B&B Monday Update 8/29/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke laughs. She wants to know how Bill always manages to surprise her. Bill feels like Brooke is the least predictable woman he knows. He guesses they will never be bored. Brooke doesn’t even know what to say. Bill thinks that it is the best deal she will ever make. Brooke asks if it is because it involves him in the pay off. Bill reminds her that she came to him looking for his shares of Forrester. She can have them free and clear. She can give them to Ridge all he cares. It will be his wedding gift to Brooke.

Ridge believes that Brooke can do this. He believes that Brooke can get the shares from Bill. Katie guesses that he might be right but Bill will want something in return and they both know what or rather who that will be.

Thomas and Sasha continue to kiss. Thomas asks what really made her stop by today. Sasha says it is hot. Someone knocks on the door. Thomas is not expecting anyone. It is Nicole. She is holding some sketches. She explains that Pam said he left them at the office by accident. Nicole spots Sasha and asks what she is doing here. Sasha asks what is going on. Nicole is good. She didn’t realize that she was friends with Thomas. Thomas has been having a really good time with Sasha. Sasha thinks that Thomas gets too serious sometimes. She is just trying to lighten him up. Thomas believes she is doing an awesome job. Sasha asks if she wants lemonade. Nicole is fine. Thomas is shocked that no one caught that the two of them were sisters earlier. It is pretty obvious. Nicole thinks that they raised a little fuss as children.

Katie doesn’t think that Bill could be more obvious that he wants Brooke back. He now has leverage by having something that Ridge wants. Ridge knows that Bill is so crass. He wants to know why women don’t see it. Katie admits they do but it is a perverted charm. Katie thinks that Brooke and Bill are both looking for a reason why they can be together and these shares might be exactly that.

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge is actually bribing her into marriage. Bill will do anything if it works. He thinks that it is a grand gesture to show how much she means to him. Brooke feels this is outrageous. Bill sees the future and finally life is good. Brooke thinks that Bill is an arrogant man. Bill feels that he is confident. He only cares about Brooke. He knows he has given Brooke a lot to think about. She needs to think it over so they can move on together. Bill kisses Brooke. Brooke smiles.

Thomas asks if the two of them are good. He realizes that he left his phone on the roof. Nicole should probably just go she realizes. Thomas doesn’t want her to. He tells her to stay and talk with Sasha. Thomas goes upstairs. Sasha asks what the look is for. Nicole was just surprised to see her here. She asks if she comes here often. Sasha asks what that matters for. She has nothing to hide here. If there was something serious going on she would tell her. Nicole asks if there is a possibility. Sasha doesn’t know but Thomas is a cool guy and he wants to jump on for the ride. Sasha really likes him and wants Nicole to be ok with it.

Bill is now with Justin. He wants Katie to sign the divorce agreement. Justin shows Bill the revised agreement. Bill thinks it is pretty sweet. He has money to burn. Bill believes that Katie deserves it though. He admits that he did put her through a lot. Justin asks if he is holding up alright. Bill believes she is holding up from what he can see. Justin wonders about the Forrester shares. Bill will not negotiate them. He has other plans for his shares. Life changing plans. He will be offering them to Brooke as a wedding present.

Brooke walks back into Eric’s office. She sees that Katie is now there. Katie tells Brooke that she can leave if she wants her to. Katie understands that she just came from seeing Bill. Ridge asks if she got anywhere with Spencer. Brooke might have. Katie asks if she was able to convince him. Brooke says it is possible. He sweetened Katie’s shares. Bill will be giving Brooke the shares as a wedding present. Katie asks if she has accepted. Brooke has been given time to think about it. Katie asks what there is to think about. Leave it to Bill to do this. Ridge gets his shares to stop Quinn and Brooke gets Bill. Katie tells Brooke to just do it. She is clearly angry.

