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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/25/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge asks if Steffy is ok. Steffy doesn’t know what she is. She couldn’t put up with Quinn anymore with what she was doing to her marriage so she moved out. Thomas says that she moved in with him in the loft. Brooke asks how Wyatt is taking it. Steffy explains that she gave Quinn a choice she either leaves Eric or she moves out of Wyatt’s. Ridge guesses that living with Eric means more to Quinn. Brooke tries to defend that loneliness does strange things to people. Ridge thinks that Eric has just lost it. Steffy feels like they have tried everything. Thomas feels that they can think of something else. Ridge promises that there is more than they can do. Brooke tells the two that Ridge has come up with a plan. Steffy wants to hear. Ridge says that it is all about the Spencer shares. Steffy and Thomas look conflicted and worried.

Bill starts to think about Brooke and all the places that the two of them went together. As well as all the steamy times that they spent with one another in passion. Katie walks into his office. She doesn’t have a lot of time she is working with some investors on a project. Bill is glad to hear it. He wonders if he knows any of them. Katie doesn’t think so. She met them at a club she joined Bill assumes she joined a gym. Katie feels that it is more of a country club but it does have a beautiful gym and yoga classes and activities for Will so they have been active. Bill can tell and thinks that she looks fantastic. Katie thanks him. Bill points out that there is a full gym at the house. Katie explains that when he comes to pick up Will again for an overnight that he will be picking him up at this address. Katie hands Bill a piece of paper. Bill doesn’t understand. Katie explains that he moved out. She needed a fresh start. The house always felt more his house anyway. Katie thinks that he can move in there with Brooke. Katie assumes that he and Brooke will be together now. Bill asks if Brooke knows that she moved out. Katie thought that Bill could tell Brooke for her.

Steffy asks what the shares have to do with anything. Ridge feels that with Bill’s shares and all of their shares they would have majority control. Steffy assumes that means that Eric wouldn’t be able to get Bill to vote and that means Quinn is out. Ridge says that it means she would be out of the company but not his house. They will still have to deal with that later. Steffy asks what happens if Eric starts fighting with him. Ridge thinks that this is business. He asks if he has their votes. Steffy doesn’t even think that he has to ask. Ridge needs to make sure everything is right. Steffy believes they all want this to be over with. She just wonders if Bill is really ready to part with his shares. Steffy doesn’t think that he would be able to get those shares. Brooke tells them that normally Ridge wouldn’t be able to get them but Ridge wants Katie to acquire them in the divorce settlement. Steffy asks if Katie would be willing to go along with it. Thomas wonders if Katie would actually part with them. Ridge doesn’t feel like it would matter. Steffy feels that it would matter. If Katie keeps the stocks, then they don’t have majority control. Thomas also points out that it could turn into a long built up battle in court. Ridge knows that they have to get Quinn out and it is their best way of stopping Quinn. Steffy doesn’t want Ridge to think that she isn’t intrigued because she is. Thomas promises that he has their full support. Ridge is glad. He doesn't want them saying a word to anyone. Steffy promises. Ridge tells them both they can leave. They do so. Brooke asks why Ridge didn't tell her that he had a new plan. Ridge didn't do so because he isn't sure of it then. If Ridge cannot get those shares, then he doesn't know. Brooke guesses that he doesn't have a plan then. Ridge tells her that there is something that Brooke can indeed do. Brooke looks confused.

Bill asks why Katie didn't tell him that she was making this change. Katie believes that she just did. Bill means before she made the move. Katie assume that Bill would have tried to change her mind. Bill feels it is her home. Katie thought it was there home for a while. She never liked that place much though. She liked their place at the beach. Katie begs him though when he does move Brooke into his house... He has many rooms to choose from. She doesn't want him using their bedroom. She thinks that would be very confusing for Will. Bill doesn't think that they should be talking about this. Katie believes he is right but she thought that she would throw it out there. Katie guesses that the only thing left is to finalize their settlement. Bill needs to make one thing very clear. As far as his shares go. He isn't going to give them up. Bill will never give them to Ridge.

