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Wyatt is so sorry. He wouldn’t have let this happen had he known what Quinn was up to. Steffy thinks that is the problem. Quinn is sick and no one knows what she will do next. Yet this is disturbing for her to target Eric and play with his vulnerability. Wyatt knows. He asks if Steffy has spoken to Eric. Steffy says she has and it is all Quinn’s doings. She doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Quinn is sorry for having to put Eric on the spot but she needs to know if they can survive this. She knows they have all the odds against them but she loves him. She knows they have obstacles in front of them from their families but she needs to know where they stand before she gets back on a plain. She needs to know if this is not possible. If that is really how he feels then he can say the words and he will never see her again.

Eva walks into Liam’s hotel room. She got his text. She assumes it is about the latest set of press releases. She asks if he wants to add anything before it is distributed. Liam actually wanted to say he was sorry. Eva asks what he is saying sorry for. Liam means going on and on about his personal life. He got carried away and knows it could be uncomfortable. Eva doesn’t feel that way at all. She just wishes that Liam wasn’t going through such a rough time. Liam thinks that when it comes to Quinn that Steffy probably has it worse than he does. Eva thinks that she is never far from his thoughts.

Ridge tells Thomas at the mansion that he doesn’t have to do this. Thomas wonders what he means. Ridge means check up on him. Life goes on. Thomas thinks it is just weird. One minute Caroline and him are so much in love. Ridge thinks that he will always love Caroline. He ended their marriage for the children. He handled things badly and Thomas deserves better from him. Thomas feels that he owes him better as well. Ridge asks if this is where they start to forgive each other. Ridge thought something very different happened between him and Caroline. Thomas is sorry. The bottom line is that they are moving forward and Douglas will see him as a father. Thomas asks if he has heard from Monte Carlo. He knows that it went well with Eric.

Eva wonders if there have been any other sightings of Quinn. Liam wonders what she means. Eva notes that he mentioned earlier that he thought he had seen Quinn. She wonders if he thinks it is possible that she is actually here. Liam thinks that she knows very well how bad that would be for her. Eva imagines for Steffy especially. Liam agrees. Steffy has told Quinn a million times to stay away. Quinn doesn’t listen though. Even if she is not here it won’t be long until she flips Steffy’s world upside down.

Quinn knows she should have just stayed in LA. Steffy never would have seen her and been so upset. Eric will never forget how Steffy looked at him. Quinn is so sorry. When he sent her that email she felt like she had to fight for him and them. If she waited it would have been to late. She knows it was risky and she made things worse. She never has seen Steffy angrier. Eric feels she had good reason.

Steffy asks what Quinn said. Wyatt says that they had been having a relationship and it just happened. Steffy knows it did not just happen. It is not a coincidence. She knows it is because she wants revenge. She demands that Wyatt put a stop to her for all their sakes.

Thomas asks if Ridge has spoken to Eric. Ridge has not. Thomas can tell that it still bothers Ridge that Eric replaced him as CEO. Ridge is bothered. Thomas thinks it was his baby. The company thrived under his leadership. Ridge asks if the company didn’t thrive with him in charge. Thomas feels that Ridge took the company in an entirely new direction that it never had gone in before. Ridge thinks it is good that he has taken over. He seems a little alone. Thomas wonders if he is worried about him. Ridge thinks that Eric needs to do more than drink martinis and talk about tennis all day. Thomas doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that. Ridge agrees there isn’t. Ridge just thinks he is in a weird place and doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of him.

Quinn understands that Steffy is his granddaughter and is hurting because of her. Eric believes she is horrified. Quinn tried to explain to her. She tried to explain but she was so angry that she wouldn’t even believe this is real. Eric believes that Quinn is actually trying to be a better person and tries to do good in her life. He sees the beauty in her. He loves every moment they have had together but he has to put his family first. Steffy is in a bad place. He is sorry.

Eva believes the more she thinks about it that Liam and Steffy got a raw deal. Liam guesses he should suck it up and move on. His brother and father think he should do just that. They would be thrilled if he found someone here. Eva guesses that is easier said than done. Liam asks if she is seeing anyone. Eva jokes and states that she clearly falls for the unavailable types. Liam begs that Wyatt isn’t on that list. Eva doesn’t think that Wyatt is her type. A lot of woman admire Liam. She is on that list. Liam would be very lucky. Eva understands he is still in love with Steffy.

Wyatt understands how frustrating this is for her. Steffy isn’t frustrated. She is furious. Quinn came here go after Eric to dig her nails even deeper. Wyatt is not so convinced that it is that simple. Steffy thinks he is defending her. Wyatt isn’t. Quinn cannot stop thinking about it. Quinn is evil. Liam warned her stay away but Liam was right. Wyatt is well aware of how Liam feels about Quinn. Steffy thinks that Quinn chooses to ignore all the warnings. She laid into her this morning yet she was to caught up on the fact that she felt she had changed. This was their one condition. One condition that she would stay out of their lives. Wyatt knows that. Steffy thinks that Quinn is toxic. Wyatt will fix this. Steffy asks what happens if Quinn is with Eric. Wyatt will go and check. If she is with Eric he will personally put her on a plain himself. He will handle this.

Quinn understands and will not bother him again. She asks if Eric will just hold her for a minute. This way she can feel safe in his arms one last time. Eric holds Quinn. She starts to think about when she first arrived in Monte Carlo. Quinn will always treasure their time together. She says goodbye to Eric. Quinn leaves. Eric looks sad.

Eva thinks she should be getting back to work. Eva is all about loving life just like Liam. She leaves.

Steffy stands outside and gets a phone call. It is Thomas. She tells him he will never believe what happened. He asks why she sounds upset. Steffy says Quinn is here and she followed Eric to Monte Carlo. She is worried about him. She told everyone she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Thomas gets off the phone and Ridge walks back in. He asks Thomas what is going on. Thomas doesn’t think that he will ever believe what Steffy just told him. He was right about Eric. Quinn went to Monte Carlo and apparently they are involved. Ridge looks at Stephanie’s portrait. He cannot believe that Quinn is with him. He just hopes that he is ok.

Wyatt shows up at Eric’s room. Eric says that if he is looking for Quinn… Wyatt just wants to know that she is on a plane going home. Eric says she is. Wyatt is glad. Eric wonders how Steffy is. Wyatt tells him that she is upset. Eric would not characterize what happened between Quinn and himself as what Steffy describes. He knows she does though. Wyatt has never seen her so upset. This was supposed to be about getting away from Quinn. He is really worried about his wife.

Steffy walks around outside and starts to remember the events that just happened. Liam is walking around outside as well. Liam spots her and asks what happened. She says he was right that Quinn is here. He won’t believe what she did. She saw Quinn kissing Eric. They were having a relationship. She doesn’t know. Liam is sorry. She won’t change. She needs to know that. He thinks she needs to get out of this marriage. He is the only one who can protect her. He is not taking no as an answer. He starts to kiss her. They stop and Steffy looks at him.

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