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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/10/16


Written By Anthony
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Katie asks what on earth she would do with Bill’s shares of Forrester. Ridge thinks she would sell them. Katie cannot imagine he would give those up without a fight. Brooke agrees he probably wouldn’t. Katie points out that annoying Ridge is one of Bill’s greatest pastimes. Ridge thinks that Katie should take him to court. Brooke explains that Katie doesn’t want a court battle. Ridge knows she doesn’t think she can win. Ridge and Brooke however can testify that she can.

Justin asks if Bill has heard anything from Katie. Bill hasn’t heard a word since she left. Bill assumes that Brooke is probably pitching to Katie one last time to save the marriage. Justin thinks that Brooke needs to get with the program. Bill knows that Brooke cannot do that. Brooke is extremely stubborn and will be in his future whether she thinks so or not.

Quinn is in her apartment and tells someone on the phone that the charges to her account her valid. She was only in Monte Carlo for a short amount of time. She will not be going back anytime soon. She starts to think of Eric. Someone knocks on the door. It is Deacon. He can see she is home. Quinn thinks he is persistent. That would be a great quality in someone she wants to see more of. Deacon is sorry he isn’t Eric Forrester. Quinn is as well. He isn’t coming around anymore. Deacon tells Quinn she forgot to slam the door. Quinn isn’t as rude as she used to be. Deacon missed her too. Quinn says that there are three people in this world who care if she lives or dies and he happens to be one of them even if she doesn’t really want the company. Deacon assumes her trip to Monte Carlo didn’t go over so well with Eric. Quinn said he was actually very happy to see her. Which shocked her. They had a nice day together. The wrong person saw her leaving though.

Bill asks Justin to be honest and say if he was being cheap. Justin tells him that fifty million plus the house and perks is not cheap. If he was Katie’s lawyers and not his… Bill gave Katie everything she ever wanted. Justin wouldn’t remind Katie of anything.

Ridge asks if Bill has ever been violent at home. Katie tells him never. Ridge thinks that Brooke can testify to being seduced and Bill kidnapping her son. Brooke gets a text but says it isn’t important. Katie has already said this. She doesn’t want a big ugly trial. They cannot put a spin on this. Ridge thinks Bill wouldn’t want that either. Katie knows Bill would. He loves this kind of thing. Katie doesn’t see how any of this has anything to do with her. It isn’t worth it. Ridge will make it worth it. Ridge asks if Bill is trying to get in touch with Brooke. Brooke asks if this conversation even involves her. Katie asks who is trying to get a hold of her so badly. She wonders if it is Bill. Katie asks Ridge to tell her more about the plan.

Quinn thinks that changing from the inside out is hard to do. Nothing she used to know or want is any help. It all is invisible as well. Deacon asks who saw her. He wonders if it was Liam. Steffy tells him that would have been easier. Deacon hopes it wasn’t Steffy. That must have been ugly. He asks if it got physical. Quinn says it did. Deacon asks how she didn’t see this coming. She goes too far. She is drawn to drama. It is no wonder Eric ended things. He had no choice. Deacon feels that this thing with Eric was clearly not going anywhere. Deacon wants to make her French toast. Quinn is fine. Really. She promises that she will be fine.

Bill knows this is not good. Brooke is clearly getting the texts but isn’t responding. Justin asks how she is supposed to respond with Katie there. Bill wonders if they are arguing already. That would not be good for them to teach with each other. Justin thinks that Katie might ask for more money. Bill thinks she could also demand full custody of Will or a piece of Spencer. Bill wants to go see them. Justin reminds him of the worst thing he could do right now is to walk into the fight. Bill leaves.

