B&B Tuesday Update 8/2/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/2/16


Written By Anthony
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Steffy thinks he is sick. She told her to stay away from her and her family so she goes after Eric. Steffy promises not. Steffy saw her kissing him. Quinn begs her to listen.

Wyatt knows that Liam doesn’t want Steffy to get hurt. He doesn’t either. She is safe here at the summit. She probably is on the beach right now enjoying a cocktail. Liam guesses that Wyatt doesn’t believe him. Wyatt knows that she is safe unless she forgot her sunscreen. Liam is telling him that something must be wrong. Wyatt asks if he is desperate to save a damsel in distress. Or is it because he and Steffy have this ridicules connection he will never understand. Wyatt asks if his spidey sense is tingling. Wyatt the mortal is not even worthy enough to be her husband. Liam wishes that he would stop trying to think that everything he mentions must have to do with Steffy. He can bet that if something is happening it is because of Quinn.

At the Forrester Mansion Brooke tells Ridge that she feels terrible. Ridge asks why. He points out that he is the one getting divorced. Brooke knows how much he cared about Caroline. It could not have been an easy choice. Ridge believes it was a mutual choice. He decided to end their marriage because it was the best thing for everyone. Brooke asks if Ridge is sure about this. Ridge is always going to live with the wonder if he should have stuck it out. Living with that regret will be easier than the alternative. Allowing himself to be in the way of the family that belongs together. He tried to convince himself that Thomas didn’t deserve to be in Douglas’s life. Brooke believes that Thomas can still be in Douglas’s life. He doesn’t have to end his marriage. Ridge thinks it is too complicated. He thinks it is better this way. For his son and his son and the woman he loves.

Wyatt believes that Liam just went from being annoying sidekick to paranoid loon in record time. Liam asks if that is really crazy after all Quinn has done to them. Wyatt asks what Liam sees when he looks outside the window. He will give him a hint. It is not LA. They are in Monte Carlo. If his premonition is true then it isn’t because of Quinn because she is thousands of miles from Steffy.

Steffy saw Eric kissing her. Quinn wishes they could go back to the hotel and discuss this with Eric. It isn’t what she thinks. Steffy cannot believe that she was kissing Eric. Quinn knows that Steffy refuses to believe this but it has nothing to do with her. This is a shock but there is something happening between them. Something special. Steffy is crying and says no.

Brooke knows that someday Douglas will thank Ridge for putting his needs first. Ridge asks what other options they have when it comes to the kids. Brooke agrees but it isn’t always easy. Brooke is reminded of Bill and Katie. Ridge is proud of Brooke for how she talked to Bill. Brooke knows that her relationship with Katie is different now. She feels like it was like when they were children and she was protecting her. Brooke thinks she is starting to see that. It is the beginning of a new relationship with them. Ridge hopes so. Ridge thinks that they need to focus on family. Brooke knows who did that all the time. Stephanie. She did things for her children. Ridge thinks she really did. Ridge thinks that both their mothers are watching over them and can hear them. He needs to talk to Eric though and tell him how much he appreciates him for raising someone else’s son. He misses Eric and wants to spend more time with him. Brooke thinks he should. Brooke thinks that bonding will be just what they need.

Eric goes back into his hotel room. He starts to think about Quinn.

Liam asks how he knows that Quinn is in LA. He wonders when was the last time he spoke to her. Wyatt talked to her the day he left. He is sure that she would have mentioned that she was coming. Liam doesn’t think she would if she didn’t want him to know. Wyatt wonders if he saw someone who looked like Quinn but wasn’t because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Liam hopes and prays but if she is here then she would not tell him. That should concern him. Wyatt wants him to stop creating problems where there are none. Wyatt thinks that Steffy is fine.

Quinn knows this is a shock. Steffy tells her to stop it. Steffy thinks she is targeting Eric. Quinn is not targeting Eric. She has been spending time with him. She has changed. She knows Steffy refuses to see it but it is the truth. Steffy thinks he is a lonely man and he is taking advantage of him. She will make sure that she has nothing to do with him. Quinn gets angry and says no she won’t.

Brooke thinks that Stephanie would be very proud of Ridge. Ridge asks if she really thinks so. Brooke does. Ridge really does want to keep an eye on Eric. Ridge thinks that he should pick up where she left off.

Eric looks at photos of Quinn on his phone. He remembers seeing her only hours earlier.

Liam doesn’t think that it matters if Quinn is here or not. The danger is Quinn herself. She is sneaking into his house or into Forrester. Steffy should not be worried that Quinn will pop up. Wyatt doesn’t think that anyone is wondering that but him. He asks if Liam is thinking this so much in hopes it will happen. He bets that Liam wants Quinn to push Steffy over the edge. It won’t happen though. Liam doesn’t know if it will send Steffy his way or not. Quinn will do something and it will not be at her expense.

Steffy asks if that is a threat. Quinn doesn’t think it is. She feels that Steffy is the only one threatening anyone. Dictating who she can and cannot see. Steffy wanted her to stay away from her family. Eric is off limits. Steffy doesn’t think she understands. Steffy thinks she tried to worm her way back in. Steffy thinks she is done talking to Eric. Steffy is filing a restraining order. She will go nowhere near him. Quinn needs a chance to explain herself. Steffy thinks that she targeted Liam and now is trying to mess with Eric. Steffy will never go that again. Quinn loves Eric. Steffy slaps her across the face and Quinn falls to the ground. Steffy says never before she walks off.

Brooke asks if Ridge thinks that Eric is ready to move on. Ridge wonders what she means. Brooke feels like she has to whisper. Ridge asks what she means. Brooke knows that he wants to spend more time with Eric. She asks if he needs attention to woman. Ridge thinks that he does need someone but she better not be thinking about Donna. Brooke wasn’t but she does think they make a good couple. Ridge did not think they did. Brooke thought they were sweet as honey. Brooke wonders if it is not Donna then who. Brooke would really like him to have another relationship. Ridge doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of him.

Quinn walks into Wyatt’s hotel room. She looks inside. Wyatt walks out from another room. Quinn walks back inside. Wyatt asks if she is seriously in here. Quinn waited until Liam was gone. Wyatt asks why she is here. Quinn had to come. Wyatt reminds her that Steffy asked her to stay away from her. Steffy has. Wyatt asked her to stay away. Quinn didn’t come here for Steffy. Wyatt realizes that Liam said he saw her. He said that he was nuts. There is no way she could be here but he was right. She shows up when she is not supposed to. He thought she could actually stay away. Quinn actually tried to but she had to come. Wyatt asks what is so important. He knows this has to be a personal trip. He asks if she came here just to cause problems with his marriage because that is what will happen with her being here. Quinn came to see Eric. She had to come to see Eric. Wyatt asks why she came here to see Eric.

Someone knocks on Eric’s door. It is Steffy. Eric asks what is wrong. Steffy says she saw. She chased her down to the beach. She thinks it is so scary what lengths she will go. Eric asks what she is talking about. Steffy knows what she is up to. She saw him kissing Quinn by the limo. Eric knows that it will not be easy for her to hear but he can explain how it happened. Steffy doesn’t think that it matters. She is leading him on. She just wants him to believe this. She is dangerous. She doesn’t want her anywhere near her or anyone she cares about. His relationship with Quinn is over. Eric asks what happens if he doesn’t want it to be. Steffy doesn’t think he has a choice. She absolutely forbids it.

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