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Written By Anthony
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Brooke pours Ridge a cup of coffee in her kitchen and jokes that he is becoming a regular. Ridge reminds her that he doesn't have a coffee maker. Brooke reminds him that is the same excuse he already made. Ridge cannot say it enough. What she is doing for his family is a huge sacrifice. Marrying Bill just to get the shares away from Quinn. It is all because of Brooke.

Eric and Quinn try to put Stephanie's portrait back on the wall. Eric asks Quinn if it looks perfect. Quinn tells him that it looks perfect. Eric tells Quinn that her coffee is getting cold. Quinn doesn't care. It can freeze she doesn't care. She is going to be his wife. She realizes that Steffy is going to hate her even more when she realizes that Quinn will be Eric's wife.

Steffy opens Thomas's front door and finds that Bill is standing outside it. Bill walks inside and sees that she is in a new home. Steffy explains that Thomas left early for work. Bill wants to know how long Steffy will be living here. Steffy asks why he is asking that question. Bill has two sons who would like the answer to that question.

In Rick's office he is working someone from the Dodgers. Zende walks in with Nicole and the two introduce each other. Nicole explains to him that Zende is a huge Dodgers fan. She tells him the Forrester's have season tickets. Zende didn't realize that Rick knew him. Rick tells him that he has to dress like a pro. The player asks if they are coming out to the game today. Someone big is singing the national anthem. Maya is surprised to hear that. She tells them that it has always been a dream of hers. Nicole asks who it is and she says a bunch of famous singers names. The player tells them that it is Maya Forrester. Maya is in awe. It is explained to have been Rick's idea. Rick always promised to make her wishes come true. Rick explains that the car is down stairs with tea and she can warm up on the way. Rick wonders what she says and Maya says yes. They decide to play ball. Maya runs out giggling.

Ridge asks if she has any wedding dates planned. Brooke knows that he would prefer that it be sooner rather than later. Ridge would prefer that it not be at all. Brooke knows that would throw a wrench into his plans. Ridge feels this is a price to pay because Brooke will always be his Logan. Brooke tells him that has to stop because she is marrying Bill. Brooke doesn't think he can keep saying things like his Logan.

Steffy isn't sure how long she will be staying with Thomas. Bill doesn't feel that this is acceptable. It isn't to him and he imagines not to Wyatt or even Liam. Steffy believes that there isn't anything she can do about this. Bill tells her to pack her bags and go home. Steffy thinks that out of everyone he should know how that isn't an option. Bill asks how he should know that. Steffy claims that Bill put the whole scenario into place. He brought Quinn into their lives and she will not go anywhere until she is gone.

Eric believes that Steffy will learn to accept Quinn as his wife. Quinn feels that Eric feels so sure about that. Eric doesn't think that Steffy has a choice. Quinn knows that Steffy does have a choice and she has already made it. She has left Wyatt and she rejects her at every turn. Quinn begs that Eric talk to her and convince Steffy to forgive her and go back to her marriage. Quinn asks if he will do that for her.

At Dodger stadium a woman explains to them how things will be going. She hands Maya a mic and tells her that they will turn it on and control the volume. Maya thinks this is the craziest thing ever. Nicole promises that it is a good crowd. Nicole gets a text and Julius and Vivienne have found their seats. The woman asks if Maya is ready and Maya nods her head. Rick promises that Maya will knock it out of the park.

Ridge knows that Brooke isn't marrying Bill just so he can have the Forrester shares. Brooke wonders how many times that she has to tell him that while she is doing it for Ridge she is also doing it for her. Brooke promises that she is getting the shares for a wedding present. Brooke knows that he will get rid of Quinn. That is what they need to do. Ridge tries to convince Brooke that Bill should give her the shares for an engagement present. Brooke assumes that he wouldn't have to marry him. She wants to though. Ridge reminds her that she didn't before. Brooke knows but that involved Katie and that is all over now. Brooke asks why they are even having this conversation. Ridge tells her that he doesn't know Logan. Brooke tells him that he will have to stop calling her that. Ridge wonders if it bothers her. Brooke says no. It will bother Bill though when he is her husband. Ridge guesses in that case then out of the huge respect he has for Bill that he will stop calling her Logan. He calls her Logan again. Brooke smiles.