Ridge thinks that Katie had a decent deal on the table. She gets medical and she gets to keep her own jewelry. Brooke just wishes they could work things out and be happy. Katie doubts that is a possibility with Bill texting her through their entire conversation. Ridge thinks she could do better. Katie thinks that fifty million is an awful lot of money. Ridge thinks she could get the shares and sell them to her. Katie sees that she is supposed to share the company to him. She doesn’t get why when between himself and his children he owns fifty percent of Forrester. So with Bill’s share that would mean throwing Eric out as CEO. She isn’t so sure she wants to be a part of that. Ridge thinks that his father got together with Quinn. He needs to have Bill’s shares would save them. Katie doubts that Bill would ever side with Eric if he is with Quinn. Bill hates Quinn. Ridge thinks that he hates him as well. Ridge cannot deal with him again. Katie will not go to court. Ridge promises to be there in court with Brooke. Katie asks if she really will. Ridge leaves to go see someone.

Katie appreciates that Brooke talked to Bill to get him to bring Will home but it doesn’t really change anything with them. Brooke knows. Katie asks if she should actually go after the shares. Brooke doesn’t think it is up to her. Katie asks if Brooke will really testify in court. Katie doesn’t think she would. Bill walks in and says he has business. Katie asks if it hast to do with the papers. She tells him that Brooke knows all about it. She isn’t saying much about it though and wonders why she would. She is the rock and Bill is the hard place. Bill asks why she hasn’t signed the papers yet. Katie asks why she isn’t allowed to even think about it first. Bill thought she would want to provide some stability for their son. Katie thinks that is bull. This has nothing to do with him. He just thinks he has a better chance with Brooke if their marriage disappears. Bill says fine. She can show it to Brooke. She cares about both of them. She won’t let her sign the papers if she doesn’t think they are fare. Brooke wants to be left out of it. Brooke thinks it might be a good idea. She can take a look and testify. Something on the record might help a lot.

Someone pounds on Quinn’s door but they won’t say who it is. It is revealed to be Ridge. Quinn asks how he found her. Ridge had assistance. The same way that she found her way into Eric’s bed. Quinn asks if he knows why he is here. Ridge never discusses women with Eric. It never ends well. Quinn hasn’t spoken to Eric or had Steffy not mentioned that. Ridge hasn’t spoken to Steffy. She is on her way home now. Quinn thinks that she clearly spoke to someone. Eric talks to family. Quinn tells him that Eric ended things between them. She went to Eric to see if she could get hired again. She would stay away from Forrester and work under an alias. Things started to get heated. She wasn’t looking for love. She was just looking for income. Ridge assumes that she wanted a lonely old man to give her an income without having to earn it. Ridge thinks that Steffy will end her marriage just to get away from Quinn.

Bill tells Brooke to look at his offer and give Katie an honest opinion. Brooke tells them both to grow up both of them. They are both ready to throw all of this away because they won’t deal with their anger or think what is best for their son. Katie doubts it is possible after all that has happened. Katie thinks that Bill wants what is best for him. Bill wonders what Katie wants then. Katie will have her lawyer draw something up. It will be reasonable custody. She will take everything but the fifty million. She knows what she earned and will get it. Bill is not giving her the company. That isn’t what is happening though. Katie doesn’t want the company. The publishing business is cloudy. Her son will be fine. What she wants is his share of Forrester Creations.

Quinn thinks that Wyatt knows how to deal with difficult women. She will trust the health of his marriage with him. Quinn will repeat herself Eric and her are over. Believe it or not she was good for him. She asks what he was to Ridge and the rest. A mascot? They pushed him out of his company and home. He is protective of his father but he kicked him out of his company. Ridge can tell that Quinn convinced Eric to be CEO again. Quinn did. She isn’t a gold digger but she bets Ridge is. She thinks that Ridge is annoyed that Eric isn’t dying fast enough for him. He deserves respect. He is the right hand of the company and that is a privilege. Ridge feels that Eric is easily lead by women. He inherited his mothers strength and meanness. He will pick up where she left off. Ridge leaves. Quinn sits down and cries. She starts to think of Eric again. She gets a text message. It is from Eric and it a picture from the two of them. She smiles.

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