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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/9/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Quinn if she wants her to move back in with Wyatt all Quinn has to do is move out of Eric's house. It is really easy. Quinn thinks that if Steffy is under the impression that it is that easy for her to just leave Eric that she has no idea how much they mean to one another. Steffy knows how much Wyatt means to Quinn and wonders if she wants their marriage to succeed. Steffy believes the only chance they have is if Quinn leaves Eric.

Eric tells Stephanie's portrait that he is back as CEO and living in the house again. He knows that he never should have moved out in the first place. He thought that it seemed like a good idea at the time and Rick needed the space. He needed to be away from his memories. It was mostly of her and the kids in this house. Christmas parties and the events they used to have. It was funny and loud. It was good. Then all of a sudden it was just him sipping his martinis. It isn't just him anymore. There is a woman in his life. He is sure that she knows all about it. Eric is sure that Stephanie doesn't approve. No one in the family does. They all think he is a fool and look at him like they are embarrassed. He wants to know how Stephanie feels about Quinn.

In Brooke's kitchen Ridge and Brooke talk about Quinn and how Eric is supporting her. Brooke feels sorry for him and he has no idea. Ridge tells Brooke that thanks to the upcoming wedding they will not have to worry about this anymore. They will be rid of Quinn for good.

Eric puts a martini down for Stephanie and picks up one for himself. He wonders how many times they have done this together. Had a couple of martinis and a little music. Eric starts to play the piano. He starts to hear Stephanie telling him that their lives are in this room and their hearts are in this house. He starts to think about Stephanie and one of their weddings. He thinks about her in bed and hugging her. Giving her jewelry and playing the piano for her as well. Eric raises his glass to Stephanie and takes a sip.

Quinn would do just about anything for Wyatt. Steffy is aware. Quinn is in love and she cannot leave Eric. Steffy cannot live with Wyatt then and if there is a divorce then it is on Quinn. Quinn tells Steffy that it isn't on her. She has to separate her feelings for Quinn and her feelings for Wyatt. Steffy should not be ending things like this. She does not need to hurt Wyatt. Quinn begs Steffy to go home to Wyatt.

Later Thomas asks Steffy in Eric's office still if Quinn will not budge. Steffy guesses that it seems that way. She will not be going home to Wyatt though until Quinn is gone from Eric's. Thomas doesn't want Steffy to make a statement like that because she will have to stick to it. Steffy doesn't want to hurt Wyatt. Thomas knows that Steffy does what she wants. He wonders if ending her marriage is really what she wants.

Brooke points out to Ridge that if Eric becomes as hurt as she thinks that he will be then he will swear loyalty to Quinn and turn his back on them forever. Ridge guesses that it could happen. He needs to protect the company for his kids and grandchildren. Ridge knows that Eric wants to give the company to the kids. He doesn't want Quinn to ruin this. Brooke asks what happens if that doesn't work. Ridge believes that there is more to this then an older guy wanting to be with a younger woman. Ridge feels that Eric is losing it a little bit mentally. He points out that Brooke had to deal with it with her mother. Brooke doesn't think that because he disagrees with Eric that he has dementia. Ridge guesses so but they cannot rule it out.

Quinn walks into the mansion. She is glad to see that Eric is home. She walks over to him and wonders if he is planning an serenading her. Eric guesses they will see how the evening goes. Quinn wonders if the staff is all gone. Eric confirms they have just as she wanted. Quinn thinks she will get used to this lady of the mansion idea. She just wanted to be alone with him. Especially after a day like today. Eric asks what happened. Quinn explains that Steffy thinks she will be gone in no time. It doesn't even matter how much she apologizes. She called them an abomination. If she really cared about Eric then Steffy thinks that Quinn should leave Eric. Eric knows it has been hard for them all but mostly the two of them. It makes him wonder. She asks what he is trying to say.

Steffy claims that she never said her marriage was ending. She hates hurting Wyatt but he is not the only one who is hurting. They need to think about Wyatt and all the time that he has lost. They need to stop Quinn. Thomas doesn't think that she be able to stop him. Steffy believes that at work they can. If Brooke gets Bill's twelve and a half percent then it is on a matter of time before Quinn is out of their lives.

Brooke feels that if Eric really is starting to lose his mind then the last person they want to have influence over him is Quinn. Brooke promises that they will stop Quinn before she gets to close.

Eric guesses it is a good question of what he is trying to say. He is trying to say a lot. He is not certain how. Quinn thinks that Eric is so lost in thought. He never has to worry about how he says anything to her. There are few people who were able to say things to him like she does. That is why he has been thinking about Stephanie so much today. He remembered how they would run the house together. Quinn imagines that he thought they had many more years together. Now he is alone and his children are grown and she is gone. Quinn has been so consumed that she hasn't been giving him the attention that he deserves. She hasn't been giving Eric the kind of attention that he deserves. She assumes that Stephanie would have been there for him. Quinn is used to hate and anger but this is Eric's family. Quinn explains that this was just supposed to be flirtation. She looked forward to see him so much. Eric changed her. She almost started to think that… She never wanted to complicate his life and things have a way of getting out of control when she is around. She wonders if she might need to… Eric tells her she needs to stop. She said something about him being alone but he is not. That is why he thinks about Stephanie so much lately. Since she died he has been alone but he has Quinn now and he isn't alone.

Thomas asks what happens if Quinn does leave Eric and never looks back. He wonders what happens to Steffy. She said that she would move back in with Wyatt. Steffy will. Thomas knows that Liam could convince her otherwise. Steffy asks him not to bring up Liam. Thomas knows that she is in love with two guys. Steffy thinks he is right. She is. Steffy could easily spend the rest of her life with either one of them. The only thing she can focus on though right now is getting rid of Quinn.

Brooke knows that soon Ridge will have majority control of Forrester and override Eric's decisions. Ridge knows that all Brooke has to do is marry Bill. Brooke doesn't want him to say it like that. Ridge is grateful for Brooke but hates that she has to sacrifice. Brooke wants to marry him. Ridge tells Brooke that even if she marries him that she will always be his Logan.

Quinn tells Eric that he does have her but at what cost? She knows that Steffy is spewing hatred and it is costing him. Eric knows that their relationship is causing a lot of trouble. They can look at Wyatt for instance. Steffy separating from him out of protest. It is all about uncertainty. He wonders what would happen if they could get them to accept. Quinn doesn't understand. Eric thinks they would have to accept she is part of his life, because they could make it permanent. Quinn thought he was ending things. Eric wasn't and asks if that is what she wants. Quinn doesn't at all. Eric doesn't either. He loves Quinn. She has inspired her and it is the best thing to ever happen. He wants his family to understand and he thinks he knows how. He gets out a ring. He is impulsive. He knows when a design is right. His instincts have been like this since they first got together. He doesn't want her to leave this house or his bed. He asks Quinn to marry him. Quinn is crying and doesn't know what to say. Eric tells her to say yes. Quinn says yes and Eric puts the ring on. The two kiss. Much like always Stephanie's portrait falls and many things along with it. However like last time instead of falling face first Stephanie's face is still seen. Quinn hugs Eric. She looks at the ring and smiles still crying.

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