B&B Tuesday Update 9/6/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/6/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Brooke shows Ridge the ring in Rick’s office. Ridge asks if Brooke is sure about giving Bill a lifetime commitment. Rick already asked Brooke the same question. He thinks that Brooke is rushing into things. Brooke points out that Katie signed the papers and is getting over things while Will is going to be fine. He will be loved and protected and everyone is moving on. Rick assumes that Brooke is also moving on. Brooke believes it is time. Rick asks if Ridge is alright with this. Ridge is not ok with Brooke marrying Bill Spencer. He wouldn’t wish that on anyone. There is one upside. They will get rid of Quinn.

Quinn sits behind Eric’s desk and Eric walks in with Pam. He is wearing workout clothes. Quinn gets up and tells Eric that it looks like the workouts are doing really well. Eric feels like a new man. He lost five pounds. He owes it all to Quinn and thanks her. He suggests that Quinn join him next time. Quinn will if she can keep up with him. Pam walks in between them and hands Eric his mail. She also made Eric a lemon bar. Quinn points out that a lemon bar is just empty calories. Pam asks what she just said. Eric thinks that Quinn may be right. He does think he should cut back. Pam doesn’t think a small lemon bar will hurt. Quinn knows but who can just have one lemon bar. They work at a fashion house so everyone has to be fit. Quinn thinks it would be a smart idea not to bring lemon bars to the office. Pam asks if she is out of her mind. Eric feels that Quinn may be right. He thinks it may be time that Pam start bringing them something a little healthier. Eric knows that Quinn is busy with the line. Pam is glad. Pam thinks it is great that Ivy is back. Eric tells Pam that Ivy wants to get back into the family business. Pam feels that is a great idea. Eric does as well and they have Quinn to thank for that. Pam is confused and asks if they really do. Eric does. Ivy is an incredibly talented girl and they are lucky to have her back. Pam leaves as her phone rings. Quinn doesn’t know what she was thinking dissing Pam’s lemon bars. Eric knows that she wasn’t dissing them. Pam knows they are going for a healthier life. Quinn asks if Ridge or Steffy will ever understand that she is not the enemy. Eric does not want her worrying about his son or granddaughter. He wants Quinn here at Forrester and wants her here in his life.

Rick remembers the last he heard from them was that Katie was going after Bill’s shares in the divorce settlement. Now Brooke is somehow involved. Steffy and Thomas walk in and asks what is going on. Ridge is filling in Rick and wants the door closed so they can speak in private. Thomas wonders about Quinn. Ridge tells them that Quinn is one step closer to being out of the company. Ridge says that Brooke is going be engaged to Bill. Steffy is confused but guesses congrats are in order. Rick still wants to know what one has to do with the other. Brooke explains that Bill agreed to give his shares as a wedding present. Bill says that Brooke will sell the shares to him. And there they have it. Rick looks confused.

Quinn knows that Eric has great faith in her. She has never known that from any man. Eric knows that she has been involved with the wrong men. He knows that he isn’t perfect though. Quinn believes that he is. Quinn feels that she is sounding like a love sick school girl. Eric feels that is alright. Quinn reminds him that she isn’t thirteen years old. Eric promises that things are all going to change. Quinn feels that it already has thanks to Eric and his belief in her. She is a different woman. She does still have her dark side. She told the house staff that they can go home early tonight. They left something in the oven for them. She wants to sit on the patio and sip martinis or they can sit inside and watch a movie. She doesn’t care. She just wants to be with Eric. Eric wonders how Quinn feels about Casablanca. Quinn asks if he means the movie or the city. Eric means the movie. It is one of his favorites. Quinn guesses that it is one of hers too then. Eric is glad. He tells Quinn that it is ok to be happy even if it is the first time in her life. Quinn wonders if she can while her son is suffering. Steffy will not move back in so long as she is at the company. She made that perfectly clear. Eric loves Steffy and understands her but issuing ultimatums is not going to help. It won’t help from Ridge either. Quinn explains that Ridge keeps saying that it is only a matter of time. Like she will be banished from Eric’s life. Eric says that Ridge can say whatever he wants but Quinn is not going anywhere. He hugs her.

