B&B Thursday Update 9/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn is working and Ridge walks into Rick's office. Ridge sighs. He thought that Brooke was working in this office but he guesses it is in a different office. Quinn believes that Brooke and her can rarely be seen in the same place. Ridge wonders how she does that. Quinn offers to work at home except on meeting days. Ridge doesn't want her spending a lot of time at the mansion. He needs to be there as little as possible. Wyatt walks in. Ridge gives him a bunch of money to take Quinn to lunch and dinner and not bring her back. He leaves. Quinn tells Wyatt that they were just talking. Wyatt thinks he can get the gist of it. Wyatt was actually hoping that Quinn would be gone.

Liam shows up at Thomas's apartment with coffee for him and Steffy. He offers it up as a peace offering. Steffy asks if they are at war. Liam doesn't think so but he knows that she thought his candle light ambush was out of line. Steffy doesn't think so. She just wants her life to be bearable again.

Bill asks Katie if she would like some orange juice as they walk into his living room. Katie is fine. Bill asks if she is sure. He has a whole breakfast here. Katie is not super hungry. Bill assumes her stomach is in knots. He is worried about her. Katie explains that she is ready to sign. She just isn't ready to celebrate.

Ridge walks into Eric's office where Brooke is working. He tells her that if they cannot put Quinn away for a crime then he might have to commit one himself. Ridge knows that she is seeing Bill today. Brooke explains that he is signing his divorce papers with Katie right now and he will text her after. Ridge hates that he is pressuring her. His daughter doesn't even want to be here though if Quinn is here and they cannot have that.

Katie sits down. Bill was surprised about her choice with the cars. Katie explains that it is hard to get a car seat in. She looks at the papers. Katie asks if they really need to sign these papers today. She wonders what would happen if these papers were not signed.

Liam looks at Steffy's laptop and asks if she is working. Steffy prefers to work from home right now. She wonders if she can even call this home or where home is right now. Liam promises that she has a home with him. He guesses that Quinn forced her out of it though.

Quinn doesn't see how her going into hiding would do anyone any good. Quinn asks what Wyatt would say if she told him that everything he wants could happen and will.

Brooke packs up. Ridge wonders where she is going. Brooke knows he has work to do. Ridge doesn't want her to go and see Bill where he is going to pounce on her moments after divorcing Katie. He asks what Brooke even plans on saying. Brooke knows what he wants her to say. Ridge asks if she really does. Brooke knows that Bill promised to give her his shares of Forrester if she agrees to marry him so she will marry him. Ridge tells her not to.

Bill doesn't think they have to do anything Katie doesn't want to do. Katie is sorry. She really is. She starts to cry. She knows that it isn't easy and isn't supposed to be easy. Bill sits down next to her. Bill thinks that there is so much good in her. She brought so much good into his life. Katie hopes that she did. Bill promises that she does. They just don't bring out the best in each other anymore. Katie guesses that is one way to put it. Katie knows they had some laughs though. He always knew how to make her laugh even at some bad times. Bill thought she had a pretty laugh. Katie knows this isn't the first time they signed papers like this. She is glad they tried again. He will always be her first husband. Bill adds that he was also her second. Katie laughs. Bill promises that if she ever needs anything at all he is there. Katie decides she is ready to sign the papers. She does so.

Wyatt tells Quinn not to do anything for him. He doesn't want her to try and make life work out for him. He only wants three things from her. She needs to leave Eric, stop sleeping with Eric, and move out of Eric's and that is only the first thing. Secondly she needs to quit and go away to Forrester. She needs to go back to having her own studio. Third she needs to never let his wife see her again. He needs her to be happy. Quinn asks if there was another way. Wyatt tells her to be quiet and he leaves.

Steffy thinks that this is impossible. She wonders if she is supposed to say thank you for stopping by. Liam would be happy to sit and watch her work. Steffy asks what he thinks will happen. It isn't like she can send him away but she cannot be with him either. Liam knows but he cannot be separate from her. Liam is here to help her find faith again.

Quinn walks into Rick's office and asks Quinn is this was a bad time. Quinn says that it is fine. She is a million miles away in her head. Ivy points out that she did knock. Quinn is just used to people walking in to yell at her. Ivy guesses that things haven't really changed around here then. Ivy wonders if it would be nice for her to be around to share in the daily insults. Ivy asks if she has given anymore thought to her being on team Quinn again.

Brooke wants them to put their cards on the table. He needs the shares so that he, Steffy, and Thomas can be safe again. Brooke wants to get Ridge the shares. She cares about Eric though and doesn't want to be disloyal to him. Ridge doesn't want Brooke married to a clown. Brooke doesn't let people talk about him like that. Brooke thinks that you love who you love. Ridge doesn't want her to throw her life away. Brooke isn't going to marry him because of shares. She wants to give this time. Ridge things that Bill wants her right now.

Katie signs the papers. Bill looks at Katie. He signs the papers as well. Bill asks how the visitation schedule looks. Katie thinks it is fine. She can be flexible with this. Bill thinks that Will is his priority. Bill wonders why he catered his divorce. Katie thinks they can put it in the thought that counts category. Bill accused her of wanting to tame her. He had one close relationship before with Justin and now he has a real family. Bill doesn't think Katie has to leave. Katie thinks she does. Katie has thoughts too. She has good thoughts and memories. She starts to think about their first wedding and holding Will after he was born. Their second wedding proposal. Playing with Will together. Making love. Katie smiles. She takes off her wedding ring and hands it to Bill. She smiles. Katie doesn't think this is really goodbye. Bill doesn't think that it is. Katie leaves.

Liam knows that she cannot encourage him but he will encourage her. They will be together. She just has to refuse to be beat or compromise with Quinn. Steffy doesn't think that will be an option. Liam wants her to hold on. Steffy will hold on.

Quinn has been awake all night thinking about things. Ivy knows she is running an entire department. She heard that Wyatt is working at Spencer. Quinn doesn't think it is that. The challenge is to not go backwards. She knows they are always changing and seeing how high you can fly. Quinn likes Ivy's spirit. She thinks that she could be very useful to her.

Katie walks into Eric's office and asks if she is disturbing Ridge. Ridge doesn't think she is. Katie asks if Brooke is here. Ridge says that she was and wonders how Katie is doing. Katie knows. She tells him it is official and she signed papers. Ridge asks if congratulating is in order. Katie asks if Brooke is working today. Katie guesses that Brooke was summoned by Bill. Katie asks what Ridge had to say about that. Ridge was told not to comment. Katie points out that he is single and Brooke is single and Bill is not legally single yet so she wonders if he is really willing to let nature take its course with them.

Brooke arrives at Bill's house. Bill promises that they are alone. Brooke asks if she should even be here. Bill does think she should. Bill promises that things went well. He did not give away his shares though. Brooke asks if Katie is ok. Bill thinks that she is. Bill knows that Katie was destroying herself. She even thinks that his future is with her. Bill doesn't think they should wait. They cannot be afraid to reach for what they both want. He loves her and it is not like any kind of love. Bill needs Brooke. He needs her like he needs his hands or eyes. Bill doesn't want her to ask him to be a better person. Bill needs Brooke. The two kiss each other passionately.

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