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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks if Eric is really engaged to Quinn and if he really proposed to her. Steffy tells Quinn to take it off. Eric asks Steffy to listen. Steffy will not allow this to happen. She is sobbing. Steffy continues to say no.

Bill would like to know if he is interrupting. Brooke says hello and didn't know that he would be dropping by. Bill didn't either and wonders what he walked in on. Ridge thought it was a private conversation. Bill guesses that he will have to use his powers of guessing then. He bets that Ridge wanted an exact date on when he would get his hands on Bill's shares. Bill never thought that he would see the day that Ridge the guy who wants them apart couldn't wait to see them married.

In Rick's office Rick and company are all having champagne. Rick feels that Maya did a great job. She brought Dodger stadium to their feet. Maya points out that she was singing the national anthem. They were already standing. Vivienne thinks that Maya was incredibly moving. Maya still cannot believe she actually got to do it. She cannot believe that Rick was able to surprise her at the last minute. Her knees are still shaking. Vivienne thinks that Maya made them all very proud. They all click glasses together for Maya. Vivienne doesn't think anyone was cheering louder than Julius. Maya is just surprised that they all made it. Vivienne and Julius left the moment they got they text. The driver must have thought that Julius was crazy. Vivienne explains that Julius was still able to make his twilight t-time. Nicole suggests that the Dodgers might even let Maya come back eventually. Maya thinks that there are so many talented singers in LA that it was probably a onetime deal set up by her incredibly sexy husband. Nicole thinks that is what made it more amazing. She didn't have much time to warm up and she nailed it. Rick isn't surprised.

Bill imagines that it has to string for Ridge. He holds the key to Ridge and his children holding the entire company. Brooke reminds him that once they are married she will be able to do whatever she wants with those shares. Bill tells her that she absolutely can. Bill doesn't know though. He is the only thing that will allow Ridge to have control of the company.

Steffy tells them that this has to stop. Eric thinks that this engagement will finally prove what Quinn means to him. Steffy thinks this proves that she was right. She tried to push Quinn out but Eric let her back in. He has to realize that he is making a terrible mistake. Eric tells Steffy it is time she realizes that Quinn is going to be her wife. Steffy feels that she is poison. Steffy demands that he take the ring off her and get her out of their life. She ruins everything that she touches.

Bill tells Ridge to turn the grumpy frown upside down. He cannot be that sad about this. Brooke feels that Bill is gloating. Brooke believes that Ridge has been very gracious about their engagement. Bill is sure that Ridge is all for it. Bill asks if he can spend some time alone with his fiancé. Ridge was just leaving anyway.

Steffy wants to know if Eric was trying to hurt her. Eric says no. Quinn tries to explain that Eric was just hoping that once they were engaged everyone would realize that they loved each other. Steffy knows that they do not love each other. It is just another manipulation by Quinn. Steffy thinks that if Eric really knew Steffy that he would know her history with her. Eric believes that history can be overcome. Steffy doesn't think that the grandfather that she grew up with would have turned his back on them or ignored us. Quinn wishes that Steffy could see what Eric and her have done for one another. Steffy has seen what Quinn does to other people. The pain she brings into people's lives. They have never been able to stop people before but this time they will. Steffy storms out.

Zende asks what is next. Maya suggests that they go out and celebrate her big success that would be fun. She is sure that Rick has work to do though and she wants to get back to her baby girl. Vivienne doesn't think there is anything wrong with patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Maya knows that Rick set this all up and made it happen. It was a dream come true. Always there for her whether it is modeling or singing. He always lets her be herself. She gets to be herself out there on the field. She loves that Rick has been there to love and support her since the day they met. Every day is special with her but today was unforgettable. The two hug.