Rick reminds Brooke that the ink on Bill’s divorce papers are not even dry and yet is proposed to Brooke. He wonders what kind of a guy does that. Steffy points out a man who proposes to Brooke while married to Katie. Steffy knows it is true. She is not denying it. Ridge doesn’t think it is about feelings. Rick knows it is about Ridge getting his hands on the shares. Ridge feels it is about getting Quinn out of the company. Thomas thinks that he is discussing something else. If Ridge has all the shares it means that he is also securing his future at Forrester for himself and his kids. Rick thinks that Ridge is just looking out for himself. Ridge understands his concern after the history they have had. Ridge promises that Rick will always have a place at Forrester. He has nothing to worry about. Brooke says that she will give the shares to Ridge and then they combine it with everyone else’s. Steffy thinks it is control they need more than ever. Rick thinks that is fine but he still is worried about Eric. Ridge is worried about Eric. They will make sure to protect Eric’s legacy. Ridge thanks Brooke for her sacrifice. Quinn’s days are numbered.

Eric needs to shower and change clothes before his meeting. Quinn offers to help him. She can scrub his back or reserve the steam room for later. Eric feels that as tempting as that is they should not give Ridge anymore ammunition. Quinn has heard all about the stories of Ridge and Brooke in the steam room. Eric thinks that Ridge has a different set of standards for himself than he does for him. He loves his family but they do not dictate how Eric lives his life. Eric thinks there is only one person who can do that now. Quinn wonders if that means that she can reserve the steam room for later. Eric wonders how many men have Quinn in their life. He has never felt more alive. He thinks that Quinn is his own fountain of youth. The two kiss.

In the photo studio Rick tells Thomas that he doesn’t understand what Ridge is trying to do. Thomas doesn’t think that it matters. Brooke believes that Eric is hearing too much these days when Eric is by. Rick wonders if Quinn knows about the shares. Thomas says no and explains that Quinn cannot know about this. Otherwise they ruin the element of surprise. Brooke doesn’t want it to be this way. Quinn is feeding off him though so they have to put a stop to it.

Ridge and Steffy walk into Eric’s office. They ask Quinn where Eric is. Quinn explains that he is in a meeting. Steffy asks how long he will be. Quinn doesn’t know but they are welcome to wait. Steffy wonders if she is his personal secretary now. Quinn is just trying to help Eric out in anyway she can. Ridge doesn’t think anyone is buying it. Ridge tells Quinn that the whole family is uniting against Quinn. Steffy thinks that Eric is a victim. He will see that eventually and when he does… Quinn asks if that will justify how his family has been treating him. Quinn doesn’t think that just because a person is older doesn’t mean they should be pushed aside. Steffy doesn’t think anyone is saying otherwise. Quinn thinks that they are when they are treating him like less than the man that he is. Ridge thinks that Quinn seduced him because she wanted something. Quinn tells them that since she has been with Eric he is working out and losing weight and having sex. Steffy and Ridge are disgusted by this. Quinn thinks he is creating again. Working at the company and living in the house he gave up for his kids. He is in the middle of a resonance. They should be thankful. Steffy will never be thankful to Quinn.

Thomas assures Rick that he has the upmost respect for Eric but for him to do what he is doing now after all that has been done to Steffy… Rick thinks they should get Eric to see someone. Brooke asks if he means a doctor. Rick does. They need to make sure that Eric doesn’t have dementia. Thomas thinks that Eric will fight them on that. Brooke doesn’t think they need to push Eric any closer to Quinn. Thomas tells Brooke that everything is riding on her getting the shares. Brooke notes they are not hers yet. Rick points out that Brooke could always decide not to marry Bill. Thomas feels that would hurt their chances. Rick reminds Thomas that this is Brooke’s future. Brooke tells Rick that she does love Bill and they have to get rid of Quinn and with Bill’s shares they can do that.

Quinn hopes that in time the two of them can realize that… Steffy asks if she realizes what this is doing to her own son. Quinn does. It is killing her that Steffy is claiming the reason that she walked out on Wyatt is because of her relationship. Steffy points out that all she had to do was change one thing. Quinn needs Steffy to listen to her. She needs to separate her feelings for her from her feelings for Wyatt because he loves her. Steffy doesn’t think that is the issue. It is Quinn and her manipulations. Quinn begs Steffy to stop punishing her son. Steffy thinks that she isn’t punishing Wyatt. This all comes down to Quinn. Steffy asks if she really hates her that much. Steffy assumes the feelings are mutual. Quinn actually loves her. Steffy thinks that she would leave Eric then. Quinn cannot do it because she has finally found love and she loves the woman that she has become because of him. Eric walks in and tells Ridge and Steffy that is enough. They can choose to disrespect Quinn but they will not disrespect him. As long as he is running the company they will respect him. He asks if that is clear. Ridge heard him. Quinn and Eric leave. Ridge tells Steffy it is only as long as he is running this company.

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