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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/19/16


Written By Anthony
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Wyatt thinks that this has to be over. Quinn feels that it will work out. Wyatt asks how it could possibly work out. Quinn promises that Steffy will eventually come around. The whole family will eventually. They will see that she is good for Eric and come around. Wyatt doesn’t think that the family will ever accept her. Quinn asks what she is supposed to do then. She asks if she is just supposed to give him up. Wyatt feels that is exactly what she is supposed to do. He reminds her that she is the main reason that he is with Steffy in the first place and Wyatt cannot even imagine how many crimes she committed to make that happen. Quinn committed zero technically. Wyatt wonders if she is really willing to give that up. She helped him get Steffy in his life and doesn’t want her to be the reason that she leaves it.

Steffy doesn’t even know what good this does talking about it. She is happy with Wyatt. Ridge wonders if this is really what she wants knowing that her life was completely altered by Quinn.

Thomas is in his living room of the loft and is on the computer with Douglas and Caroline. Thomas assumes that her mom’s must be happy to have her home. Caroline tells him that they don’t even realize she is around. It is all about Douglas. Thomas bets that it is. Caroline thanks him again for not protesting him coming out there with her. Thomas knows it is important for Douglas to meet his grandmother’s. He needs Caroline to not get any ideas though and think she is moving back there. Caroline promises she won’t. Someone knocks on his door and Thomas goes to answer it. It is Sasha. Thomas says hi to her. Sasha took a chance that he might be home and is looking for some company. Thomas tells her that she can come in but he is wrapping up a call. Caroline wonders who is there. Thomas tells her that it is a friend. He will let her go back to hanging out with her mom’s. Thomas says goodbye to Douglas. Caroline asks if they will talk tomorrow. Thomas tells them definitely. They hang up the video call. Sasha can tell that he really misses Douglas. Thomas definitely does.

Liam is working on his computer and starts to think about Thomas telling him about Quinn. He starts to think about his demands that Steffy leave Quinn. He starts to feel cocky about a conversation he had with Thomas where he tells him that if he ends up back in Steffy’s hands that he can live with that. Liam thinks that he can as well.

Ridge cannot imagine Quinn living in Eric’s home. Steffy cannot handle Quinn living in that house. That is Stephanie’s house. Steffy has to talk to him. She has to keep trying to talk to him until he realizes that he is dating a crazy person.

Quinn feels terrible that she has put Wyatt in this position. Wyatt tells her to end it then. Quinn does not feel that she needs to. She is trying to get Wyatt to trust her. Wyatt thinks that Steffy has had enough. Quinn has had enough and cannot take it anymore. She has had enough being reminded that she has been a bad person. This is not one of those times. Eric is a chance for her to grow and have something good in her life. Her time with Liam changed her. It made it possible for her to realize a man like Eric could like her. She does not want to give him up.

Sasha doesn’t mean to interrupt if he is eating or working or whatever. Thomas thinks that it is ok. He needed to be distracted. Sasha asks what he needs to be distracted from. Thomas means missing his son. Sasha really does think it was cute to watch the two of them talk. Thomas was doing most of the talking though. He wishes for the day that Douglas is able to talk back. Sasha knows that teenage backtalk is not exactly fun. Thomas cannot wait. He wants all the aspects of fatherhood. Sasha thinks it must be weird to originally think that Douglas was his brother. Thomas admits that it was weird and now his mother took him to New York. Sasha asks if he knows when they are coming back. Thomas has no clue. Sasha is glad that he has a good support system at least. Thomas feels they are all going through a lot right now. Sasha doesn’t think that sounds good. Thomas agrees that it doesn’t. He tells her that Eric is basically going through his fifth or sixth midlife crisis. He doesn’t even know what to call it anymore. He is concerned about the relationships he is making and how they will affect his family.

Brooke is laughing and telling Ridge that this really isn’t that hard of a question. Ridge asks what is it. Brooke wonders if he wants to join her for dinner. Ridge is fine. He is not that hungry. Brooke can tell that something is bothering him. Ridge tells her that Eric rehired Quinn. Brooke wonders if he is being serious. Ridge needs Katie to get the shares quickly. Eric asked him to move out of the house. Brooke doesn’t think that Eric would ask him to do that. Ridge wonders if maybe he wouldn’t but Quinn has so much control over him. He doesn’t know what that will do to Eric. He knows that Steffy is on the rocks with her marriage.

