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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/23/16


Written By Anthony
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Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy leaving is the solution. Steffy doesn’t think that there is a solution to this. Wyatt understands that Quinn is a problem but he doesn’t think that this has to be the end of them. He will not accept that. He cannot let her leave. Steffy cannot deal with it anymore. Steffy wonders what they haven’t tried. Liam gets why she is fed up and freaked out but he will not let her work through the door.

Ridge doesn’t think that Quinn belongs here and she needs to get out. Eric reminds him that this isn’t his home. Ridge knows it is his house and company but he thinks it is obvious that Quinn is trying to mess with the family. Eric wants the family to accept his choice. Quinn is here because he wants her to be. He doesn’t get to tell him what to do.

Thomas believes that Quinn has Eric all confused and he doesn’t know how to explain it. Liam knows that Quinn moved in after Eric kicked out Ridge. Thomas is sure that she jumped at it. Liam smugly replies that she was probably waiting around the corner. Thomas is sure that this will push Steffy over the edge.

Quinn tells Eric that she doesn’t want to cause any more conflict between him and his family. Ridge is glad so she can leave. Eric tells Ridge that she doesn’t have to go anywhere. Ridge asks Quinn if she really doesn’t want to cause conflict and wonders what she thinks she is doing for Wyatt. He asks what she thinks she is doing for his relationship. He thought she loved her son. Ridge also thought that Eric loved his family. He wants to know why the two of them would do this to everyone they care about.

Thomas guesses that Steffy is right and Quinn is evil. Liam cannot believe that Eric didn’t listen to Steffy. Thomas explains that he wouldn’t listen to any of them. Liam feels that he had to know what this would do to Steffy. Thomas doesn’t know what to tell Liam. It doesn’t make sense to him either. It may sound harsh but this means that she needs to be free of Wyatt.

Wyatt understands that Steffy is scared. What Quinn did was completely inexcusable. He hates what she did. He needs to be able to try. Wyatt will get Quinn out of the house. Wyatt is begging for one last chance.

Ridge thinks that Eric needs to see that this is wrong. Eric can see that Ridge thinks that it is. Ridge is not the only one to think this. Everyone does. Quinn ruins lives and it is a fact. He doesn’t want Eric to have to deal with that. Eric appreciates him being worried but he doesn’t need this. Ridge wants to know what Eric is doing. He wants to know why Eric would bring Quinn into Stephanie’s house. They have to stick together as a family. Eric knows that there is nothing that Stephanie wouldn’t have done for her children or grandchildren. Her love for Ridge was ferocious. They spent wonderful years together but they were not all wonderful. She drove him to his limits every day. The limits of his talent and patients. She was over whelming. He wouldn’t have wanted her any other way. She was his inspiration. Ridge asks if he thinks that that Quinn can replace her. Eric feels that everyone is capable of good. He feels that they all need happiness and the good they see in themselves. Ridge has no problem with Quinn getting that. It just shouldn’t be from Eric. Eric believes that Quinn already does that for him. Eric walks over to Quinn. He tells her that what they discovered in each other was very powerful. He wants to imagine the world if they only saw the good in each other. It would be over looked. They would give each other support and love. Ridge does not think that Quinn has ever made anyone’s life better. She definitely will not make Eric’s any better either.

Thomas asks if he should call his family and tell them what is going on. Liam suggests that he waits. They will find out soon enough. Liam would rather wait and see what happens with Wyatt and Steffy. Thomas knows that the last time they spoke Steffy was frustrated with Wyatt. Liam has been as well. Thomas thinks that things couldn’t get worse. Liam thinks that with Quinn things can. Liam believes that Wyatt wants to be rid of Quinn. Thomas wonders though if this thing with Eric is different. Liam feels that Quinn is looking out for herself now. Thomas asks if it is the worst thing that could happen. Liam tries to come up with a notion that if Wyatt wants Quinn and Steffy away from each other it won’t happen because Quinn will not give up what she wants and Steffy realizes that.

