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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam begs that Steffy come back to him. He thinks that Quinn will never stop going after her and Wyatt is guilty of this too. He wonders how many times Wyatt has failed to keep her away from her. Liam demands that she come home to her.

Wyatt doesn’t know what Quinn was thinking. She made it sound like there was something genuine going on. Something mutual going on and given Quinn’s history… Eric promises it is the truth. Wyatt notes that it sounded like the two of them were a couple. Eric wonders if that is something Wyatt would object to.

Ridge wants to know exactly what Steffy said. Thomas tells him that Quinn followed Eric to Monte Carlo. Steffy sounded really upset. Ridge is upset. He wants to know what Eric got himself into now. Ridge cannot believe this. He asks what else Steffy said. Thomas didn’t talk to her for very long. She said she couldn’t handle much more of this. Ridge isn’t shocked by that. He tells him to look at what Quinn did to Liam and now she is after Eric. He cannot believe this.

Quinn sits on the plane and starts to think about the entire trip she had just had.

Eric asks if Wyatt wasn’t expecting this. Wyatt wasn’t expecting him and Quinn together at any point. Eric cares about her. Wyatt can see that. Wyatt tells him that Steffy is freaking out about this. Eric doesn’t think she has to. This thing with Quinn happened out of nowhere. It is just to people getting to know each other. They enjoyed it but it is over now for Steffy’s sake.

Liam thinks Steffy knows what Quinn is capable of now so she needs to just walk away from it and Wyatt. It is only a matter of time before Eric or someone else gets hurt. Liam thinks this is where she comes back to him.

Thomas tries calling Steffy but it doesn’t work. He says it must be off. Thomas wonders if Ridge wants him to call Eric. Ridge doesn’t. He wants to talk to him in person. He guesses that he wasn’t paying attention. Thomas doesn’t think any of them were paying attention. Steffy knew this would happen. Ridge asks if Steffy actually thought that they would get together. Thomas doesn’t mean that. He means that Quinn would try to mess with one of them. She was afraid of Quinn sneaking into their lives. This is just like she said. She doesn’t know how much more of this she can take. He thinks that she is talking about her marriage.

Wyatt asks if he really ended things. Eric had to. Steffy is his granddaughter. He had to end things. Wyatt can tell that he really cares about Quinn. Eric sees the good in her and can tell that he does as well. Wyatt always ends up forgiving her. Eric thinks she is a good mother and a great business woman. She started her jewelry business from nothing. She also made some bad choices too. She has changed though. Wyatt thinks that if she was targeting him though… Eric doesn’t think that happened at all. It was all mutual and two people connecting. He tried to tell Steffy this but she was to upset. Wyatt knows she is.

Liam wants her to think where she would be right now if it were not for Quinn. The tattoo on her finger isn’t a ring from Wyatt. It is a mark of deceit from Quinn. It is time to make it right. To go back to their home and life together. He knows she wants this as much as he does.

Thomas wonders if Quinn and Eric being together is a good thing. Ridge wonders if he is nuts. There is nothing good about that. Thomas suggests that it might show how Steffy really feels about this marriage. Ridge thinks that Steffy already knows how she feels. Thomas believes that was before Quinn decided to ignore everything. Steffy is with Wyatt because she thought Liam abandoned her. Ridge feels that Steffy is with Wyatt because she loves Wyatt. Thomas thinks that Steffy loves Liam even more. Eric and Quinn being together will only push Steffy closer to Liam. Quinn is ignoring everything that Steffy told her to do. This could push her closer to Liam.

Quinn continues to sit on the plane and starts to think about herself and Eric again.

Eric doesn’t think that Quinn wants to hurt his marriage and he hopes that Wyatt understands that. Wyatt knows that she never does. Eric doesn’t either. That is why this has to be over. He has to do what is right for the family. Especially with the two of them here. They are newlyweds. Wyatt asks if Quinn really understands this. Eric says yes. She doesn’t plan to cause anymore drama for Steffy. Wyatt says that Steffy has had about all she can take. Wyatt cannot exactly blame her.

Steffy tells Liam that Wyatt is her husband. Liam knows she will always care about him. Liam wonders if he is the man who she wants by her side though. Steffy made a commitment. Liam knows that the only reason they are together is because of Quinn. Steffy thinks she should be in prison. Liam agrees. Steffy cannot change what happened. Liam asks if she is staying in this marriage. Steffy tells him that if she could go back… Liam thinks that she can go back. She can put this all behind her. She needs to do that now.

Wyatt thanks Eric. He appreciates that Eric and Quinn did this. Eric assumes he means breaking it off. Wyatt can only imagine that it wasn’t easy to do for either of them. He can see how much Eric cares for her. Eric wishes that it wasn’t though. Wyatt begs him to keep it this way for his marriage. Eric knows. He thinks that family has to come first. Wyatt finds it hard to believe Quinn just accepted this. Eric tells him that Quinn said she wouldn’t bother him again. Wyatt will always be grateful. He leaves. Eric tells Wyatt that she is lucky to have Quinn. He hopes everything is ok with him and Steffy. Wyatt does as well. Eric gets on his phone and texts Quinn to call when he lands. He deletes the text though instead of sending it. He starts to think about Quinn.

Ridge asks if Thomas really thinks that Steffy will leave Wyatt. Thomas would be surprised if it didn’t. Ridge doesn’t think that this has anything to do with their marriage though. Thomas thinks that Quinn is ignoring everything about Steffy told her to do. Ridge feels this is about money and Forrester. Quinn and Quinn alone. Thomas knows this will all backfire. This will send Steffy back to Liam if it can.

Wyatt is back in his hotel room and starts to think about Steffy telling him that she is done with Quinn.

Liam asks if she wants a life without Quinn. This isn’t working. She is crying all the time. Steffy thinks that Wyatt will demand that she stay away. Liam reminds her about what she did with Eric. Steffy thinks it is over. Liam asks how she knows how. Steffy doesn’t know. He will tell her to move away. Whatever it takes. Liam thinks she has to get out and move on. Liam cannot let this happen. He has to love her the way that Wyatt hasn’t. She has honored this marriage long enough. Liam demands she come back to him.

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