Quinn looks nervous. Eric doesn't know all her looks yet but he can tell that something is bothering her. Quinn is worried. Eric wonders about what. Quinn doesn't want to lose her. She knows that he loves her. To become his wife would be the most incredible feeling. She doesn't want to lose him. She just knows that Wyatt could lose Steffy though.

Steffy made one stipulation to Wyatt. Quinn had to stay away from her and her family. She is not budging and has him exactly where she wants him. Steffy gets a phone call and it is Eric. He wants to see her. Quinn asks if everything is ok. Eric promises that he is fine. It is about himself and Quinn. She hangs up. Bill asks if everything ok. Steffy has to go and see Eric. She doesn't know. He said something but it makes her wonder if he ended things with Quinn but she needs to find out.

Out on the field the announcer asks if the fans can please rise. They explain that Maya is singing the national anthem. Maya begins to sing. Rick, Nicole, and Zende all watch off to the side. People cheer for Maya and Rick jokes with Zende and says that is his wife.

Ridge wants Brooke to know that he will be keeping an eye on things. Brooke wonders what he means by things. Ridge says that she is getting married to Spencer and she needs to watch her back. Brooke thinks that is comforting. Brooke would like to know what Ridge's future looks like. Ridge doesn't understand what she means. Ridge doesn't know. He guesses working. Brooke isn't talking about working. She knows that he broke up with Caroline and asks if Ridge is seeing anyone. She knows that he is always seeing someone. Ridge is a free agent. Brooke assumes that he is seeing someone in their twenties. Ridge confirms that it is early twenties. Brooke guesses thirties then. Ridge wants to be with someone he is comfortable with. Someone like them. It is like an old pair of shoes. Brooke asks if she was just compared to an old pair of shoes. Ridge didn't mean it like that. He thinks that she is comfortable. Brooke laughs. Ridge means a wedding date. Brooke tells him that this will be a private and small wedding. She will get the shares to Ridge though. Ridge cannot thank her enough for that. Ridge suggests that they run the company together. Brooke really doesn't think that Bill would like that. Ridge really doesn't care. They could do great things together. Ridge could make her lead model. Brooke asks if an old shoe like her should be lead model. Ridge knows that an old shoe fits.

Steffy walks into the mansion and wonders if he is alone. Eric confirms that he is. Steffy is sorry. Eric wonders what she is sorry about. Steffy spoke to Quinn and told her to end things with him. She is assuming that is why he asked her here. Steffy thinks that she must have ended it with Eric or maybe he is the one who ended it and finally came to his senses.

Maya walks back over to Rick and the others and they are congratulating her. Maya asks if that really just happened. Nicole says that it really did. Zende wonders if they will notice that he is hanging out in the back of the dugout. Maya thanks Rick. Rick explains that she did the hard part. All he did was set it up. Maya thanks him again. He made her dreams come true. Rick wonders if he will get to first base tonight. Maya thinks that he will get a grand slam. The two kiss each other again.

Ridge knows that Brooke is so much better than him. Brooke thinks it is time for her to move on. She hasn't been alone this long since she was a girl. Bill walks in and asks if he is interrupting. He hopes so.

Steffy knows that he is lonely and she faults herself for that. Eric knows that Steffy has had a lot on her plate. She doesn't think that is an excuse. Steffy had to take care of Quinn. She will always be there for Eric. Eric knows that she will be. Steffy hopes that he is ok then. Quinn was going to dismantle the family and the business. She is really happy that he ended things. That is why he asked her here she assumes.

Quinn walks in. Steffy asks why she is here. She assumes that Quinn is leaving. Quinn asks why she cannot see that she isn't the woman that she once knew. Steffy asks what is going on and asks if this is over. Eric explains that Quinn isn't leaving. He knows how Steffy feels and he will do anything he can to get her back with Wyatt. He will not have Quinn leave though. Quinn has given him so many reasons to live his life. Steffy asks what he is saying. Quinn shows her ring. She loves him and will be his wife. Steffy screams no. Quinn looks scared as Steffy cries.

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