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Written By Anthony
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Steffy looks through papers in Thomas's loft. she opens the door and it is Wyatt. He looks around and thinks it is a little too crowded for Steffy. Steffy wonders how he figured out where to find her. She promises that she wasn't hiding though. Wyatt knew that she wasn't going to go to Eric's house. And Ridge is living out of a suitcase. So he just assumed it had to be Thomas. Steffy is grateful that he is letting her live here right now. Wyatt isn't. He wants her to come back home.

Thomas and Liam walk into Liam's living room. Thomas can tell that Liam totally needed that. Thomas wants to know how it went. Liam knows that he arranged the face to face but is shocked he wants details now. Thomas points out that she is his sister. He wants what is best for her. Thomas asks if they are back together. Liam doesn't think that it went that well. He points out that Thomas is living with her. He can tell Liam how she is doing. Thomas tells him that she is haunted by thoughts of Quinn.

Pam and Charlie walk into Eric's office where Quinn is working on jewelry. Pam tells Charlie that he was right and it was Quinn's car in the parking lot. Charlie asks if she wants her to escort Quinn out. Quinn tells the two of them to talk to Eric first. Quinn knows how they both feel about her. Pam doesn't think they are alone. Charlie knows that no one does. Quinn asks if there is any way they can figure out how to work together and accept the situation. Pam reminds her that Eric was Stephanie's husband. So she never will. Quinn realizes that this will take some time. Pam tells Quinn to read her lips. She will never be accepted. Charlie wants her out and he will check her bags before she leaves to make sure she has taken nothing. Eric walks in and sees that she got here before he did. Quinn wanted to get a jump on things. The two kiss. Pam asks how Eric could do this. She thinks she will be sick.

On the sky lounge Sasha is lifting. Zende walks out and asks if she wants him to spot her. Sasha tells him that she is fine. Sasha informs Zende who is now lifting himself that he better watches himself out. She is going to be ripped soon. Zende doesn't think that will be anytime soon. Sasha notes that things seem to be working out for Zende and Nicole. Zende doesn't think that things could be better. Sasha claims things are working out for her as well. Zende is shocked to hear this. Sasha admits that she made a new friend. Zende asks if it is anyone she knows. Sasha says it is Thomas and wonders if the name rings a bell.

Liam is worried about Steffy and wants to know how she is doing. Thomas explains that she was hoping for Wyatt to come through and get rid of Quinn. Liam feels that Wyatt has been fighting that battle non-stop. Thomas points out that he has also been losing it. Steffy will never allow that woman back in her life and here Quinn is living with her grandfather. Liam doesn't think that Steffy will ever come back to Wyatt.

Steffy reminds Wyatt that he knows why she cannot come home. Wyatt thinks that she can. Steffy thinks that she is in. Wyatt can keep trying. Steffy tells Wyatt that even if he tries Quinn will not let him. Wyatt went over to pack Quinn's bags but it was Eric who wanted her to stay. Steffy believes that Quinn owns him now. Wyatt has tried to fix this but as much as he wants to Wyatt suggests that she try and control her grandfather.

Quinn and Eric are working together. Pam is watching them in disgust. Charlie hands her a glass of water. Pam believes she will need more than a glass of water to get through this day. Eric offers her up the bottle of scotch in the cabinet. Pam is being serious right now. She asks if Eric has forgotten all the bad things Quinn has done. Eric tells them to stop. He reminds them both that he will break up with Quinn if she reverts to her old ways. Quinn would expect no less. Pam asks Charlie how long he thinks that will last. Charlie explains that the office poll has it at forty-eight hours. Pam is going to hold Eric to his word and then Charlie will boot her to the door. Eric very much doubts that will be an issue. Quinn realizes that Pam is Stephanie's sister and she respects that. She also knows that Quinn told her that when she tried to befriend her for her own personal benefit before. Pam didn't fall for that one. Quinn is going to make it up to Pam. She is so sorry for it. Pam doesn't think that is enough. Quinn doesn't expect her forgiveness. She however will show that she is a changed person.

Sasha explains that is the story. She connected with Thomas here while working together. Zende would never have thought that would be the case. Sasha thinks they are just friends. Zende understands. Sasha believes that Thomas is an amazing guy and wants Zende to just be happy for her.

Liam asks if Steffy ever has spoken about a permanent split from Wyatt. Thomas says that she wasn't that descriptive. She just wanted to get away from Quinn. Liam thinks you have to remove yourself from a person like Quinn. Thomas knows that Steffy has. Liam knows this is killing Wyatt but Steffy needs to be safe and she needs to get out of this marriage. Thomas believes that Steffy refuses to give up on anything even when she should. Liam assumes that means that Steffy is looking to give up. Liam thinks it is time that he has Steffy come over. Thomas wonders if he needs to set it up. Liam is capable of doing it on his own. Liam wants Steffy to be with him already.

