunch a few days ago. There was mayo on his sandwich and he hates mayo. RJ tells Bill to take a good look. Bill asks if he strikes him as someone who likes guessing games. He tells him to get out of his office. RJ closes the door. RJ cannot believe that he is marrying his mother and he doesn't even recognize her own son.

Quinn wanted to have a nice relationship with Steffy. She tried getting along and stepping back to give her space. It was never good enough. Ivy points out that Steffy can be hard to read. Quinn believes Steffy is nothing but trouble for both of them. If she wasn't so important to Wyatt she would let it go. She should be focusing on her marriage but instead is obsessed with getting rid of her. Ivy guesses that she is just being protective of Eric. Quinn keeps telling everyone that there is no reason to protect him. She is a changed women but Steffy will not accept it. Soon it will not matter because soon she will be the next Forrester matriarch.

Steffy spent some time with Ridge the other day. Thomas asks how he was. Steffy doesn't think he came out and said anything but she could sense that Ridge was torn. Like he hates the idea of Brooke marrying Bill.

Ridge asks if Brooke has heard anything from RJ. Brooke keeps texting him but he is not texting him back. Ridge suggests that RJ has his phone off. Brooke doesn't think that RJ ever has his phone off. Ridge suggests that he needed some room. Brooke knows he is not a little kid anymore but she cannot help but worry. Ridge didn't expect him to react like that. He isn't an emotional person. Ridge guesses that isn't true anymore. This concerns Brooke. He is insisting that she and Bill not be together then he said that he would handle it himself. Brooke wonders if that means he is going to go to Bill. Ridge will go get him. Brooke will do it herself. She has to handle it on her own.

Bill cannot believe how long it has been. He was shorter the last time he saw him. Now he is a young man. He wonders if he is home from school and seen Brooke. He knows she will be thrilled. RJ has seen her. Bill assumes that he is here to congratulate him in person. Bill appreciates that. They have waited a long time to do so. They are not even going to do this in LA. They will do everyone a favor and run away together sort of. Afterwards he wants him to meet them on his yacht. Bill doesn't think they are to over the top. RJ is sure that he doesn't want to be inappropriate. Bill wants him to know how much he cares about Brooke. RJ asks how he could when he has a son with Brooke's sister. Bill knows that is true but the divorce is final and everything is ready. RJ came back to see his parents and found the hideous ring on his mom's finger. He wants to marry Brooke but he is here to tell him that is not going to happen.

Quinn thinks that this ring is a symbol of Eric's commitment to her. Quinn thinks that it will be regardless of what happens with Ivy and Liam. She does hope something happens though for the sake of Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Ivy guesses there is no pressure. Quinn wishes that the rest of Eric's family could be as supportive as Ivy is being. If Steffy doesn't start supporting her then she will be gone not Quinn.

Steffy and Thomas walk into Eric's office and ask Ridge if they have heard anything from Brooke. He wonders if the rumor is true that they are getting married soon. Ridge doesn't know. Steffy thinks they need to move on this. The sooner Brooke gets the shares the sooner Bill is out of their lives. Ridge doesn't know if it is that easy. He explains that their brother is back. Thomas is glad but wonders what it has to do with the shares. Ridge thinks it might be a problem. Steffy assumes that he told him about Brooke and Bill. He isn't into it. Ridge thinks that is putting it nicely. He doesn't want his mother to marry Bill and he doesn't blame him.

Bill realizes that this is coming as a shock to RJ. RJ tells him that is what Brooke said. Bill is in love with Brooke. RJ has explained that his entire life Brooke has needed guidance and now he is back to give it. When he came back he saw his mom and dad in each others arms hugging it out. Those people have been in love all their lives. He wonders if he really wants to get in the middle of that. It isn't about him. It is about how they belong together. Bill thinks that Brooke and Ridge have raised a spunky son but they do not belong together and Ridge would agree. RJ asks how he knows that. Bill tells him that Ridge has interests elsewhere for the company. RJ will not let Brooke marry another loser like Deacon Sharpe. Bill laughs. He thinks that he is nothing like Deacon. RJ thinks that he is the conceded tough guy that Brooke always falls for. RJ can see that he is having a difficult time but Brooke is going with him. He needs to learn his place. Brooke and him have been through hell and back. No one especially a teenager will tell them what to do. Not even her own son. Brooke walks in. Bill says that RJ is not his number one fan. He made it clear to him they have a plane to catch. RJ begs her not to do this. Bill wishes that RJ would have a little respect for Brooke. RJ doesn't think he needs to marry this guy. He begs Brooke.

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