Ridge thinks that if Katie gets locked up in a legal battle it could take forever. So Brooke may have to talk to Bill. She is the only one that he listens to. Ridge also suggests that she suggest that Bill assign the shares to him so that he can vote with them. Brooke says no. He will never let Ridge vote with them. He will never go for it. Ridge thinks that Bill may go for it after everything that he has gone through with Quinn and Liam and Wyatt. Brooke believes that they both know that Bill will want something in return. Ridge asks what that is. Ridge asks if she means a relationship with Brooke. Ridge doesn't think that would be on the table. He then wonders if it is.

Katie sarcastically asks Bill to tell her how he really feels. Bill wonders if she would rather that she be strung along. Katie thinks that it was him that taught her everything is negotiable. Bill believes that he has already given her a very generous settlement offer. Katie asks if fifty million is a decent day on the stock market for him. Bill tells her it is only halfway decent. He also reminds her of all the perks that that she gets. He will even sweeten the deal. Justin is working on it right now. Katie thinks that Justin is very involved in that. Bill has to justify is salary. Bill wants them to be able to move on. Bill believes that she seems stronger. Katie needs to be the best mother she can be. She hasn't been there for him the way she should have. Bill knows that she went through a rough time. Katie decided to choose it the way she did. She also can make better choices. She feels good. She is ready for whatever comes her way. She never knows though. Life is full of surprises. Bill believes that giving a damn about what he thinks wouldn't matter to her. Katie does but not as much as she used to. Katie could throw him a few million if he wanted to give up some of his shares. Katie guesses that is what she thought. Katie leaves.

Steffy looks through some papers in Rick's office. She starts to think about telling Quinn that she needs to stay away from herself and her family. Then telling Wyatt she is leaving. Thomas walks in. He knows it seems like it is all crashing in all at once. Steffy is just glad that Ridge has a plan. Thomas tells her that he knows that she is wondering how Ridge plans to do it. Thomas asks if Brooke will actually go along with this plan.

Brooke understands that Ridge wants her to go along with this plan but she wasn't even fully on board when he wanted her to get Katie to go along with this plan. Brooke asks if he really wants her to get involved. Ridge points out that they need to be able to convince him. Ridge wants her to look at the bigger picture. Brooke is but doesn't know what to do when this doesn't seem possible. Ridge doesn't think that she needs to be with Bill because Brooke belongs with Ridge. Brooke asks what he means by with her. Ridge means at Forrester because the two of them can run the company the way they wanted and Rick can help them. Brooke wonders about Eric. Ridge can deal with Eric. Right now though they need to focus on getting the shares. Brooke asks what Ridge says. Brooke gets a message. It is Bill. She answers it. Bill needs to see her. He asks if she can meet him at the house. He wants to see her. Brooke whispers to Ridge that he wants to see her. Ridge notions that she should. Brooke says that she will be there shortly. Ridge tells her that if this is too hard then she doesn't have to. He doesn't want her involved with this guy romantically. Brooke knows he doesn't. Ridge just feels that if they don't deal with this soon that it will end in disaster.

Steffy knows that Ridge and Brooke have a history. She will be there for Ridge. Thomas asks if this is really one of those times though. Thomas asks if Steffy is ok. Steffy is just thinking. Even if Ridge gets the shares Quinn will still be with Eric and that means that she will still be part of her life. Steffy moved out to escape Quinn. It is like there is no spacing her. Thomas promises that Quinn's manipulation will end and then their family can go back to whatever they perceive as normal.

Katie walks into Eric's office. She tells Ridge that Pam wasn't at her desk and wonders if she is interrupting. Ridge tells her that she is and thanks her. Katie asks if it has been a rough day. Ridge thinks it is about to get better. He feels that she looks great. Katie notes that Bill said the same thing so it must be true. Ridge asks if she made any progress. Katie explains that Bill is really digging his heals with this. Katie asks if Ridge has another plan. Ridge tells her that Bill told her to drop by. Katie is sure that he did. Ridge is hoping that Brooke can get the shares.

Brooke shows up at Bill's house. Brooke asks if this is why he wanted to see her. Bill tells her they have the house to themselves They have already made some incredible memories at the house. He is determined that they will make a lot more. Bill will always love Brooke. The divorce will be final soon and then they get married. Until then he doesn't want to live another moment without her. He believes their future together starts now today.

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