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Wyatt continues to knock on Quinn’s door expecting her to open up. He assumes he is telling her that they need to talk. He thinks that it is important and asks if she is in there. Wyatt walks away.

Quinn asks if Eric is sure that he wants her to live here with him. Eric asks what is in her hand referring to the key. Quinn guesses that it is official that they are shacking up.

Steffy thinks that this is a nightmare. They cannot allow Quinn to come back to this company. This scares her to death. Ridge is afraid for Eric too.

Liam is on the phone with someone explaining that this is what the foundation is all about. He tells them that he can introduce him to Steffy. He thanks him and starts to think about times that he spent together with Steffy. Thomas walks in and knows that he wasn’t expecting him. Thomas asks if he should have known. Thomas says no but he wants him to know that there has been a major hiring change at Forrester. Eric rehired Quinn. Liam asks if he is kidding and wants to know what Eric is thinking. Thomas heard this from Rick and Pam who were in the meeting. Liam guesses that he should be surprised but he knew that Quinn would never stop. It has been like this for a long time now. She wants to go after Steffy.

Steffy thinks that Eric is making terrible choices. She asks why he would ask Ridge to move out. Ridge was not asked he was demanded to move out. Steffy wonders if he knows what this means. It means that Quinn will be over there whenever she wants. Steffy asks how Eric can let this happen after all that she has done. Steffy asks if he thinks that Eric would ask Quinn to move in.

Quinn used to go out sometimes. She would just get away and go to a bar and order a few drinks. She would listen in on the conversation. She would listen to the women being in love and being treated like a queen. Quinn would think they were stupid and wanted to know how dumb and needy they were. First of all thought that relationships didn’t last and wanted people to be their own queen. She gets it now though. Being here with Eric and this magical night doesn’t matter if it lasts. The moment feels so good that you have to take it. Quinn thinks that all these changes are making her heart so full. She just isn’t a giddy girl though. Her return didn’t go over well with the family. She knows they will not react well when they find out that he invited her to move in. Eric can handle his family. Someone knocks at the door. Quinn asks if it is another surprise. Eric thinks it is one for him because he isn’t expecting anyone. It is Wyatt. He says he is sorry to just drop by. He sees Quinn and is shocked that she actually is here.

Liam knows that Steffy asked her over and over too stay away. It was very simple. Quinn however has to plays a hail Mary and convince Eric to hire her back at Forrester. Thomas thinks that it is weird. After everything that Quinn did to get Wyatt and Steffy together it looks like she is trying really hard to sabotage their marriage and get back into the company. Liam guesses the irony is that it might have actually worked. Thomas knows that Liam would do anything for Steffy which is why he thinks that Liam should be the one to spend the rest of his life with Steffy.

Ridge was hoping he would move out so he could get privacy and now Eric is back in charge of the company. Steffy doesn’t even know what Eric is thinking but Quinn would love to let this happen. Steffy will not allow Quinn to live in their grandmother’s home. She cannot have this woman in their life.

Wyatt has to apologize to Eric for his mother. She doesn’t have impulse control like he is used to. He knows that Quinn should not be here or accepted his generous offer of being back at Forrester. Quinn promises Wyatt that she hasn’t done anything crazy. Wyatt knows that she is here though. Eric tells him that Quinn is here because he asked her to be. Wyatt tells Quinn that she knows how Steffy feels about this whole situation. Eric does as well. He hates how this is making Steffy feel. She doesn’t dictate his life though and it insults him if they try to. Wyatt thought that they had broken up. This is all just a little too confusing for all of them. Eric tries to clarify. He has done so with his family and he owes Wyatt that as well. Quinn and himself have discovered something really wonderful. She brings happiness and joy to his life. Something he didn’t even know was missing. Quinn is an asset to the company. It is good business. Having her around is a great bonus. Eric explains that Wyatt should be the first to know about their next step together. Wyatt asks if there really is a next step. Quinn says that Eric asked her to move in. Eric tells him that she accepted. Eric tells him that he can like this or not but like the rest of the family he will learn to accept it. Eric will give her some time alone. Eric leaves. Quinn knows this is a lot to process. Wyatt doesn’t think it matters how she feels because she cannot move in here.

