B&B Friday Update 8/26/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill believes that it is their time. Katie has moved out and she has moved on now. Brooke thought Katie was supposed to be keeping the house. Bill explains that Katie is moving into a new house and is letting him keep the old place. She doesn't have to worry. He is offering Katie an incredible package. This is the place that Bill wants to start his new life with Brooke.

Ridge doesn't think that Katie has ever looked bad but right now she has never looked better. Katie blushes and thanks Ridge. Katie feels good. Ridge guesses that getting a divorce can have that effect on them. Katie agrees. She believes that Will needs a new start and that home was not healthy for him or any of them. It was becoming incredibly dysfunctional. Katie moved out. Ridge asks if she really gave Bill the house. Katie never liked the house and since she has moved out she hasn't had a drop of alcohol. Bill is proud of her. Katie thinks that she is free and vindicated. Ridge knows that Katie always thought something was going on with Brooke and Bill. Katie always knew something was going on. Which is why it doesn't surprise her that they are together right now.

Sasha and Thomas are lying outside in lounge chairs. Sasha really thinks that this is nice. Thomas is really glad that she stopped by. Thomas says that it has been so crazy around here that he hasn't even been able to enjoy his own balcony. Sasha enjoys the view. Thomas looks at her and thinks that he could get used to the view. Sasha feels that it gets better. She has plans for him. Thomas smiles at Sasha. Thomas doesn't think she could have come at a better time. Sasha claims that she could just sense that he needed a little sunshine. Thomas did more than ever. Sasha asks if something happened. Thomas has family drama. Sasha knows all about family drama. Sasha can listen if he needs to talk. Thomas says that things have gotten a little crazy. Sasha feels that she can make sure that things go over well for him. He is going to make that happen.

Ridge tells Katie that Quinn is back and they have to deal with that disaster every day. She is at Eric's house. Sharing his bed and sharing it with her in the same bed that he shared with Stephanie. Ridge really thinks that Eric is losing it a little bit. Katie wonders if besides Quinn if Eric has shown any other signs. Ridge doesn't know. He thinks that Eric is making some bad choices. Katie suggests that Eric is recapturing his youth. Ridge laughs. he feels like that is the reason they need to

Bill tells Brooke that Katie is ready to move on with her life. He just spoke to her. He knows that she is ready to cash her check and move on. Bill doesn't want her to feel guilty. If she were to speak to Katie, then she would know that she is the happiest that she has been in a very long time. They are finally free.

Sasha wants Thomas to tell her that this doesn't feel nice. Ocean breeze, a little vitamin D, and some fabulous company. Thomas does think it is nice. He should spend some more time out here. Sasha thinks he should move all his stuff out here. Thomas guesses now that Steffy lives here he might have to. Sasha believes that he is a sweet brother. Thomas would do anything for Steffy. Sasha thinks that Steffy is lucky. Sasha knows that she herself is lucky. Thomas believes he is the lucky one. He knows that Sasha can be happy too. Sasha suggests getting Thomas something to drink. Thomas thinks that sounds good. Sasha would suggest something a little stronger than water. Like soda or lemonade. Thomas thinks she is getting crazy but says that there is lemonade in the fridge. Sasha asks if there are a million locks on this door as well. Thomas promises that there is only one and he is sure that she can handle it. Sasha will be right back. Thomas watches as she leaves.

Ridge wishes that he knew what was going on with Eric. Katie promises that nothing crazy will happen. It isn't like Quinn is making suggestions for the company. Ridge tells her that Quinn already has. She is the only reason he is CEO again. Katie doesn't think that Eric would marry Quinn. Ridge asks how they know that. Katie believes that Eric has too much respect for the family. Ridge wishes he could believe that but something is going on. He is glad that Brooke is helping them. Katie knows that he has been spending an awful lot of time with Brooke lately. Ridge thinks that she has been a lot of help lately. Katie nods her head. Ridge asks what is wrong. Katie tells him nothing. It just seems like the way he is talking about Brooke that he has feelings for her.

