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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/2/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill doesn’t think that they are waiting. Brooke points out that he only just signed the divorce papers. Bill ended a marriage that was dead a long time ago. He thinks he has been a poster boy for waiting. He no longer has to hide or protect anyone. Their life together starts now. He kisses Brooke again who willingly kisses him back.

Ridge thinks that letting nature take its course is the only thing they can do when it comes to Brooke. Katie feels that a few words from Ridge might be able to do the trick as well. Ridge asks what Katie is saying. Katie knows that he wants Bill’s shares of Forrester but she wonders at what cost.

Ivy wants to know if Quinn means what she says and she could really be useful to her. Quinn thinks a girl of Ivy’s talents she could definitely use. Ivy thanks her so much. Quinn explains that she still has to speak to Eric about it but she doesn’t see why Eric would have a problem with it. Ivy wants to work hard for them. She will do anything Quinn needs. Quinn expects that.

Liam really needs Steffy to protect herself from Quinn. Steffy has. That is what living here is all about. She is away from her husband. Someone knocks on the door. Liam tells Steffy that distancing yourself from Quinn means that she has to distance herself from Wyatt as well. Wyatt is at the door and asks if she wants some company. He notices Liam and looks angry. Wyatt guesses he means better company.

Ivy thanks her so much. She hopes that it is not a bother. Quinn laughs at the way she says things. Quinn wonders why she always has to be so formal. Ivy asks if she is. Quinn wonders if it is the accent. She asks if Ivy could be a little less old fashion. She thinks the accent adds to it. Ivy could argue that Quinn has one too because she has an American accent. Quinn knows she does because she lives in LA where they currently are. Quinn wonders if she needs to embrace a little more of her inner California girl. She needs to be more accessible. Quinn thinks it is the whole package and the clothes. She is wearing one big role and it is the politeness. Ivy asks what this has to do with anything. Quinn wonders if she wanted to work with her or not. Ivy does and will do anything. Quinn grabs Ivy and tells her they are going downstairs for a much needed makeover.

Steffy tells Wyatt to come in and join the party. Wyatt asks what he told Liam the other day. Liam thinks he should be allowed to talk to Steffy. Steffy asks if they could please not go there. Wyatt wanted him to give him a little space. Wyatt wishes that for once he could walk in and not find him in his wife’s face.

Ridge doesn’t think he can do anything to stop Brooke from marrying Bill. Katie thinks that he can, though. Men just cannot get over Brooke. Every single one of them wish they could just pick up right where they left off, and since Ridge is single he could.

Bill feels that this is the exact thing they have been waiting for. The freedom to be together with no guilt. Brooke asks if it will be too painful for Katie to see them together. Bill thinks that Katie knew and that was the reason she was drinking. She knew that he was with the wrong sister. Not anymore though. They will finally be together. It is all happening now.

Steffy asks if they can take a breath for a moment and realize that this isn’t a big deal. Wyatt is sorry. He was just taken back by seeing Liam here. He follows him around like a lost little puppy. Liam believes he has every right to go after Steffy because they are separated. Wyatt asks who said they were separated. Liam points out that they are not living together. Wyatt doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with their marriage. He isn’t going to let anything come between him and his marriage.

Steffy thanks someone for pulling a few outfits on such short notice. They are in the changing room. A few stylists show up and Quinn is happy they got her message. Ivy asks what they are doing here. Quinn is giving her a much needed upgrade. If she is coming back to Forrester and LA then her look needs to be more her. Quinn thinks sometimes a piece of jewelry doesn’t sell even though it is clearly good. So the client will pass on it he never knows what he is missing so she has to sell both the jewelry and herself and then he will find her irresistible.

Ridge points out that he and Brooke have had many opportunities to be together and none of them have ever worked out. Katie wonders if it wasn’t supposed to work out until now. Katie suggests that he do this now before Bill complicates things. Bill has made it clear he wants to marry her but if Ridge wants to go after her then he might want to do it before they exchange vows. Katie guesses that Brooke could end up very happy with Bill or maybe destiny will intervene and change her mind.

Brooke wants to believe him but she is worried about Katie. Brooke still has to think about Will. Bill thinks that Will is surrounded by love. Bill wants to make things official and start their lives together. That is what they wanted and it is happening. They will not wait any longer. Bill wants the world to know that she is his.

Liam thinks that Wyatt is blind when it comes to his mother. Wyatt knows his mother better than anyone. Liam believes that he is the one who knows Quinn better than anyone and things don’t change. He can make promises to Steffy but Quinn finds her way back in that no sane person could ever anticipate and that is what is so scary about Quinn. Liam asks him to look where they are at. Liam thinks this is crazy. No one knows what Quinn will do next.

Quinn has the makeup artists do Ivy’s lips; she has great lips. Quinn wants her to look like she is as comfortable in the boardroom as she is on a motorcycle. Ivy doesn’t ride motorcycles. Quinn thinks that it is just a look. Ivy asks why they even have to do her hair. She would be wearing a helmet. Quinn tells her to stop being so boring and literal. Ivy is sorry. She is not trying to sound like some Australian terms. Quinn tells Ivy that she is Eric Forrester’s niece not his crocodile hunter. Quinn tells the artists to do their thing. Quinn looks through the outfits. They have a fashion montage of Ivy trying on different outfits.

Katie wants Ridge to think about what she said. She knows that Ridge wants Bill’s shares. Brooke can get them if she marries him. She just wonders if it is worth it. Ridge will always be the great love of Brooke’s life. Everyone knows that. She just wonders if Ridge and Brooke will ever accept that.

Brooke never thought it seemed possible. The idea of them. Brooke was betraying her sister. Bill thinks that is the beauty of it. They are not. They waited and did it the right way for everyone. Now they will take it to the next step. Bill shows Brooke a ring box. Brooke thinks it is to soon. Bill thinks this is more than a ring. He puts her hand on his sword. He wears the sword to remember who he is and what his family means. Brooke asks if Bill got her a sword. Bill reveals a diamond sword. Brooke is crying. Bill hopes that Brooke never takes it off.

Wyatt admits that Quinn is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean his marriage is over. Liam thinks that is self serving. Liam thinks that he would see the marriage is over if he looked into Steffy’s eyes. Steffy cannot answer this right now. She hates that she is hurting them but she is worried by Quinn. She has to wonder how far she will go.

Ivy looks in the mirror. Quinn thinks she looks lovely. Ivy still doesn’t understand why she is doing this. Quinn wants her to try speaking differently. Quinn wants her to have a new outlook on life. She needs a new American accent. That is when she will go to Eric. Ivy thinks that she looks different. Almost like she looks like Steffy. Quinn guesses that she kind of does. Ivy knows that Quinn thinks that they have something going on. Ivy asks what Quinn is up to.

Ridge looks at an article saying that Quinn is back. Ridge thinks it will all be over soon right after Bill marries Brooke. Ridge thinks of different moments throughout the years of times when he was in love with Brooke.

Bill thinks that the sword has to be beautiful. She is the one wearing it. No woman has ever had this effect on him. That is what is different with her. They embrace like together. They live and laugh and now they can do it together. Only gratitude and appreciation for a second chance. Bill gets down on one knee. Brooke says yes. He wants her to say that she agrees and knows this is right. He thinks they will prevail. Brooke thinks that she will. She says yes. Bill gives Brooke the ring. He puts it on her finger. She likes her sword. She calls Bill her man. Bill kisses Brooke. Brooke smiles.

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