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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/8/16


Written By Anthony
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Steffy looks outside. She starts to think of Liam’s begging and demands to go back to him and dump Wyatt. Wyatt walks back into the hotel room. He tells her that Quinn is gone. She called from the airport. She said she is going back to LA. He is sorry. He wishes that she had never come. He hates that she is making him feel this way.

Caroline is shocked to hear about Quinn and Eric. Thomas cannot believe it either. After all she has done to Steffy. Caroline points out Liam too. She thinks it is creepy. Thomas thinks that it has to be manipulation after being warned to stay away. Caroline asks if she really just flew off to Monte Carlo. Thomas guesses so. He can only imagine what this will do for their marriage.

In Brooke’s kitchen Maya and Rick and the Avant family are all dressed up. Vivienne thinks that was all a huge success. Sasha doesn’t think that Lizzie could look any cuter in her gown. Vivienne explains it is the same one that Maya and Nicole wore when they were baptized. Maya cannot believe she kept it after all these years. Julius explains that they always knew that they would have a grandchild someday. Rick feels it is thanks to Auntie Nicole. Maya is forever grateful to her. It was the best choice they ever made. Nicole tells Zende he is the second best choice she ever made. Maya thinks that Lizzie has had a long day and needs to be put down a for a nap. Rick decides to it himself. Maya walks over to Nicole and tells her that things seem to be going well. Nicole agrees. Maya asks if they… Nicole confirms they did a few nights ago. Maya is so happy for the two of them. She hugs her.

Caroline feels there are so many changes going around. She is ending her marriage and Eric is having an affair with Quinn. Thomas doesn’t think he can handle anymore big news. Caroline assumes when Eric gets back it will be time to announce Douglas’s paternity. She doesn’t want to answer any big questions. Thomas doesn’t either. They are going to handle everything properly. Caroline will be ok. Caroline is going to go to New York to be in the Hampton’s. She is taking Douglas.

Wyatt spoke to Eric as well. He said that it is over with Quinn. Steffy thinks that they should have never been together in the first place. She took advantage of her grandfather. Wyatt will make sure that Quinn stays away from everyone. This was it. He is done. Steffy knows she will always be in his life. She doesn’t know if she can handle it anymore.

Sasha walks over to Zende and wonders if they are cool. Zende believes what happened between the two of them is in the past. He doesn’t see why they cannot be friends. Sasha thinks it seems like Zende and Nicole are doing well. Zende doesn’t think they could be better. Zende believes the two couldn’t be any closer. Maya wants to know everything that happened between the two of them. She wants to know that it was a positive experience. Nicole promises he went above and beyond. Maya never wanted this pregnancy to get in the way of anything and then it did with Sasha. Nicole is ok with Sasha. Nobody can get in the way.

Thomas is shocked that Caroline is taking Douglas. Caroline is leaving today. She would have told him sooner but she only just decided. Caroline wants her mom’s to meet her son. She isn’t moving. Thomas just thinks that is so far away. He needs to be able to see his son. Caroline says he can see his son as much as he wants. Caroline doesn’t want him to think that he is having is son taken away. Thomas tells her not to go then. Caroline has to though. She cannot do it here because she doesn’t feel she can fix her head out here in LA. The whole world will know all of these things soon. Thomas is desperately trying to figure this all out. Caroline promises they will be back. Thomas will hold her to that. Thomas thinks they will figure this out. Caroline thinks he is an amazing guy and any girl would be so lucky to have him.

Wyatt just wants her to forget about Quinn. Steffy doesn’t want to hear it. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is just simple. Steffy begs him to stop. He gets to decide who is worthy to be in his life. She has manipulated everyone she cares about. She cannot do this anymore. Wyatt asks what she is saying to him.

Caroline hopes that he isn’t angry with her. She realizes that she is asking a lot for him to be ok with. Thomas is disappointed. He is not thrilled she is leaving like this but he gets it. He knows that she needs this and isn’t going to make her feel bad. Thomas is going to fly her back if she stays to long though. Caroline really thinks that he is a good guy. She feels that she is lucky to have him in her life. Caroline is trying to say that she is open to whatever the future holds and isn’t sure how long that will take. She doesn’t expect him to wait for her.

Wyatt doesn’t want Steffy to let Quinn get to her like this. Steffy feels that Quinn is evil and a criminal. She has always known that but didn’t fully realize what she was getting into. She was trying to get them to respect their wishes. If she goes anywhere near her family. Whether they get a restraining order or get her arrested they are doing it. She doesn’t have his best interests at heart but Steffy does. Wyatt says ok. Steffy is glad. She needs to hear that Wyatt is going to take care of this. Wyatt will protect them. He will always protect her. He will take care of her.

Julius doesn’t know about them but he feels like he has ate so much that he could feed an entire football team. Vivienne noticed. Vivienne asks Rick to thank Brooke when she gets home. It was so lovely of her to set this whole thing up. Sasha thinks it is special for her to be here and finally with her family. Zende thanks them for all inviting him to crash this party. Nicole thinks he is family. Maya thanks them all for being here for this important milestone in Lizzie’s life but also Rick’s. Vivienne thinks Rick is a good man and a good man is hard to find. Rick suggests they go to the living room. Sasha and Julius are left alone. He tells her that she needs to back off a little bit and not push it. Sasha reminds him that she was invited. Julius knows it was only out of obligation. He doesn’t think all has been forgiven just yet. Sasha asks what happened to “they are the Avant’s and have to stick together.” She guesses that he would have said anything to get Vivienne to forgive him. Julius meant everything in that meeting and the Avant’s do stick together. Sasha forget she wasn’t an Avant. Sasha reminds him that she is not a mistake. Julius thinks that she is. Sasha doesn’t think that a father says that to their child. Julius doesn’t think that she can have it both ways. She wants the truth then she is going to get it. Julius thinks that Sasha ignores the pain in Vivienne’s eyes every time she looks at her. It is obvious to him though. Every time she looks at her she can’t help but think of the past. Sasha reminds him that is on him. She is a model at Forrester. Julius knows that Maya is married to a Forrester and Nicole could be as well. She has no future though.

Thomas asks if Caroline is all packed up. Caroline thinks it felt weird packing up all Douglas’s things. Thomas can tell she needs this. Caroline thanks him for letting her take Douglas with her. Thomas knows he needs his mom. Caroline promises she will send pictures and they can video chat. Thomas needs to be around for all of this. She promises that he will be. Thomas tells her to do what she needs to do but she needs to come home. The two hug.

Wyatt thinks that they are married and partners. If this is what they need then this is what they will get. Wyatt has asked her to stay away. She didn’t though. It should have been simple. She shows up in Monaco. Steffy thinks that Quinn has put them all through so much. She is dangerous and a liability. Wyatt wanted to believe she could change but she cannot do that and he needs to let her go. Wyatt is her husband and if she doesn’t feel safe then Quinn is out of their lives. He cannot live without Steffy. She is the only thing that matters to her. The two kiss.

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