B&B Tuesday Update 7/26/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita 

It is now morning and Liam is looking at Eric who is sleeping. He looks at the door where Steffy and Wyatt are sleeping as well.

In the other room Steffy is already awake. Wyatt wakes up and Steffy says hello. Wyatt wonders if Steffy is excited. This summit is going to be a huge deal. Plus, Eric announcing his return to CEO is going to be crazy. Steffy is so glad that Eric is joining them. He doesn’t seem as sad as he was when Stephanie died. Wyatt doesn’t seem to think that he is lonely anymore. He asks if Eric mentioned who the new lady friend is. Steffy says no. She tried to get him to invite her but he claims it wasn’t the best idea.

Deacon tells Quinn to stick to her guns. She already agreed that going to Monte Carlo was a bad idea. Quinn believes that was before she got Eric’s text message saying that he is ending things with her. She cannot let that happen.

Caroline is looking at her phone. Ridge wonders if that is Thomas again. Caroline confirms it is. Ridge wonders how things are going at the loft. Caroline says they are going good. It is father and son doing what father and son do. Ridge wonders what that is. Drinking beer and watching sports. Caroline thinks that when the son is still diapers it is more like having a bottle and not wanting to go to bed. Ridge states the things that they do for their children. Caroline knows he said something like that earlier. She wants to know what is going on. Ridge thinks that when they are young it is easy to be their hero. Caroline feels that Ridge is still Thomas’s hero. Ridge is sure that if you asked him he would confirm that he thinks his super powers left him a long time ago. Along with his ability to make a good choice. Caroline doesn’t think that Ridge kept Douglas’s paternity from Thomas to hurt him. Ridge confirms that he didn’t. He thinks that the three of them understand things much better now.

Liam and Eric are discussing bottled water when Steffy and Wyatt walk back into the main room of the jet. Steffy says hello and Wyatt enjoyed his power nap. Eric can tell that someone is ready to go. Wyatt wants to check with the pilot to see exactly when they are landing. Steffy explains that they are going to change at the hotel and then they will meet Eva who will help Eric when he goes to make his speech. Eric thinks that sounds great to him. Liam is still waiting to hear back from Prince Albert. Wyatt believes that whatever happens this trip will leave a long lasting effect on all of them.

Quinn gets herself ready. Deacon understands that she is hell bent on doing this. Even if Steffy doesn’t see her though it doesn’t mean that Eric won’t think she is a stalker. He might bust a gut. Quinn knows that Eric wants to see her. He will be thrilled. This trip might be exactly what they need to be a more committed level. She tells Deacon they need to get going.

Ridge has something he wants to talk about. Caroline had a feeling that tonight was more than just celebrating little old her. If this is about going public with Douglas’s paternity… Ridge thinks they are doing the right thing. Caroline is sure it will. Ridge feels they need to know what is happening here. Caroline doesn’t understand. Ridge overheard them talking right here. He has always known how Thomas felt about Caroline. He has been in love with her since the moment he landed in LA. Caroline believes that was a very long time ago. He hasn’t been the same guy that he was back then. Ridge believes that he is more mature and respectful. Douglas has been the best thing to happen to him. He thinks it is funny. He always thought that Thomas was the one in the middle. Instead it turns out that it is Ridge. He also realizes that taking Douglas was the wrong thing to do. He compromised her. The one person that he respects more than anyone in the world. He has to make it right. He promises that he will. Caroline doesn’t want him to say anything else. He knows it will be hard but it has to be done. Ridge knows it is time.

Steffy asks what happens if people notice that Bill isn’t there. Liam knows that they will. It is the first Spencer summit that he will be missing. Wyatt asks them to check their emails. He has worked on some responses as to why he is in LA and why they are representing him in Monte Carlo. Steffy guesses there are no questions about marital issues. Wyatt wants things to work in their favor. Especially for their social media star. Steffy smiles. Wyatt wants them to stay focused on what they came here for. Liam asks if that is another dig at his foundation. Wyatt isn’t saying that. He is simply saying that philanthropy will have to come later. Eric tells them all to buckle up. They are about to land.

Quinn gets on a plane. A stewardess welcomes her on the plane. Quinn asks if there is a problem frightened. She asks if there isn’t some sort of a delay. The stewardess promises that they are right on schedule.

Ridge feels that it is a hard day. Caroline wants Ridge to sit with her. Ridge will cherish every moment that they spend together. He thought they would be together forever. He doesn’t know when he lost her. He missed it and he is sorry. What he doesn’t miss is that someone like her loved someone like him. It doesn’t matter if it was five minutes or a lifetime. It happened. When the next woman comes along they will have to climb a huge mountain to get to his heart. Ridge needs her to know that there isn’t a man in this world who has loved her more than he does. She has a connection to Thomas and that will only grow more. That is great for Douglas. It isn’t for him though. His time with her is over. He asks if it is. Caroline thinks that what they had was so incredible. They were the best moments of his life. Moments she will never forget. She will be honest that it hasn’t been the same since she got pregnant. They tried so hard to hold on to what they had before. Caroline knows he didn’t hurt her and she didn’t mean to hurt him. She thinks it will be ok. She thinks they will both be ok. The two of them hug each other.

Quinn asks the stewardess if it were possible for her to switch seats. She was hoping to get a window seat or an aisle. The stewardess explains that she is sorry but it is a full flight. If she asks the passenger sitting next to her then they might change with her. Quinn asks what happens if they don’t show up. The stewardess guesses that she will have her pick then. Quinn looks through her purse and finds her phone. A couple named Matt & Kieran come to her aisle and explain that they are going to be sitting in the window and aisle seats. Quinn would be more than happy to move so the two of them can sit next to each other. Matt explains that they prefer to sit this way because they have their preferred seating. Kieran explains that they are set in their ways. Quinn is in the middle of the two of them and looks uncomfortable.

In Monte Carlo a car drives up with flags that say Spencer Summit. Steffy, