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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/15/16


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Ridge asks Eric is serious right now. Rick feels that bringing Quinn back to the company is the last thing they need right now. Eric feels that they need a jewelry line and it is suffering. Pam asks if they really need Quinn though. Eric believes that Quinn’s talent took them to great heights before. Steffy doesn’t think that is the issue. It is the fact that Quinn is using him. Ridge believes that the whole family is against it. Rick feels it is obvious what she is up to. Eric guesses that it is obvious to everyone but him. Steffy thinks that Quinn stole both hers and Liam’s life and nothing has been the same since.

Wyatt walks into his office with Liam following him. Wyatt should have stuck around Forrester and seen what Eric said. He is sure that Eric is there right now assuring everyone that Quinn is out of his life. Liam doesn’t think that Quinn ever should have been in his life to begin with. Especially after all the warnings to stay away from the family. Wyatt doesn’t think that Quinn should have shown up in their lives. Liam understands that Wyatt needs to believe Quinn because she is his mother. If she is lying though then his marriage is over.

Thomas asks Sasha what that was for. Sasha isn’t sure. She asks if it was ok. Thomas wonders if she means that she kissed him or the kiss itself. Sasha guesses she shouldn’t have been so forward. Sasha feels like that happens a dozen times a day with him. Thomas is now a responsible father. Sasha bets he misses Douglas. Thomas does but his life has to move on. Sasha really does appreciate the way that he stood up to her father. He is a really good guy. Sasha is sorry that he heard what he did. Thomas thinks that Julius had no right. He wonders if he always spoke to her like that. Sasha says yes. She guesses that she will always be an embarrassment. That is what hurts the most.

Wyatt thinks his marriage is fine. His mother is backing off from Eric. Liam hopes that it isn’t. Wyatt wonders for his sake what he thinks. They are supposed to be brothers and want the best for each other. Liam doesn’t think that they agree what it is all the time. Wyatt feels that he does know what the best thing is for Liam and it is a new lady. He wonders about Eva. They were spending a lot of time together in Monte Carlo. Liam is shocked that Wyatt is pitching something. Liam thinks that there is an issue because of Quinn. Wyatt asks why they are still on this. Liam feels that Quinn manipulated him. Quinn will be the end of this.

Eric has heard enough. Ridge thinks that they are just getting started. Steffy is worried about him. Eric sees a very talented woman who can fix the jewelry line. Rick believes it will never work. Ridge asks if Quinn thinks she can just walk in here after what she did to Steffy. Steffy begs Eric to please listen. Quinn cannot be a part of the jewelry line. He is asking too much of all of them. She begs him not to do this.

Thomas can tell she has been through a lot. Sasha doesn’t think he knows the half of it. Thomas has good ears too. They can talk about it. Sasha wonders what he means. Holding a secret no kid should have to carry. Her father made it clear that if she opened her mouth she would have been sorry. Thomas asks what her mother did. Sasha explains that Julius would have walked away from it all had she said anything. Sasha assumes that all her mother had to do was go to Vivienne. Thomas knows she didn’t though. Sasha knows and all these years she had to play best friend to her daughter who is actually her sister because of a secret she was forced into.

Liam asks what Wyatt said to make him think that he got through to Quinn this time. Wyatt told her to stay away. Liam asks if he brought up his marriage. Wyatt wonders why Liam always brings it back to his marriage. Like it is just hanging on by a thread. Liam guesses that it all depends on if Quinn is actually listening to Wyatt. Wyatt says that Quinn hasn’t spoken to Eric since returning to LA. If she does then he is buying her a one way ticket out of town. He told her that he wants her out of LA and his life with Steffy.

Quinn wonders if she could just say something. Ridge doesn’t think she can. He claims that she is done. Eric tells him to stop it. He is CEO and he makes the choices. Eric thinks that Quinn is a first class talent. She can do it again. Steffy thinks that it is over. Eric asks if they really think that he is being taken advantage of. Pam believes they are trying to say that Quinn has a weird grasp on reality. Eric reminds her that it wasn’t too long ago that people were saying that about Pam. Pam knows Eric stood up for him. Eric did and now he is standing up for Quinn. Pam doesn’t think it is the same. Steffy cannot have this in her life. Pam thinks that Quinn will cause all this craziness. He needs to think about Stephanie. This would be an insult to her memory. He is lonely and they get that. He is ready to move on but the last person he should be with is Quinn. Ridge doesn’t want him to get sucked in by Quinn.

Sasha is sorry. She should not be dumping all this on him. Thomas thinks it is all right. He was out of line. He likes rescuing damsels though. Sasha is no damsel especially after what she did to Zende. Thomas knows they were dating and then broke up. Sasha says yes and it is because she screwed up big time. Thomas wonders when they all haven’t screwed up just to keep a relationship going. Sasha asks if he ever told a guy that he was pregnant just to keep him. Thomas says no. Sasha lied to him. She faked a pregnancy. She hated herself for it. Thomas knows that she felt loved and that is something she never got from her father.

Wyatt remembers Steffy telling him that he gets to decide who is worthy enough to be in his life and Quinn is not. He remembers trying to assure Steffy things will be different. Liam asks if Wyatt really is going to take Quinn’s word. Wyatt knows that but she is still his mother. Liam feels it would be wise to buy the plane ticket sooner rather than later.

Eric thinks he knows more than any one of them what Stephanie would think. Ridge feels that there is no guessing. Eric loved Stephanie but he will not let that affect his choices now. Steffy knows that Stephanie put family above all else and thought that Eric would too. Eric believes hiring Quinn is a business choice. Eric wonders what Rick’s objections are. Rick’s objections are that when he was CEO he fired her. Eric knows that he rehired her immediately. Rick knows it was a mistake. Hope lost her child. Quinn thinks that was an awful mistake. Ridge wants Eric to listen to him. Rick feels that the fact that Ridge agrees with him is enough to listen. Quinn wants to prove that she is not that woman anymore. She doesn’t want to cause any more stress to the family. There is something organic happening. Steffy cannot keep thinking about what Quinn did to Liam. Eric is over looking it. Steffy thinks they need to stop this. She wants Eric to stop this.

Sasha thinks that secrets are bad but lies are even worse. Thomas knows that Zende and Nicole forgave her. Thomas asks if Vivienne and Maya accepted her. Sasha thinks that Vivienne is trying but Julius keeps reminding Sasha that she is a constant reminder of him cheating on her. Thomas doesn’t think this is her fault. None of this is. Sasha knows but Julius hates having her around. Which he made clear. Thomas thinks that he will regret that. He is a shoulder to cry on if she needs one.

Wyatt looks at his phone. He thinks that he would have heard something from Steffy by now. Liam suggests that Eric announced his engagement to his mother and all hell broke loose. Wyatt doesn’t think that is funny. Liam knows that would happen if Quinn had her way. Wyatt knows that isn’t going to happen though. Liam is never going to trust Quinn and when she goes over the top again Steffy will have had enough. The only way to distance herself from Quinn is to distance herself from Wyatt.

Ridge hopes that nothing has been signed yet. Eric confirms that nothing has been finalized yet. Rick tells him to resend his offer. Steffy thinks that Quinn has a serious personality disorder. Pam feels that Eric needs to see that this is all a game to Quinn. Pretending to have feelings for her. She would love to take Stephanie’s place in the family. Eric doesn’t think that is the case. Steffy cannot have a relationship with Quinn. She needs Eric to let go of her feelings. It has to be over.

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