Liam appreciates the support. Thomas knows that he cares about Steffy and just wants what is best for her. Liam wonders if he really thinks that is him. Liam is shocked because he is so used to hearing respect the marriage. Thomas does. Steffy does what she says and says what she means. Steffy let Liam go and let someone else in. She took this seriously with Wyatt. She loves Wyatt. She would not have married him otherwise. Thomas however thinks that Liam is the real love of Steffy’s life.

Ridge wonders what happens if Steffy cannot get the woman out of her life. Steffy doesn’t honestly know. Ridge asks what Liam thinks about all this. Steffy doesn’t care what he thinks because she is married to his brother. Ridge asks if he really thinks that is the right choice. Steffy meant her vows. Steffy wouldn’t say them if she didn’t mean them. Ridge asks if she is really ok with that. Steffy doesn’t want Quinn near Forrester. Ridge assumes it makes her wish she would be with Liam instead.

Quinn knows that it is a shock. Wyatt thinks that this is their marriage they are talking about here. Steffy has been more than clear with her that she doesn’t want her around. Then Quinn comes up with the brilliant idea to come into her family home with Eric. Wyatt thinks that something is wrong with her. Quinn feels this was a surprise for her too. She didn’t expect to click with Eric like this. She could hardly keep up. Wyatt knows that Quinn purposely is trying to tell Steffy off. Quinn is not trying to live her life to get a reaction of out Steffy. Wyatt understands this well. Wyatt thinks that Quinn should grasp that this needs to be respected. Quinn has tried. She wonders if he has realized what it was like to have a solitaire existence. It was them against the world. Wyatt grew up though. He traveled his own path and shot lonely. That was how Deacon got in. He was disposable but Eric is kind and treats her with respect and like she is important. Wyatt could be overjoyed if it was someone who wasn’t Steffy’s grandfather. Quinn promises that they will all accept Quinn over time. Wyatt doesn’t think that is going to happen. Wyatt thinks that her cramming herself down everyone’s throats will not work. Her relationships do not last other than her one with Wyatt and she is this close to blowing it with him too.

Thomas adores his sister but he wants her to be happy. Liam assumes that Thomas doesn’t think that she is with Wyatt. Thomas thinks that people can talk themselves into anything. Steffy demanded that Quinn could not be involved and then she was. Liam knows that Quinn is not going away. Thomas wonders if that is a good thing that Quinn will not leave. If Quinn’s involvement in Eric’s life is what gets Liam and Steffy back together he can live with that.

Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy is telling him anything that he doesn’t already know. Steffy loves Liam and she never stopped. Even when she envisioned her future she was still with Liam. Even when she moved to Paris and he was with Hope. She thought that they would find their way back to each other and be married. Liam and her would be married if it wasn’t for Quinn. The two hug each other.

Quinn wishes that Wyatt wouldn’t talk that way. She can’t lose Wyatt. Wyatt is just bringing a much needed dose of reality. Quinn cannot lose him. He has been her life since the day he was born. Wyatt thinks that should be easy then. The son who has been there defending and supporting her and cleaning up after her. Quinn found something with Eric and it was real. She doesn’t want to lose him either. Wyatt thought she swore that she would stay away from Steffy and the Forrester’s. She is putting her own selfish needs above everyone else. Quinn is for the very first time in her entire life. She has listened to him demand she get a life and she is doing so. Quinn asks if he knows what kind of a gift it is to be accepted by a man by the way she came. She has something to live for other than Wyatt. Wyatt swore that he would keep Quinn away and now she is living here. Wyatt asks if she has any idea how this will move over. Wyatt tells Quinn not to do this. Quinn doesn’t think he knows what he is asking. Wyatt knows what he is asking. She needs to end things with Eric.

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