B&B Thursday Update 7/28/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy takes photos on the beach in her bathing suit. Wyatt tells her wear to pose. Steffy seems to be having a lot of fun. Liam watches from a far and seems angry. Steffy looks pretty and is clearly having fun.

Eric takes off his watch and goes through the gift baskets in his room. He starts to think about Quinn and smiles. He puts down one of the cards from the gift baskets and frowns.

At the airport Quinn gets off the plane and finds herself in Monaco. She calls for a taxi. Quinn’s taxi driver puts her luggage in the trunk. They go off and Quinn looks out from the window.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is good. Steffy would call it perfection. Wyatt would as well if Liam wasn’t sulking around everywhere. Steffy pleads with him to not go on about Liam. Wyatt guesses that he is an idiot and won’t do it again. Wyatt is going to live in the moment. Right now the moment is pretty damn good.

Someone rings Eric’s doorbell and he goes to get it. It is Liam. Eric explains that Wyatt and Steffy are at the beach. Liam knows. Eric assumes that it isn’t easy for him. Liam didn’t want to go. He wanted to come in and congratulate him again. Eric tells him to please do. Liam planned to come over and fanboy all over him. It seems the entire city already has though. Eric explains he used to enjoy public speaking. Steffy used to claim that he enjoys the sound of his own voice. Liam wants to tell him that he had never heard that point before about clothing and protest. It is true. He guesses that they paint their feelings on themselves. Eric guesses that sometimes they also drop their trousers and moon the crowed. Liam agrees that is also an option. Liam has an idea for a shirt. It will say, “My life was fuller before I met Quinn Fuller.” He asks what he thinks about that. She pushed his niece off a bridge and almost got his son thrown out a chopper. He wonders if he can sign Eric up for one.

Quinn looks out the window at the Spencer Summit. She sees Eric on video footage. She tells the driver to keep going.

Eric wonders what Liam is going to do. The situation seems a little hard to work through. Liam admits that the idea of fixing his life seems so impossible at this point. He is turning to start a foundation to fix the world instead. It is more manageable. Eric is sorry. Liam thanks him. He knows it is hard though for him because Steffy is his granddaughter and he was at their wedding. If he doesn’t give him the respect marriage speech then they should be good. Eric wonders if there is anyone in the world who hasn’t wanted a woman who is forbidden to him for one reason or another. Eric admits that time heals all but it doesn’t heal properly. Life does surprise a person. Whether or not to expect anything but the unexpected.

Wyatt told Steffy that their life would be amazing. To their wedding in Malibu to this. Steffy doesn’t think that it is bad. Wyatt knows that he does have to share her with a couple of million followers. Steffy points out that those are her public. Wyatt doesn’t mind. They will do what they have to do. In private though he gets her all to himself which is kind of a turn on. He kisses her on the neck. Steffy reminds him that they are not in private. Wyatt reminds her that they can be private. Steffy explains that she is working on her tan and she is sweating. Wyatt asks where she is sweating. He guesses they will do this later. He doesn’t even want her anymore. He starts to kiss her again. She giggles.

Eric sits down outside and a waiter goes to get him something. Quinn walks outside and is wearing a large sunhat and glasses. She gets a phone call. It is Eric. He wonders if this is a bad time. Quinn says no. That was yesterday when he broke up with her. Eric is sorry. He knows that it wasn’t handled well. He thinks that she has to know that breaking it off was the right thing to do. He wants to thank her for pushing him to go back to CEO. Quinn does succeed at pointing out the obvious. She wonders how the speech went. Eric thinks it went great. Quinn is so glad. She just wished… Eric does as well. He misses her too. Quinn wants him to say that again. Eric was very well received. Quinn wonders what he is doing now. Eric believes that he is some kind of an old statue of a well-known character. People admire him and pause for a moment then walk on by. Quinn is sure that they are just scared of him. They think that he is a legend. Eric just followed his passion. Quinn assumes it was a passion for design. Eric explains that it was a passion for the woman’s body. Quinn would offer him hers but… Eric wishes that she was here for that. Quinn could be. Eric thinks there is a matter of about six thousand miles. Quinn wonders what he is doing right now. Eric is sitting and looking out at the Mediterranean. He thinks the water is the same color as her bright blue eyes. Quinn wants Eric to please go down to the sea and think of her. Eric promises that he can do that.

Steffy and Wyatt continue to mess around and have fun on the beach. Liam is at a cabana drinking. A bartender asks if he is waiting on someone. Liam says no. He asks if anything is wrong. Liam says no. He is just here with his brother and wife. He assumes they are having a good time. Liam is not. He leaves.

Steffy and Wyatt kiss on the beach. Wyatt takes out his phone and Steffy tells him to put the phone down. Wyatt thinks people want to see this. Steffy will throw it in the water. Eric walks over and tells them that he will just buy another one. Steffy offers to let him join in. Eric is fine. He has a date with the beautiful sea. Wyatt is glad he is here.

Liam walks around Monte Carlo and looks at statues and other beaches. He starts to think of his relationship with Steffy and all the times they have spent together. He thinks about all the times that he and Steffy had fun together. Liam stands on the beach and looks out into the distance. He walks off until he sees Quinn walking around up above. He runs on to the side walk trying to catch her but she is gone.

Steffy and Wyatt are still on the other beach talking. Liam runs up to them and asks if he has heard from her. Wyatt asks what he means. Liam wonders if she called him. Wyatt asks what he is talking about. Liam means Quinn. He just saw her walking around and then she was gone. Wyatt wonders if Elvis was with her. Liam isn’t being funny. Steffy asks what the point of her being in Monaco would be. Liam isn’t sure. Steffy tells him not to do this to himself. She can only imagine that she is haunting him but it must be PTSD or something. She cannot be in Monaco. Wyatt asks if he can have his phone back. Steffy playfully slaps him.

Eric looks out on the beach. He thinks about his conversation he just had with her. He looks out and from a distance Quinn walks over. She takes off her hate and glasses. She smiles walking up to him. Eric look baffled and confused. She says hello and he says hello back. Quinn asks if they are the same color blue. Eric wonders if she is really here. Quinn says only if he wants her to be. Eric grabs her and starts to kiss her passionately. He smiles. Quinn starts to laugh.

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