B&B Wednesday Update 8/17/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/17/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In their living room, Wyatt asks if Steffy is sure of this. Steffy was in the office and Eric brought Quinn in. Wyatt asks if Quinn accepted the job. Steffy tells him that she did. Wyatt doesn’t think that she would. Steffy confirms that she did though. Wyatt wonders why Eric would even offer her a job. Steffy doesn’t think that he is thinking right. He is being taken advantage of by Quinn.

Quinn walks into the Forrester mansion and looks at Eric. He looks back. Eric asks her to walk in. Eric holds her and kisses her. Eric asks if he can take off her sweater. He does so and has the servant take it and her purse into another room. Quinn thinks it is beautiful. She knows though that if Ridge were to see her though… Eric doesn’t think that Ridge will be a problem tonight. Tonight it is just the two of them.

In Eric’s office Katie walks in. Ridge is already in there. He thanks her for coming. Katie asks if everything is ok. He seemed a little stressed out. Ridge is a little tense. Katie assumes this is about Bill’s share in the company. Ridge asks if she has spoken to him about the settlement. Katie has briefly. Ridge needs the stock now more than ever.

Steffy does respect her grandfather but he thinks they are treating him like a child. This isn’t about her grandfather but how they all need to be protected from her. Steffy thinks that is exactly what she is going to do. Wyatt tried to talk to her. Steffy doesn’t think that Quinn responds to demands. Her language is threats. She will start speaking it if she doesn’t stay away from Eric.

Quinn and Eric are drinking champagne. Quinn thought that he was a martini guy. Eric normally is but this seemed more like a champagne kind of evening. Eric toasts to two of the things that she has brought to his life. A beautiful woman and a wonderful evening. One that he doesn’t think they will forget. They click glasses. The two sip from their flutes.

Katie doesn’t think that Bill will give up without a fight. Ridge knows it won’t be easy but they can do this. Katie can sue him and Ridge and Brooke will be there. It will be a win-win situation. Katie has talked to Bill and he knows that Ridge is behind this. He won’t listen. Ridge thinks that once they start this then Katie will be able to get the shares as well as a piece of Spencer. Katie doesn’t think that Spencer is on the table. Ridge feels like it will be on the table if he doesn’t want to give up the shares. Katie asks if something else has happened since they last spoke. This seems especially important. Ridge thinks that Eric is important. He is not in charge anymore. Quinn is. Katie cannot believe that Eric would hire Quinn back. Ridge tells her that he did though and brought her to the meeting like some kind of trophy. He isn’t himself anymore. Bringing Quinn back here when no one wants her here. Steffy doesn’t want her here at all. He just brought in the one person who could single handedly destroy her marriage.

Wyatt wants to know how Quinn could do this. Steffy thinks that Quinn is treating Wyatt the same way that she treats her with total disregard. Wyatt could not have been blunter with her. He told her to stay away from Forrester Creations and all connected with it. Steffy doesn’t think that Quinn understands. Everything they say means nothing to her. Wyatt cannot accept that. Rejection from him is her worst fear. Steffy wonders if she believes that it will never happen. Wyatt warned her. Steffy doesn’t think that warning her has any impact. She is sorry but he has no power over her. None of them do. So the entire family will have to pay a price.

Quinn is dancing around the Forrester living room while Eric plays the piano. She looks at him and they both smile. Quinn looks very happy. Eric wants to show Quinn how he plays the piano. She sits down next to him and he shows her. Quinn is laughing and having a good time. Quinn plays a note. Eric thinks they are great together. Eric asks if she is having a good time. Quinn has since the moment she walked through the door. She asks about him. Eric is having the time of his life. Quinn imagines he has had many of those. Eric doesn’t think they were like this. Quinn thinks that this has been the most wonderful evening. As much as she wants to stay longer she doesn’t want to cause anymore conflict for him and his family. Eric doesn’t think that she will. Quinn knows that Ridge will be home soon. She knows how he will react when he sees her. Eric explains that Ridge has been asked to move out and his bags are all packed. This is his house. He loaned it to his kids for a while but they need to take control of their lives and families on their own. That is what he did. He took control and is so happy all because of her. The two kiss each other. They smile at each other.

