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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/9/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is in his office looking at papers. He starts to think about telling Brooke that he loves her and he knows she loves her too. Bill gets on the phone and calls up Brooke. Brooke is in Eric’s office and decides to pick up as well. Bill thinks that picking up her call is a good sign. She wonders how things are. Bill is better now. Brooke is glad and assumes he is working things out with Katie. Bill doesn’t mean that. He means that he is glad that he is talking to Brooke. Brooke doesn’t want to hear this. Bill did what Brooke asked. He gave Will back to Katie. He wants Brooke. Brooke has to go.

Ridge walks into Eric’s office. He asks if that was Bill. He wonders if Brooke has feelings still. Brooke would be lying if she didn’t still have feelings but she confirms that it is over between them. Ridge can bet he sees that differently. Brooke giggles. Ridge loves that giggle. It always made him happy. He needs her right now. It turns out that Eric is dating someone right now. It is Quinn Fuller.

Katie wonders how Bill is settling in. Bill is getting by. Katie assumes that living in one of his lavish condos must be really rough. She asks why he wanted to see her. Bill thinks they need to get along for Will’s sake. Katie agrees. Bill tells Katie the marriage is over. Bill thinks that they need to make this as painless as possible. He hands her the divorce papers. He feels the settlement is very generous.

In Rick’s office Sasha is getting fitted for a dress by Thomas. She tells him the baptismal ceremony was ok but not without drama. Sasha knows her family thrives on it. Thomas guesses that will happen with Douglas soon enough. Sasha asks if it is true then that he is the father. Thomas confirms. Sasha asks how not that it is any of her business. Thomas explains it was one crazy night before he was married to Caroline. Sasha asks how things are going now. Thomas says that Caroline is getting a divorce. Sasha wonders if that is why Caroline went to New York. Thomas says she needed to clear her head about a few things. She will be back soon he hopes. Sasha can tell he has feelings for her.

Bill is going to write her a check. She won’t be struggling. Katie sits down and reads the papers. Justin walks in. Katie thinks he is right on time. Justin thinks it was a standard write up minus the settlement which was over board. Katie heard about that. Bill thinks they will discuss custody and what is fair and beneficial to Will. For that all they need is a signature. Katie is sure he wants that done as quickly as possible so he can continue to pursue Brooke.

Brooke thinks this is crazy and wonders how long this went on for. Ridge guesses a while. Brooke asks if Steffy knows. Ridge says yes. Brooke imagines that didn’t go well. Ridge knows she exploded. Brooke is sure that she did. Brooke asks what happened. Ridge says that Eric is CEO again and wonders where he got that idea. He was alright with it if it was his idea. If it was Quinn’s then he isn’t so sure.

Sasha loves this dress. Thomas is sure she does. She looks great in it. Sasha wonders if she really does. Thomas says yes. He thinks she needs to stop fishing for compliments because she is too good for it. Sasha bets that Caroline appreciated his honesty. Thomas thinks they are still trying to figure things out. Sasha guesses that will be tough if she is across the country. Thomas knows it isn’t easy. He would love the mother of his child to love him. He knows it is traditional. Sasha thinks he needs his parents. She needs him to promise him that he needs to show Douglas nothing but his love. She doesn’t care that he had him outside of a relationship. He cannot treat Douglas like… Promise her that his son will know nothing but his love.

Katie wants him to be honest. He only wants her to sign because he wants to be with Brooke. Katie knows that he is getting divorced just to be with her. Bill doesn’t want to drag this out and wonders if she wants. Katie thinks he knows she doesn’t want this. Bill tells her to sign the papers. Justin tells her to read the settlement offer. She will be very happy. Katie is shocked over fifty million dollars.

Ridge couldn’t live with the idea of Quinn influencing him into running the company. Brooke wonders if Eric would really allow that. Ridge doesn’t know how involved she is. He doesn’t know her motivation. Ridge thinks that she is beautiful but crazy. That is Eric’s type. This is serious. They might have a problem. She is a dangerous woman. She could be dangerous to the family and company. He needs to put a stop to it.

Sasha asks if he can make this promise. Thomas would never do that. Sasha wonders if he can even if things don’t work out between him and Caroline. Sometimes when a man and woman break up the man abandons the child. Thomas promises to never do that to his child. He knows a little about her situation. Sasha explains her father refuses to be one to her. He knows she wants to him to be a good father. Sasha tells him to trust her.

Katie reads over the things. She will get access to the yacht and the jet so long as she asks Bill. Bill tells Katie she gets the house and the cars and the jewelry. It is a no brainer.

Brooke asks if Ridge really thinks that he would let her have that kind of power. Ridge thinks he needs to be careful. Eric owns the largest chunk the company. He wants Brooke to call Katie up right now.

Katie wonders what contribution she could make to Liam’s foundation. Bill tells her she can do whatever she wants with the money. It is her life. Bill tells her to just sign it. It is best for all concerned. Katie gets a call. She thinks it is about Will. Brooke tells Katie they need to see her. Katie is busy. Ridge takes the phone. Ridge says this concerns her and Will’s future. Katie says she will be right there. Bill asks where she is going. Katie is going to Forrester to see Brooke. She asks if she should say hello for him. Bill thinks she should sign and then go. Katie will think about it. She leaves with the papers.

Brooke asks what is going on. Ridge has a plan that could help Katie and Forrester Creations.

Sasha is sorry. She didn’t mean to just go off like that. She can clearly see that he is not like that. Thomas says it is ok. No kid should have to go through what she did with her father. Sasha guesses she turned out ok. Thomas agrees. Thomas wonders if things have gotten better. Sasha thinks it is one step forward but five steps back. Thomas doesn’t understand how a father could not acknowledge their daughter. Sasha guesses that he would have lost his marriage and other children. Sasha tried to forgive him but it was hard. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to recover. She thanks him for listening. Thomas really likes working with her. Thomas guesses they should get back to it. She needs to go try on the next dress.

Bill looks through papers. He looks out the window and starts to think about Brooke. He sighs.

Brooke wonders what he his plan is. Ridge thinks it is all about family and Katie is key. Katie walks in and asks what is going on. Brooke wonders how things are going on at her home. Katie thinks interesting. Brooke wonders about Will. She says that he is confused but he is getting attention. Ridge asks how Bill is treating her. Katie just came from meeting with him. They offered her a settlement. She doesn’t care about money. She just wants her son. Ridge imagines Will is her priority but there is an opportunity. Katie wants to keep this civil for her son. Bill has threatened to take her to court. Katie is going to take responsibility. Some of this was her fault. One day Will is going to read about his parents and doesn’t want to read about an ugly divorce. Ridge doesn’t want her to sign those papers. She will have her life back. Twelve percent more. She will have Spencer’s shares of Forrester. Katie asks why she would want that. Ridge thinks without the family might lose the company. Brooke says that Eric is seeing Quinn. Katie asks if she is serious. Ridge says that Eric is lonely and Quinn is there. She is worth a lot of money. She would be helping them secure the future of Forrester. The three of them. Herself, him, and Brooke.

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