In Eric's office Ridge is working at his desk. He looks at pictures of Brooke on is computer. He goes through a slide show. He then remembers the first time he broke up Bill and Brooke's marriage. Steffy storms in and tells Ridge that he needs to get Brooke to elope immediately. Ridge wants to know what is going on. Steffy tells him that Eric just asked her to come over. He wanted to tell her something. He is engaged. Their relationship is real now. It is happening because Quinn has said yes. Ridge really thinks that Eric is losing it. Steffy needs Brooke to get the shares. Ridge knows they do not have them yet. Steffy guesses that when they do they will get Quinn out and push Eric out as well. Ridge wishes that Brooke didn't have to marry Bill to make this happen.

Eric hands Quinn a glass of champagne. He doesn't want anything that Steffy has said to upset her. Quinn doesn't think it has. They knew she wasn't going to be throwing confetti. Quinn imagines they will not be getting any hi-fives from Wyatt either. Quinn is worried about Eric and what impact this will have on his family. It has already damaged the relationship that he has with Steffy. Eric knows that she is angry but he is her grandfather. Eric knows that Steffy is going to imagine that everyone will be as enraged as she is. They just have to consider the amount of money they will save on not having to send out announcements. Quinn wonders if he is really not worried. Eric reminds him that the woman he loves accepted his proposal of marriage. He is on top of the world. Quinn is as well. She knows that Steffy said that they will stop us. Eric doesn't know how they can. They will just have to learn to accept it.

Bill knows that Ridge will drive Brooke away from the wedding. He is joking. He will not be invited to the wedding. Brooke reminds Bill that Ridge is in a difficult situation. Bill doesn't think he will be for much longer. She gets the shares and sells them to Ridge. He can protect the company from Quinn. Brooke really wonders why Eric is not listening to the family's objections. Bill knows that he has done this before. Bill doesn't think that Eric stood a chance. Brooke thinks that is the reason that Ridge had to do this. Even if he hates having to do this to his father. Bill knows that Ridge is getting exactly what he wanted and so are they.

Steffy points out that Brooke agreed to do this. They get the shares and they get her out of the company. Ridge doesn't think this is an idea situation. Steffy thinks that Brooke needs to marry Bill. Eric could ruin his life but she will not let him ruin Forrester Creations. Ridge is not going to ruin his Logan down the aisle for some shares. Steffy asks if Ridge has mixed feelings about this. Ridge has a history for Brooke and a son with him. Steffy tells him that they need the shares. She is not hearing this right now. Steffy assumes that he would rather her be with someone else and he be with someone else because that is their history. She wishes they didn't have to get into this right now. It is not the time or the place. Ridge knows that Brooke will do this for them. Steffy is sick of all this terms of endearment and his Logan. They need to focus on the company and to do that Brooke needs to marry Bill.

Quinn doesn't want to alienate his family. Eric doesn't either. He would be thrilled for everyone to celebrate their engagement together. He wants all his kids at the wedding together. Eric knows that Steffy cannot see the woman she is now only the woman that she used to be and she will be an entirely new woman soon. Quinn knows that she will be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Quinn never imagined this for herself. Marrying a kind and strong man. Someone she can trust head on. Eric has brought so many amazing changes to her life. He has inspired so many things into her life. She believes in them and what they mean to each other. Eric promises that they will accomplish everything together no matter what either of them think.

Ridge is not questioning the plan. It is his plan. Steffy can tell that he is questioning it. She notices the pictures of Brooke. She tells him to stop getting distracted. They may not be able to stop Eric from marrying Quinn but they can stop her from causing anymore damage. Ridge explains that Quinn will still have the Forrester name. Steffy doesn't care because she will be out of the company. She will have no choice in how the company is run. She ran out of her home to get out of her life. Their family has to come together. Ridge knows. Steffy asks him not to think about the legacy he has with Brooke then. This is their family company and they have to protect it. If an enemy is ruthless then they have to be ruthless back.

Bill doesn't think that anything will stop them this time. Brooke tells Bill they will have to start planning. Bill is already on it. Bill thinks that they will just be filling promises already made. Everything he said during their first wedding he means now. They cannot deny a force of nature. That is what they are. They tried but they are too strong and they will stay that way. Bill wants to get married. He wants to be her husband now. Brooke would like that too. The two kiss each other again. Brooke hugs him but she looks uncertain.

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