Steffy believes that it is too late. She already told Quinn. Wyatt suggests that Quinn thought she was bluffing. Steffy wasn’t though. Wyatt will tell her that. Once she realizes that she was telling the truth she will not want them to break up. Quinn will break up. Steffy cannot have Quinn’s choices affect her life anymore. Wyatt wants to welcome her to his life. He has been dealing with this his whole life. Outside of tonight. That was it. He is not making excuses anymore. The line is drawn. His mother is out of his life once and for all. He will send Quinn away and she will not be a problem. Quinn wants to believe him but she doesn’t think it is a possibility. Steffy cannot risk Quinn being in her life.

Eric tells Ridge that if he really wants to continue to talk about this they can tomorrow. Ridge does not think they are done. Eric asks if Ridge is ok and if he has a place to stay. Ridge is fine. He will always be fine. He wants to know about Eric. Ridge thinks that Eric has brought a criminal into their home and company. Quinn doesn’t think there is anything foolish about compassion. Ridge wants to know how desperate Eric is for companionship then he will find it for him. Ridge begs Eric to look at what Quinn is doing to Steffy. Eric believes that the choice has been made. Ridge does not think there is one thing redeemable about Quinn. Ridge doesn’t think the world will respect Eric. His children will not respect him either. There is evil in Quinn. He is not telling Eric what to do. Eric will not be told how to live his life. Ridge loves Eric but he is a child with a brand new dangerous toy. He tells Stephanie that he is sorry that he has to see this. Ridge leaves. Quinn asks if Eric is sure about this.

Steffy doesn’t think that Quinn is just their problem. Wyatt is already telling her that she will not be a problem for anyone else either. Steffy knows that might be true until she is with someone else. Wyatt knows that Quinn wants to change and she thinks that she can with Eric. Steffy believes that Quinn is delusional. That is what makes her so dangerous. She thinks her behavior is justified. Steffy thinks that Quinn is missing a sense of right and wrong. She thinks that Liam was taken care of and she was just supporting the two of their marriage. She wasn’t supporting her grandfather she was just making him happy. Steffy doesn’t think you can handle a person like that. She has a warped view of the world. She thinks that they are on the attack. Wyatt is trying to say that their relationship isn’t doomed. Steffy thinks that Quinn should be in prison. Wyatt asks if the reason she doesn’t trust him is because she didn’t want Quinn to go to prison. That is the reason why she doesn’t think he can handle this. Steffy thinks she is a criminal. Wyatt reminds her that she is still his mother. Steffy reminds him that she is his wife and she needs to come first.

Eric believes that Ridge is way out of line. Quinn thinks that this is getting real. Quinn is so flattered that Eric would ask her to move in. His support means everything to her. She wonders if Ridge wasn’t wrong. She knows that both their families have so many problems with them being together. Steffy may be leaving her son right now. Ridge is not going to be the last person to come in saying they don’t belong together. Eric wonders what Quinn is going through. Quinn is an unemployed woman who fell for a man of stature. He is talented and successful with a family legacy to protect. She wonders if she is worth losing all that. He has to much at stake. She wonders if she should leave. Eric asks if she wants to leave. Quinn says no. Eric tells her that she will stay right here then. Like in the past Stephanie’s portrait falls from its nail when Eric kisses a woman. However this time instead of falling on to the floor it stays on the mantle. Eric and Quinn both smile at each other.

Thomas suggests that Liam go home because Steffy might need him. Liam will always be there for her.

Wyatt asks if he isn’t even going to be given another chance to fix it. Steffy knows that Quinn is Wyatt’s mother. She was the most important person in his life until he said vows to her. Steffy tells Wyatt to look at what has happened. It is all happening so fast and she cannot accept this. Wyatt asks if their marriage is over. Steffy is moving out. She will not follow for a divorce. She loves Wyatt but Quinn has caused so much pain. Wyatt thinks this is their life. He needs her to trust him that he is the man she married. He is not Quinn Fuller’s son right now. He is her husband. He knows it feels like they cannot get out of it. He doesn’t think that moving out is the answer. They can get through this. He will not let Quinn scare her. He doesn’t want Wyatt to leave. Steffy is sorry. She says goodbye. Steffy leaves. Steffy is outside crying hysterically.

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