Wyatt walks into Liam’s office and asks if Bill is around. Liam says no. He asks if Wyatt will close the door. Wyatt assumes this is serious. Liam thinks it is always serious when it involves Wyatt’s mother. Wyatt assumes that he has heard about Quinn being hired back at Forrester. Liam was informed by Thomas. Wyatt doesn’t like it either. There is something far worse though than her being back at Forrester. Liam wants to know what could be. Wyatt tells him that she is moving in with him.

Quinn walks around the living room and looks at the portrait of Stephanie. Steffy walks in and tells her that it will never be her. She will never allow a photo of Quinn to be put in Stephanie’s place. Steffy will never allow her to move it. Steffy assume that is what she wants. She is trying to get a proposal out of Eric too. Quinn feels she is getting way too far ahead of herself. Quinn is living in the moment. Steffy believes that she should be living in jail. Steffy wants to know where Eric is or if she is just trespassing. Quinn tells her that he is upstairs. She finds it interesting that Steffy would bring that up. Eric determines who visits and who moves in. Quinn tells Steffy that Eric asked her and she accepted.

Sasha wonders if maybe she picked the wrong night to stop by. Thomas is actually glad that she is here. It is just that he has a lot going on right now. Sasha has been thinking about him and wanted to thank him. Sasha has never had a man do that for her ever. She has to admit that it feels good.

Ridge tells Brooke that Steffy went over to talk to Eric and hopes that she talks some sense into him. Brooke is sure that she will. This romance with Quinn will not last forever. Brooke wonders if Ridge really thinks that Steffy and Wyatt are in trouble. Ridge definitely thinks so. It could be the circumstances and how they got together but maybe they were in trouble from the beginning.

Liam wants to know what he means by Quinn is moving in with him. Wyatt means exactly that. She is moving in with him. Liam thinks he means the guest house. Wyatt tells him it is the estate. Ridge is out and he is back with Quinn. Wyatt even saw the keys in her hand. There is no doubt about it. His mom and Eric are officially happening.

Steffy doesn’t think it is true. She doesn’t think that Eric would do this to her. Quinn really doesn’t think this is about her. She keeps trying to tell her that. Quinn asks if they deserve a little bit of happiness. Steffy asks if she really wants to start talking about happiness. She was on the verge of starting a life with Liam and she took that away from her. Quinn knows that she was miserable. She knows how Steffy loves to blame her for the end of the engagement but the two of them were not engaged. Liam asked for the ring back and walked away. Steffy asks what she knows about Liam and her. They survived. They lost a child together but they found their way back together. She held Liam captive and watched as she took her life away from her and yet she wants to be happy. Quinn feels like Steffy doesn’t even want to be with Wyatt. Steffy wants to be with him. She wants to love and crave him like a decent woman. Quinn might not have been in that category before but she is now. Steffy tells Quinn to prove it. If she had any shred of decency then she would say no to Eric now not move in with him ever.

Sasha is serious she really does appreciate him standing up for her. Thomas will anytime and anywhere. Sasha asks if he is like her own personal super hero. Sasha feels like that means a lot to her. Sasha is here if he needs to talk anytime. Even super hero’s need to talk now and then. Sasha should probably go. Thomas says ok. Sasha tries to figure out all the locks. Thomas thinks that you can never be to safe. The two get close and start to kiss each other.

Brooke wonders if it was meant to be. She doesn’t mean Eric and Quinn because that should not happen. She means Eric and Quinn breaking up. Ridge doesn’t know. He doesn’t want that kind of heartache for Steffy. Brooke is sure it would bring her back to Liam.

Liam asks how Steffy is doing. Wyatt knows she is angry about the job offer. He cannot even imagine how she will feel about the two of them moving in together. Liam asks why she doesn’t know. Wyatt plans to tell her when he gets home. Liam points out that she was so clear about Quinn staying away. Wyatt was as well. Liam doesn’t think she will stand for it.

Quinn suggests that Steffy should leave. She doesn’t want her to get any more upset. Steffy tells Quinn to leave. Steffy thinks that if she wants to talk about decency to look at Liam. He is a good guy. He wants to change the world and that is a man she ridiculed. Quinn knows she deserves a man like Eric because of the man she was around. Quinn will not allow her to take Eric away. Steffy tells Quinn to get out now. Quinn thinks that this is an opportunity to get along. Steffy doesn’t think that she is a different person at all. Steffy tells Quinn to put Wyatt’s needs before her own. She will leave Wyatt if she keeps pushing her. If she moves into her grandfather’s house she will leave Wyatt and she is serious. Steffy asks if she means her bizarre motives or her son. She tells Quinn to walk out the door and never come back.

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