B&B Monday Update 8/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks into the living room of her hotel room and asks how the summit is going. Wyatt feels it is amazing. People are still talking about Eric’s speech. Steffy believes it is great that he asked him to come along. Someone rings the doorbell and Liam is at the door. Wyatt thinks he is a little overdressed for the beach. Steffy asks how his interview with Prince Albert was. Liam thinks it was great. He thinks the guy has his hand in everything charitable. He has a bunch of ideas. Steffy thinks that is great. She heard that Eva set up another meeting for him. Liam says that he is going to pick a few more peoples brains. Liam asks if Wyatt called home to check in with Quinn. Wyatt did not. He knows that his mother is not here. Liam asks if he is sure about that. Wyatt doesn’t think that she is an issue. She wouldn’t do anything to screw this up. She is staying away from Steffy and her family.

Quinn could stay in Eric’s arms all day. Eric would like that but he has to make another appearance at the Spencer Summit. Quinn knows he is looking forward to it. Eric honestly is. It is revitalizing. It is getting back in the game. It is more than that though. It is the magic of Monte Carlo and the beauty of the Mediterranean. He thinks it is easy to get caught up in it. He has become a little restless. Quinn asks if he is inviting her to stay. Eric believes that her being here could be dangerous. Quinn thinks that danger is exciting. Eric doesn’t think they can do this. She needs to go back to LA.

Outside the hotel Wyatt and Steffy are standing with the photographer. Wyatt asks if they are all set. The photographer is ready to go when they want. Steffy actually has a lot of extensions and stuff to put in first. It will be a lot of fun. Wyatt wants to enhance Steffy’s social media presence. They need some magic. Steffy is so excited.

Quinn feels like she only just got here. Eric believes the longer she stays the easier it will be for her to get caught. Quinn doesn’t think that will happen if she stays in his room. Eric will book the flight himself. He can get her first class tickets. Quinn believes it is generous but not necessary. Eric wishes it wasn’t. Quinn asks if he wants her to leave. Eric doesn’t want her to leave. He doesn’t want her to jeopardize her relationship with Wyatt. He knows how important Wyatt is to her and if Steffy found out… Quinn didn’t come here to see them. She came here to see him. Eric knows and he is glad she did. It kept him from doing something he might have regretted. Now he wants to do the same for her. He doesn’t want to cause trouble for Wyatt and Steffy.

Liam has the couple come into his hotel room. He asks how they are enjoying the summit so far. The wife thinks it is fabulous. Especially with Eric being here. The husband knows that he is looking for information on starting a summit. Liam just feels that with the means that come with being a Spencer he feels that he should be doing something with it. He wants to give back. Something he is really interested in is the environment. He would love some help. Liam asks them to sit down. Liam has a few questions. He asks where he can start by making a difference. The husband explains that some people will claim that they cannot afford a fancy solar car or solar panels like they have and he understands. The way he started was as a broke and struggling actor. You can ride a bike or use public transportation. Turn the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer. It is all cheap and easy. You will save money instantly. Liam knows that smog has gone down since the 1970’s yet there are four times the amount of cars. He wants to know what they did exactly to change that. The husband knows they finally passed the clean air act.

Steffy takes photos on the yacht and looks beautiful. She poses in many different ways and wears several outfits. Wyatt also is taking pictures of her at the same time.

Quinn is packing. She knows that Eric is right. She cannot stay as much as she wants to. Eric wishes that she could. Quinn asks what paradise is without someone to share it with. Eric guesses that is a business trip. Quinn doesn’t want him to pretend that this is not a paradise to him. Eric admits that it is. Eric will miss her though. Quinn will miss him as well. Eric will be back in LA soon and they will figure out how to fix this between the two of them. Quinn knows that Wyatt wants her to be happy. She has to believe that Steffy wants the same thing for him. Eric believes they will figure out this together. Quinn likes that he keeps wanting to figure this out. Eric believes this is so wonderful and he doesn’t want to give up on it. Quinn will not let him. Quinn had a wonderful time. As short as it was it was worth the risk. Quinn is going to go straight to the airport. Eric wishes that he could show her more of Monte Carlo. Quinn believes that he will next time. Eric doesn’t want her to forget her hat. She might need it. Quinn smiles.

Liam asks what clean technology is available now but they are not using. The husband says that energy storage is the next big frontier. All the other stuff is underused. Unplugging things and putting them on power strips. People are not using it. He has been using solar strips since the 90’s. Liam thinks this is perfect. He will be able to use all of this for his foundation.

Steffy and Wyatt get back to the hotel. Steffy is so excited to see the images. Wyatt believes she killed it today. Her followers will sky rocket today and he got some great behind the scenes footage. The photographer would love to take one more photo because the light is perfect. Wyatt explains he needs his power charger because he is running out of power so he will see her in a few minutes. Wyatt jokes and tells people that he thinks Steffy Forrester just walked by. People are in awe.

In Wyatt’s hotel room he asks Liam how his meeting went. Liam thinks it went great. Wyatt is glad. Wyatt thinks he got what he wanted out of it. Steffy is outside finishing up some photos. He wonders if he would like to come out and tell them about it. Liam guesses so. Wyatt can show them everything they did. Liam asks if that is really all he wants to talk about right now. Wyatt knows that Liam thinks this is superficial but this is business. That is why Bill asked him to come. Liam knows that Steffy came to get away from Quinn. Wyatt is beginning to think that Liam wishes he had seen Quinn. Liam doesn’t. She is a loon. She should be as far away from Steffy as possible.

Quinn hates to leave. Eric knows that this is the only way. Someone walks up to Eric and wonders if he is read. Eric says that there has been a change of plans and he wants him to take the young lady to the airport. Quinn will take a cab on her own. Eric needs a moment alone. Quinn thanks him. She will never forget their moment together in Monte Carlo. Steffy walks in the distance and sees Eric kissing someone. Eric will see Quinn in LA. Steffy is smiling. Eric leaves in his car. Steffy walks over. Quinn asks for a taxi. Steffy walks over and Quinn runs. Steffy gets chased by fans. Steffy continues to chase after Quinn even though she doesn’t know it is her yet. Steffy begs her to stop. Quinn runs frantically. Steffy begs her to stop. Steffy gets trampled by more fans but continues to go after her.

Wyatt thinks that Liam is just trying to cause trouble. Quinn cannot do anything here. Liam asks how she was acting before he left town. Liam asks if he is not worried at all. Wyatt is focusing on his wife and what Bill asked them to do. Liam thinks he should be. Steffy is standing between everything Quinn wants. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Steffy. Wyatt feels that they have already dealt with this. Liam thinks that Quinn has caused a lot of trouble for him and Steffy over the years. He doesn’t want Steffy getting hurt. Quinn continues to run until Steffy tackles her. Steffy sees Quinn’s face and she screams at the thought of Quinn and Eric. She looks furious.

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