Bill doesn't think that Brooke can deny it. There is nothing keeping them a part any longer. They are not keeping secrets or hurting Katie. They can start a life together. No one is hurting anyone. Brooke admits that she is glad that he called. She was going to be talking to him anyway. Bill is thrilled to hear her say that. Brooke doesn't think he will be so thrilled with what she has to say. Bill asks if this is about Katie. he doesn't want to talk about the past unless it is their past. They should be celebrating. Brooke promises that this doesn't have to do with Katie. It has to do with Quinn. Bill asks what that crack pot has to do with anything. Bill thinks that Ridge got to Brooke. He knows that she is there to talk about his shares in the company.

Sasha brings Thomas some lemonade. He thanks her. Sasha feels like this is paradise. Not to Thomas who has been all over the world but for her it is. Just not being in her tiny apartment with no air conditioning is heaven. Sasha asks how Thomas is feeling. Thomas is feeling about an eight on a scale of one to ten. Sasha believes they can do better than that. Sasha wants Thomas to sit back and close his eyes. She wants him to feel the ocean breeze but they are in Hawaii. He has to smell the air and it is a floral of flowers. Thomas looks at Sasha as she continues to describe things. Sasha thinks it is almost like they are there. Sasha tells him she will be there some day. Thomas will have to show her one day. He will take her surfing. Sasha would like that.

Katie just thinks that there must be going on with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge doesn't want Katie to do that. Ridge doesn't want anything other than to get the company back. He wants Katie to stop thinking about this. She thinks that Brooke and Ridge will get together. She knows he is stressed and has a lot on his plate but if he isn't careful then he might end up dating her again.

Brooke tells Bill that right now the entire Forrester family is having issues with Quinn. Bill thinks they should all take a number and get in line. Brooke explains that she is designing for the company again. She moved in to Eric's family home. Bill doesn't think this is his problem. Brooke reminds him that Quinn is in their lives because of Bill. Bill asks how. Brooke thinks that because they share a child together. Bill wants to know what that has to do with anything. Bill asks what she wants. Brooke wants Bill to assign the shares to Ridge. Bill will not do this. Bill doesn't think that Ridge can manage a gas station. Bill doesn't want to talk about his shares. He wants to talk about them. All the memories they share. He wants to make new ones. Memories that will last a lifetime. They start to think about Aspen and the Middle East.  

Thomas tries to teach Sasha a hand gesture. Sasha realizes that she better gets going. Thomas doesn't think that she can leave. They have things to do like watch the sunset. Sasha has a fitting. Thomas will have it canceled. Sasha thinks that he will get her fired. Thomas believes she is the best model they have had in years. Thomas promises she is. She put a huge smile on his face. Sasha really does enjoy spending time with him. It has been really special. The two kiss again.

Katie knows that Ridge doesn't want to hear this but Bill and Brooke will get together. Ridge knows that Katie doesn't want to hear this but Bill is no good for anyone. Brooke thinks there is too much baggage. Ridge asks what Katie is doing here. He thought that she claimed they were getting back together and now she thinks Brooke and Ridge are getting back together. Katie knows Bill. When he wants something he usually gets it. Ridge asks what he means. Katie means that he might just get Bill's shares of Forrester.

Bill reminds Brooke that she said she would always love her. Brooke always will. Brooke just cannot stop thinking about Katie. Bill has heard enough about Katie. He wanted to give Katie the life and marriage she deserved. He wanted to but he couldn't because he wanted Brooke. Katie is moving on though. She needs to let go and move on. Bill has given Katie a lot for the divorce. Bill tells Brooke that Katie can even have the jet because he wants a new one. Bill tells Brooke that if Katie signs the papers he will give them to Brooke on his wedding day. She can do whatever she wants with them so long as they are committed to each other. They will be together until death do them part. Brooke looks shocked.

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