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Written By Anthony
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Eric knows that she is angry with Quinn and he is not discounting her feelings. Steffy believes that Eric is. Eric just thinks that there is more to it. Steffy reminds Eric that she warned Quinn. She told her what would happen if she didn't leave her alone. Eric doesn't think that Steffy left Wyatt to get back at Quinn. Steffy left because she couldn't take it anymore. Quinn couldn't leave her alone. Eric reminds Steffy that Quinn lives with him and works at Forrester. He doesn't think that living apart from Wyatt is going to change anything. So he again asks if this is just an excuse to get closer to Liam.

Liam asks if Wyatt really expects him to respect his marriage. Wyatt has been kind of beating that drum for a while. Liam thinks that things have changed. He isn't the problem. Wyatt thinks that Liam could do a little more than he is. He just is thinking of himself. Liam gets that he thinks that this is about him but Liam is only worried about keeping Steffy safe from Quinn.

Quinn is working in Rick's office and someone appears at the door. It is Ivy. Ivy says hello to her. Quinn didn't know she was back. Ivy came back as soon as she heard what was going on. She heard she was back at Forrester. Quinn is very happy to be back. Ivy is sure of that. Quinn doesn't expect everyone to feel the same way. Ivy doesn't think that she can blame people for being a little shocked. She thinks what is going on between her and Eric is unbelievable. Quinn thinks that if she came here just to give her a hard time about her relationship with Eric then she can take a number. Ivy thinks that Eric is an adult and that is his business. Quinn asks why she is here. Ivy misses Forrester. She really wants her job back and she is hoping that Quinn can help her.

Wyatt isn't fooled by Liam. Liam isn't trying to. He really thinks that Steffy's wellbeing is his number one priority. Wyatt doesn't think that is the only thing on his mind. Wyatt can tell that he has a romantic setting going on. Liam believes that he does care for Steffy. Wyatt tells Liam to start acting like he really cares.

Eric has a feeling that this situation has more to do with Liam than with Quinn. Steffy tells Eric that he didn't move in with Liam. Eric believes that leaving Wyatt isn't going to change how he feels about Quinn. Steffy is sorry to hear that. She doesn't think anyone supports this. His involvement with Quinn is dangerous. Her marriage is in trouble only because of Quinn and her manipulations. Quinn asks if Eric was looking at his phone because of Quinn. Eric says it was the office where they should both be right now. Steffy asks if he really wants her to work with Quinn. Eric reminds her that she is the one who wanted to keep her on when Ivy left. Steffy asks if she has to go through a list of awful things Quinn has done. He has to realize she is horrible. Eric thinks she was. He doesn't excuse anything she does. Steffy feels that Quinn put her on this path. Eric believes she has changed. He wants her to give Quinn a chance. He doesn't think she will hurt anyone. Steffy knows she will and it will be him most of all. Steffy knows that she is using her. Steffy knows she uses people to get what she wants. Quinn manipulates.

Quinn asks if Ivy really wants to come back to Forrester Creations. Ivy knew that when Steffy and Ridge were in charge that didn't seem likely. With Eric as CEO and Quinn in charge of the jewelry line. She thinks that her designs went to a whole other level when she was working with Quinn. Quinn asks if she has done much since she left. Ivy hasn't been able to. Forrester is such a special place. Ivy knows that she is living with Eric. Quinn assumes that she wants her to put in a good word with Eric. Ivy thought that they made a pretty good team before. Quinn also ran the line alone before. Ivy really wants to be back at Forrester and live in LA. She will do anything.

Wyatt pleads with Liam to just let up. Liam asks if Quinn will back off from Steffy. Wyatt is asking for a chance. Liam wonders how many chances he needs. Wyatt has been dealing with his mother his entire life. Liam thinks that this thing with Eric was the last straw. Liam doesn't even think he would be married right now if it wasn't for Quinn. Wyatt disagrees completely. Wyatt doesn't think he can use that logic. Wyatt asks how many chances Liam has had. His feelings for Steffy are real. Liam believes that his are as well. Wyatt asks if he really needs another chance to fail. Liam believes that Steffy and him will be together. Sooner or later Steffy and him will have the life that he thinks Quinn stole from them. Wyatt walks out.

Ivy knows things have been a little rough since she and Eric announced their relationship. Quinn admits that Eric is taking it a little harder than she is. Ivy wouldn't give either of them heat. Quinn assumes that this is only if she talks to him for her. Ivy believes that Eric will listen to Quinn. Quinn thinks that she sounds pretty sure of herself. Quinn thinks that it sounds pretty strange for her to be coming to her for companionship. Ivy knows they have had a lot of problems but they worked through most of them. She is not proud of her behavior last year. She wants to put that behind them. She knows that reviving the line is a big job and she could use an extra pair of hands. Someone to have her back. She promises that she can trust Ivy. She will be loyal. Quinn wants to think about it and get back to her. Ivy thanks her and leaves.

Steffy walks into Liam's house and asks if she is interrupting something. Steffy knows that he said that he needed to see her. Liam did. He thinks she needs this. A place to breathe and feel safe. Steffy doesn't know what to say. Steffy thinks this is all really complicated. Liam thinks they had some good times under this roof. He thinks that they will be again too. Steffy tells Liam that Eric came to see her today. He asked her if she was using the whole Quinn situation as an excuse to leave her husband and come back to Liam. Liam asks what she told him.

Wyatt walks into Rick's office and asks Quinn to tell him it is over. Wyatt wants her to tell him that it is over. He wants to know that Eric is not living with her anymore. Quinn is sorry. Wyatt wants her to stop what she is doing. Wyatt thinks that she is ruining her life. Everything she is doing right now is impacting her life in a very real way. Wyatt asks if she realizes what this is costing him. Steffy left and his marriage could end. Quinn will not allow that to happen. Quinn cannot stand seeing him like this. He is asking though to pick between her happiness and hers for the first time in her life. Wyatt asks if his happiness means nothing to her. Quinn thinks that Eric is a good man and makes her a better person. Eric has seen it and she knows he will see it too. Wyatt tells Quinn that she was supposed to stay away. She even said she would. Yet here she is working at Forrester and living with Eric. Steffy said she couldn't be trusted and he thinks she is right and now Steffy doesn't trust him either. His marriage is in jeopardy right now. He saw Liam earlier and he was setting up a romantic get together. Quinn cannot let Wyatt let Steffy go over there. Quinn thinks that his marriage isn't over. They will figure something out. She will do everything in her power to make sure it doesn't end. This scares Wyatt more than anything.

Steffy admits that Eric knows how she feels about Liam. He knows how hard it has been. Liam knows he is concerned. Steffy thinks he will do nothing about it. Steffy is married to Wyatt and she is a part from him because of Quinn. This is about Quinn. Liam asks if he believes her. Steffy doesn't know but it is the truth. Liam asks if she is happy. Steffy thinks it is complicated. Steffy is so touched with Liam. There is part of her that wants to go back to the way things used to be. She can't though. She cannot go back to Wyatt either. She doesn't want to see Liam like this. Liam thinks that Quinn did this to them. Liam knows that Quinn doesn't change and she is not capable of it. She uses people to her advantage. Just like she used them.

Quinn starts to think about what Wyatt just said. She seems worried. Quinn gets her phone and calls someone. It is Ivy. Ivy says hello. Quinn thought about what she said. She wonders if she meant it. Ivy will do anything. Quinn meant if she will be loyal to her. Quinn needs her to be loyal now. If she can then she can be part of Forrester. Quinn thinks Ivy is right. She can't do this alone. She could really use Ivy.

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