B&B Wednesday Update 7/27/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

An announcer voices over the goings on at the Spencer Summit. While this is going on we are shown Eric, Wyatt, Steffy, and Liam all greeting and being adored by the attendees and locals. In the hotel lobby, Eva welcomes the four of them to Monte Carlo. Liam thanks her for doing this for them. Eva is honored to be able to do it. She is glad that Steffy has asked her too. Wyatt thinks that an announcement on the red carpet would be a perfect PR move. Steffy doesn’t think that is a bad idea. Eric says they should do this.

On the plane Quinn is still sitting in between a couple named Matt & Kieran who have earbuds in and are singing out loud. Quinn asks if they are aware that everyone can hear them. Matt doesn’t think they sounded half bad. The two of them laugh. Quinn suggests that they switch seats so they can sit next to each other and she doesn’t have to be in the middle. Kieran would but she has to be by the window or she gets panicky. Matt has to be out in the aisle for his knee. That is why they always buy tickets in advance. The stewardess walks by and Quinn asks if she can get a blanket. The stewardess explains they are ten dollars and cash only. Quinn only has a credit card. Kieran explains that they always bring their own blanket and suggests that they all share. Quinn doesn’t think that is a good idea. Kieran insists that they do. She thinks it is time to get snuggly because they have a long way to go. The two of them start to sing again. Quinn looks really uncomfortable. The couple now is showing them pictures on the plane. They have a dog named Dolly after Dolly Parton. Then they show their son Rusty. Kieran kisses his picture. Matt asks if she has any little ones. Quinn says she has a son who is grown with a wife of his own. She thinks that she is too young to have a son with a wife of his own. The plane gets bumpy and Matt tells her to take a deep breath. He thinks it is just air pockets. She starts to get sick. She wants him to know that he is her special guy. He loves her too. She throws up on Quinn’s lap.

A reporter tells Steffy that she is blowing up on social media. She wonders what it is like to be the new It-Girl. Steffy wouldn’t call herself that. Wyatt believes her followers would disagree. Elsewhere Liam and Eric walk the red carpet together. People scream asking where Bill is. Liam says that Bill is unable to attend this year so Wyatt and himself are attending in his place. Someone asks how they got the legendary Eric Forrester to come with them. Liam feels really lucky to have a fashion icon like Eric speaking will be inspired. Eric is very honored to be here and have been asked by his granddaughter who will always be a Forrester. Someone asks that there are rumors that Eric will be announcing something large. Eric confirms he will be. Since they are all here right now he thinks that he should give them a little scoop. He started the company fifty years ago and now the company has helping hands of family. He has to admit though that retirement is not for everyone. He came to the summit to announce that he is coming back as CEO of Forrester Creations. Liam spots Steffy and Wyatt kissing each and looks angry. People go crazy over this announcement and a picture is taken of Eric.

The couple is now eating lunch. Matt loved every single bite of it. Quinn doesn’t know what smells better. The onions or the sauerkraut. Matt thinks it is definitely the sauerkraut. The stewardess comes over and asks if they will be dining with them today. Matt is fine he just had a burger. The stewardess explains to Quinn and Kieran that they have chicken or a vegetarian option. Quinn says she will take the chicken. Kieran needs the choices repeated for her. They have chicken or steak and then a pasta salad. Kieran thinks that pasta sounds good but wonders if the steak has a sauce on it. Quinn says it isn’t a nice restaurant. Kieran decides to go with the pasta salad. She wishes she had picked the chicken. Matt is sure that her seatmate will let her have a bite. Kieran thinks they can trade. Quinn tells them that they can do whatever they want. Kieran wants to know more about Quinn. She has a son so they assume she is married. Quinn isn’t married. She is divorced. Kieran thinks that she is so pretty though. They assume she has a man in her life at least Quinn confirms that she does. They ask how they met. Quinn says they work together. It is just like how the couple met. Quinn thinks he is a wonderful man. Kieran wonders why she seems so bad. Quinn admits that they have been through a rough patch lately and that is why she is going to Monte Carlo. She is hoping he will take her back.