Sasha knows they have been through so much together and unfortunately it hasn’t all been good since she moved to town. Nicole admits that they are trying to move past it. She thinks that they should stop revisiting it. Sasha doesn’t think they have a choice. It is the elephant in the room. The two of them are sisters. She never said anything and she lost her trust. She has to gain it back. Sasha is changing every day and Nicole has to let it happen. Nicole wonders why she would stop it. Sasha knows that Nicole doesn’t seem to like the idea of her and Thomas. Nicole points out that he has a son with Caroline. Sasha knows. Nicole asks if he is unavailable then. Sasha has not been told this. Sasha doesn’t even think that they are there yet. Thomas starts walking down the stairs. Sasha feels that Thomas is just a really nice guy and she enjoys spending time with him. She likes to think that he is enjoying spending time with her too. Thomas assures her that he is. He can give them a little more time if they want.

Justin thinks that Bill is a sly fox. Giving Brooke his shares of Forrester as a wedding present. Bill asks what is the matter. He should have been married to Brooke a long time ago. If that means he has to nudge things along a little bit, then he is ok with that.

Katie begs Brooke too free them from their misery. She assumes that Brooke has been tortured enough. She wants Bill and Bill wants her. Brooke reminds her that she is still married to Bill. Katie assures her that will all change very soon. Ridge wants Katie to know that she is allowed to be sad. Katie is sad they had a family together. It doesn’t matter though. Some things cannot be changed or stopped. Katie believes that she is allowed to be loved. Katie is excited about all of this. She has endless possibilities. Thanks to Bill she also has plenty of cash. She isn’t like Brooke. She doesn’t need a man to validate her. Brooke knows that Katie is angry with her. Katie actually isn’t. She is disappointed but this is not what she wanted. A part of her will always be a little hurt but she has wasted enough time and energy on her and Bill. She tells Brooke to do what comes naturally to her. Brooke wants to know why Katie is pushing this so hard. Katie knows it is going to happen and everyone knows it. She is going to go back to work. Her son will wake up every day and realize he has an awesome mother. Katie is going to accept Bill’s settlement and put this chapter behind her and move on. Katie thinks that Brooke should as well. Katie leaves. Ridge thinks that it is up to Brooke now. He wonders what she will do.

Thomas believes that families are the best and the worst. Nobody can hurt you like your father can or your sister. He is sure that it is a bigger punch when you find out your best friend from down the street is actually your sister. Thomas tells Nicole that Sasha has been honest with him. He promises Nicole that Sasha wants to be Nicole’s sister. Sasha nods that she does indeed. Nicole does believe she wants to change but damage has been done. Nicole is trying though. Sasha thinks that is fair but she needs to keep an open heart. Nicole knows. Sasha asks if they can hug. Nicole guesses. Nicole thinks that she should get going. Thomas thanks her for dropping off the sketches. Sasha thinks he better be careful because he is working off a habit of defending her. She kisses him again.

Bill starts to think about kissing Brooke again on his boat and telling her he loves him. He starts to think of their attempted wedding in the middle east.

Ridge wants Brooke to look at him. He knows that Bill’s shares could change a lot of what is wrong at Forrester. The two of them could run the company and be rid of Quinn. He asks what Brooke wants. Brooke wants that. Quinn does not belong here. Not after what she did to Hope or Steffy or Wyatt his whole life. Brooke also wants Ridge to be working with Rick and making him feel wanted. That has been a desire of hers for a long time. Ridge wonders what the price of this is though. Bill is a tool. Ridge wants Brooke to marry Bill because she wants to and not because she feels obligated. Brooke would never accept a business proposal no matter what is on the table. Ridge asks if she wants to wake up next to Bill her whole life then. Brooke gets a call. She answers it. Brooke says hello to Bill. Bill wants to see her tomorrow. He knows she already knows what she wants. Bill wants to move forward tomorrow. He loves her. Ridge asks what she is going to do. He asks if she is going to marry that guy.

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