Steffy never thought that Eric would do something like this. Wyatt reminds her that they are adults and they cannot exactly dictate their lives. Steffy doesn't think that this is a normal relationship. Wyatt knows but he tried to get Quinn out but she hasn't listened. Steffy knows. She thought that Wyatt could do this but it is obvious that he has no more influence than she has. Wyatt suggests that Steffy let this play out. Relationships run their course. She can give Quinn an office on the other end of the building. He suggests that Steffy have faith in Eric. Steffy asks what she is supposed to have faith in. Wyatt means faith that Eric is right. Wyatt thinks that Steffy is over estimating Quinn and under estimating Eric. The one thing that he doesn't want though is for this to come between the two of them. Wyatt wants Steffy to come home. Wyatt begs Steffy to come back to him. He feels like this is crazy. Steffy will not argue with that. Wyatt wants her to come home and he will make her something to eat. They can work on their next strategy. Steffy cannot do it. Wyatt thinks she can. Steffy feels he doesn't understand. Quinn has come into her home, business, and family. Wyatt doesn't think that living is the answer. Steffy asks what the answer is then. Wyatt isn't sure. Steffy needs space right now. Eric is in a bad place right now because of Quinn. Wyatt doesn't think that Eric is some mindless old man who has never been around the block before. He is not helpless. Steffy understands that Wyatt is bias and that is understandable. She realizes that no one can fix this. Steffy didn't want to leave Wyatt or their home and life. She cannot keep doing this though. Wyatt asks how leaving fixes things though. Steffy isn't sure. She does love Wyatt and she keeps her commitments but there was one thing that she needed from Wyatt and that was for Quinn to be gone for good. Wyatt is more determined than ever to end Quinn and Eric. They cannot let this destroy their marriage. This is not the end for them.

Eric feels that Quinn handled that well and he is impressed. Quinn knows that Pam is still upset with her. She knows that Pam is one of many. Eric thinks they can deal with them all on a case by case basis. Quinn points out it is everyone even Wyatt. Pam is right. No one wants her here. Eric reminds her that there is one notable person who does. Quinn doesn't want to be a distraction. She wants to create but she is destroying. Eric promises that Steffy and Wyatt will not break up. He will talk to Steffy and this time he will get through to her. Quinn believes that would mean so much to her.

Thomas walks out on to the sky lounge and asks how things are going. Sasha makes a muscle and asks him to tell her. Thomas thinks that it is very nice. Thomas asks how things are going with Zende. Zende explains that Sasha told him what they are doing. Thomas tells him they are getting to know each other. It isn't every day that he gets to know someone like Sasha.

Liam has set his dining room table. Someone walks in through the front door and Liam looks more confused than usual. It is revealed to be Wyatt. He looks down and notices the table. He assumes it is a big night for Liam. Liam thinks possibly. Wyatt thinks possibly not if Steffy is supposed to have anything to do with it. He reminds Liam that Steffy is still his wife.

Quinn is working on jewelry. She notices a picture of her and Eric and smiles. She starts to think about Wyatt getting angry and feeling betrayed by her.

Wyatt needs Liam as a brother right now not a competitor. Liam wants to know what he could possibly do. He asks if he wants him to talk to Quinn. He doesn't think that is a very good idea. Wyatt agrees that it probably isn't. He can still respect his marriage. Liam doesn't think it is about his marriage but his brother. Wyatt promises that she will be dealt with. Liam reminds him that he promised that he was going to send Quinn packing yet Quinn is still here and living with Eric. Wyatt believes that they are adults and there is only so much he can do. Liam doesn't think it is enough for Steffy and he cannot blame her. Wyatt can tell that he has seen Steffy. Liam saw her briefly. He knows that she has moved out and is living with Thomas. Wyatt reminds him it is temporary. They will work through this and he needs Liam to play his part in all this and stay away from Steffy. He asks if Liam can do that.

Eric is at Thomas's loft now. Eric can tell that there is a little less elbow room in here than Steffy is used to. Steffy mentions that Wyatt said the same thing. Eric asks if Wyatt was here. Steffy says that he was a little while ago. Eric reminds Steffy that the two love each other. Steffy thinks that is why it is so difficult for her. He has always respected her opinion. Steffy guesses not anymore. Eric doesn't think that is true. He heard them all out but he made his own choice. It is his choice and his life. Steffy thinks that they are trying to protect him. Eric needs a reason to smile and laugh. Steffy asks if the woman that interfered in her life is giving him that. Eric promises that there are many risks in life and if Quinn does anything too bad he is gone. Eric believes this is his life and relationship. It shouldn't be effecting her the way it is. He asks why it is. He asks if Steffy is using him as an excuse to get closer to Liam. Eric asks if this is another step closer to Liam.

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