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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/12/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam wants to help Steffy. Steffy doesn’t want his help. It will be fine. Liam doesn’t think it will. Quinn is going after all the people she cares about and now her grandfather is involved. Liam wants her to trust him. He can see it weighing in on her.

Quinn thought that Eric said it was over. Eric doesn’t think it is. Quinn knows that their families won’t approve. Eric feels they should be happy for them. He thinks that is what she said in Monte Carlo. Quinn thinks that was a fantasy. Eric realized he had something wonderful with her in Monte Carlo. He wants Quinn in his future.

Rick cannot believe this. Quinn doesn’t even make any sense. Ridge thinks you can say that about a lot of Eric’s relationships. Rick refuses to see this as a relationship. Ridge wonders if he did not notice how defensive Eric got. He ran all the way out of here like a little boy. He just hopes he didn’t run out to Quinn for their sake.

Sasha walks off to the sky lounge. Thomas is shirtless and working out. He asks if she wants to sneak in. Sasha doesn’t want to intrude. She can see he has a lot on his mind. With Caroline and Douglas being gone it must be hard. Thomas says that they are doing good. He is dealing with a lot right now. Sasha says he can talk to her if she wants. She is really good at listening. Unless he would prefer to just work out in which case she is happy to just sit back and watch. Thomas smiles. Sasha doesn’t mean to brag but she has some pretty good ears. Thomas appreciates that along with many other aspects of her. Sasha doesn’t think his aspects are bad either. Thomas gets a phone call and has to go take it. He will be back. Sasha grabs some bar bells and starts lifting. Julius walks outside and has been looking for her. Sasha asks if there is something that he forgot to tell her at the party. Julius wants to make it clear that she has no unfinished business. She has done what she came to do. It is time for her to go home.

Rick asks Pam if they have heard from Eric. Pam says no. Charlie checked for her and he left the building. Eric hasn’t returned yet. Rick doesn’t think that means he has gone to Quinn’s. Pam hopes not. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric likes to be told what to do. Pam thinks it is a family trait. Ridge hopes he is alone.

Steffy was hurt enough by Quinn. She doesn’t want him taking on her problems with her. Liam wants Quinn out of his life as much as she does. Steffy thinks that Wyatt is handling that. Liam doesn’t think that Wyatt knows how to handle that. Wyatt walks in and laughs. He tells him that when he is looking for his wife that he shouldn’t find Liam holding her.

Quinn wants to keep seeing him as well. This could jeopardize Wyatt’s marriage. He wants her to leave LA. Eric says that his children feel this could only end in tragedy. Quinn feels that is dramatic. If that is the way he feels though. Eric doesn’t want to cause problems either but they are adults and get to make their own choices. Those choices need to be respected.

Sasha is not leaving LA. She has a job here and this is where she works. Julius knows she has accomplished a lot but this is Nicole’s world. Forrester is her turf. Sasha asks if this town isn’t big enough for the two of them. Sasha doesn’t think that Nicole has the problem. It is him. Julius is trying to work hard on repairing his marriage. They need to focus on repairing his marriage. People will feel like they have to include her in things while she is here. It will always be awkward for Vivienne. He is trying to get her forgive him and yet her being here is a constant reminder of pain.

Rick still hasn’t heard anything Eric. Pam suggests sending an emoji to make it feel better. Ridge is worried about how things went when he left. Rick knows that Steffy mentioned hiring a private investigator. Ridge doesn’t think they are there yet. Ridge knows that Quinn will take advantage of them.

Quinn knew their children wouldn’t like this. Eric understands why. This is hard for Steffy. She is trying to protect her marriage and himself. Eric knows people can change. He certainly was changed by her. He thinks that she encouraged him to look at the future. They tell him that he is an old fool and being manipulated. It is insulting. Quinn feels that he is the most vital and intelligent man she has ever met. He is not a figure head. She knows what it takes to run a business. It takes passion to run a business. He has more of that than he knows. Eric is in his prime in her opinion. Eric agrees. He is going to text them to go to the office because he is going to make some changes.

Wyatt promises that Quinn said that Eric is out of her life. Liam asks if he really believed her because she does lie to him. Steffy needs to know that Quinn isn’t going to go after her grandfather. Wyatt thinks that the two of them are done. Steffy gets a text message. It is from Eric. He wants to see her along with Rick and Ridge in his office right away. Wyatt asks if he said why. Steffy says no other than he has something he wants to tell them.

Sasha is not leaving LA or her career just so he can make up with Aunt Vivienne. Julius thinks that models are a dime a dozen in this town. The only reason the Forrester’s are giving her work is because she is Maya and Nicole’s sister. Sasha got this job on her own just like he had to fix his marriage on his own. Julius isn’t telling her to quit modeling. There are good agencies in Chicago. Maya and Rick would give her a glowing recommendation. Julius wants her to go get some experience in other parts of the world. Julius doesn’t think that the issue is over just because it no longer is a secret. As long as she is in LA no one can move on. Thomas walks back outside. She needs to go. The biggest lie he ever told is standing right in front of them. Thomas walks out and tells him to stop. He asks how he can talk to his daughter this way. He needs to stop blaming her problems on her. Julius is trying to talk to Sasha about things that affect his family. Thomas reminds him that she is his family. Julius doesn’t think he understands. This is a complicated situation. Thomas thinks that it is time. She needs to be treated with respect. Julius tells Thomas that he can assure him that what he is telling him is in the best interest for everyone. Thomas thinks that it is in his best interest to leave right now.

Wyatt tells Liam that he doesn’t have to stay. Liam wants to stick around to see what Eric has to say to everyone. Wyatt is sure that it is just business. Liam thinks it sounded like demand. Wyatt knows it sounded weird. Liam can tell that he made him curious. Wyatt asks why he needs to be worried. Wyatt is sure that Eric is telling the entire family that it is over between him and Quinn. Liam hopes he is right for all their sakes but he is going to stick around in case he is not.

In the hallways Eric asks Pam if they are all waiting for him. Quinn confirms they are. She wants to ask him something. She knows he has been feeling lonely. She asks why Quinn though. Eric just leaves her.

Inside his office they all ask where he has been. Steffy asks if he has seen Quinn. Eric tells them to all sit so they can get started. Ridge knows he doesn’t like the questions but they need answers. He wonders if Eric saw Quinn.

Sasha thanks Thomas but doesn’t think he had to do that. Thomas knows that you do not get to pick your parents. Julius cheated on his wife. She had nothing to do with that. Sasha made a few big mistakes. She finally had a guy and then screwed it up. Thomas knows everyone does stupid things. Sasha thinks these were horrible things. Thomas doesn’t think anyone hasn’t. Thomas feels that Sasha should be ashamed not her. Sasha feels like he understands. Sasha cannot tell him how much it means to her. No one has ever stood up for her like that. She hugs him and gives him a quick kiss.

Wyatt promises Liam that whatever Quinn had going with Eric it is over. She is totally out of his life.

Eric doesn’t have to clean his appointments with Ridge. Eric knows he left the building. Eric is CEO and was handling a problem that needed fixing. Ridge asks what it was. Eric will tell him. Better yet he will show them. Eric picks up the phone and tells Pam to give it a minute. Eric says they have not had anyone doing the jewelry for a while and they need someone doing it. Like Hope For the Future and Brooke’s Bedroom. They need a new designer. He made a choice and hired her back. Steffy asks if he means Ivy. It has to be Ivy. Quinn walks in. Steffy says no. She says absolutely not.

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