Katie knows this is a terrible situation for everyone. Ridge thinks it is especially for Steffy. Katie is sure that it is hard on Eric as well. He has to listen to Steffy who he loves. Ridge means that exactly. He wouldn’t do that. This is Steffy and he loves her. Ridge tells Katie that Eric asked him to move out of the house. Katie asks if it is because of Quinn. Eric guesses that it is because of Quinn. He wants her and his privacy. What he doesn’t want is to take advice from his family. Katie doesn’t think that there is really anything that he can do about that. Ridge guesses not. He has to protect the business so he really needs the shares of the company. He knows it is hard but it will benefit her future and the future of Forrester.

Eric and Quinn are dancing together. Quinn thinks that Eric is such a good man. She promises to be worthy of her. Eric thinks that she is. Quinn knows that his family was right. She was a shrew but Eric tamed her. Eric tells her that is the last time that he wants to hear her refer to herself that way. She is a beautiful and stunning woman and he is grateful to have her in his life and home. Quinn has never in her life had a man tell her that he was grateful to have her in his home. That she thinks alone should give him pause to think. Eric doesn’t condone some of the things she did but he thinks that they all deserve a fresh start. That is what she gave him. He has a whole new life and he has her to thank for it. Quinn is shocked that he truly believes in her. She thanks him for that. If this is the only night they spend like this, it will be enough. The two kiss each other.

Wyatt hates what this is doing to her. Steffy knows that it is hurting both of them. Wyatt has been dealing with this his entire life. Steffy has only had a starter course. Wyatt made a promise to her and he is going to make good on it. Wyatt means it. Steffy wants to believe her but he has tried. Wyatt explains that he has already lost so much because of his mother and will not do it again. He is going to go to her place and make her not accept the job offer. She will end this will Eric once and for all. He wants her to trust him. He will make it happen. Wyatt kisses Steffy. He leaves.

Steffy walks into Eric’s office where Ridge is still at. Ridge is glad to see her. Steffy asks why. Ridge has been thinking about her. Steffy wonders if he has been thinking or worrying. Ridge thinks it is the same thing these days. Ridge asks if she filled in Wyatt. Steffy says that Wyatt is going to Quinn’s place. Steffy has never seen Wyatt so determined to get rid of Quinn. Ridge wants to give her good luck with that. Steffy wants to believe that Wyatt will get through to her. Ridge thinks it is a tough situation. Ridge explains that Eric asked him to move out of the house. Steffy asks why. Ridge doesn’t know. He guesses he wants privacy with Quinn. Steffy thinks he has lost it. Steffy thinks it is one thing to make a mistake but this makes her wonder… Ridge assumes she means his mental capacity. Steffy doesn’t want to think that way. Ridge doesn’t either but Eric is making some weird choices with Quinn. That is what he is doing with Steffy as well. Steffy told Eric to stay away from Quinn but he didn’t listen to her. Ridge knows that he is running their company. Steffy guesses that business and their marriage do not matter to him. Ridge knows it is taking a toll on her. Steffy thinks that Quinn has to go.

Wyatt knocks on Quinn’s door. He demands that she open the door. He punches it and asks himself where she is.

Quinn thinks this is a lovely evening. She could spend the rest of the evening like this. Eric suggests another glass of champagne. Quinn doesn’t want one if it means that he has to leave her. Eric tells her it is only right there. He won’t be gone long. Quinn guesses that she can handle that. Quinn knows that he promised her an evening that she would never forget and she won’t. She thanks Eric. Eric also promised her a surprise. Quinn thinks that this is a surprise enough. Quinn thinks that she has been changed. She is willing to earn his respect. Eric doesn’t think she will have to do very much for that. Quinn knows that she will. She was mortified but his family only knows her as the woman she used to be. Eric knows that isn’t the woman she is anymore. Eric knows that change takes time. Quinn doesn’t expect her to wait for him. Eric promises that they will be here together. Eric does think that it would be a little easier if she was around a little more. The two toast to surprises. Quinn notices something in her glass. Eric doesn’t want her to swallow that. Quinn picks out a key. Eric says that he believes that it fits the front door. He asks if she would be interested in shacking up with him. He calls her his fair lady. Quinn asks if he is kidding her. She asks if he really believes in her that much. Quinn will not let her down. He wonders if that means she will move in. Quinn says she would love to shack up with him. The two kiss each other again. Quinn looks at the key and smiles whole heartedly.

Steffy thinks it is a deal breaker. She cannot have Quinn in her life.

Quinn holds the key and smiles at Eric.

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