Someone asks Eric what made him change his mind. He explains that a friend of his told him he has many years of creativity still left in him. Someone wonders if that friend is a beautiful woman. Eric explains that a gentleman never tells. Eva walks over and explains that Eric must be getting inside now. Steffy and Wyatt walk over and people notice that they are noticing a large presence in Steffy’s social media. Steffy tells them that is because of her husband. Wyatt believes that they do what they can. Liam tells them that he is very fortunate to have the resources he has and does not want to take it for granted. He wants to use the Spencer name for good. He wants to give to the world and make a difference… Wyatt tells everyone that Steffy has just passed over two million subscribers. Spencer is designing a new online platform. Not just for news, fashion, style, and entertainment. It will be for everything. Steffy will be at the forefront of everything.

Kieran notices that Quinn didn’t eat much. Quinn is to excited to eat. Kieran can tell that Quinn really cares for this man. Quinn really does think he is very special. Matt wonders if they are going to finish their food. He starts to eat over Quinn’s He thinks it tastes rather good. She gives him a napkin. Quinn thought he didn’t like airplane food. He guesses that when it is a long flight that things are a little different. The stewardess comes over with a trash bag and has then throw out their food. Matt decides to take a nap and Kieran wants to finish her movie. She asks if she has seen it. Quinn knows it is the one where Matt and wife die in the end. It gets Kieran every time. She starts to cry. Matt is snoring and wearing a sleep mask. Kieran is crying hysterically.

Eric thanks Eva thinking that she has been great tonight. Eva thinks his speech was incredible. It will be getting a ton of coverage. The hotel manager comes in as Eva leaves. He is sorry that he couldn’t have greeted him when he arrived. He wanted to make sure that everything was up to his standards in his room. Eric thinks it absolutely is. He appreciates the details he has made. Eric thanks him to be back in this mindset again. He wonders if Eric will be joined by anyone. Eric confirms that it is just him.

On the beach Steffy and Wyatt run to an umbrella while it is raining. Wyatt wonders why they are doing this then. Steffy feels that because they are in Monaco they can do whatever they want. Steffy loves rain and he knows that. Eva texted her and they don’t have anything to do until the next event. Wyatt wants to take advantage of that then. Steffy feels the summit went well today. Eric’s speech went well. Wyatt feels she was amazing. Wyatt was impressed by her. He bets that Steffy has three billion subscribers by now. Liam is watching in the distance. Steffy wants champagne. Wyatt goes to get it. Liam walks over. He says hello to her.

Eric starts to think about Quinn while he is alone. He looks outside.

The plane finally lands. Matt thinks that wasn’t so bad. Kieran thinks it was a pleasure to sit next to Quinn. She is glad they have finally made it. He can smell the air and it smells like money. Quinn knows they have not even got off the airplane yet. He thinks he feels like James Bond. She is feeling like Grace Kelly. Some people even think she looks like her. She suggests that they exchange numbers with Quinn so they can meet up in the square. Matt doesn’t think Quinn will have time for that. He knows that he will feel so tickled when he sees she came all the way to Monte Carlo. Quinn hopes so.

Steffy asks Liam to sit down. He can tell that she is making a splash for herself as Spencer’s new It-Girl. Steffy assumes that he is not a fan of social media. Liam just think that there are a lot of crazy people out there. Such as her mother-in-law. Does anyone really need to know where she is at any given minute? Steffy doesn’t think that Quinn is the problem. Liam knows that she told her to stay away but then she sneaks into Forrester. Steffy promises that he doesn’t have to worry about her. Wyatt walks back over with the glasses. He cannot believe that Liam is back. He tells Liam to give it a rest. Quinn is thousands of miles away. They are trying to enjoy themselves while they have drinks by the French Riviera. Liam decides to leave. Wyatt takes pictures of Steffy. Liam walks off and sees the two of them enjoying themselves and he looks sad.

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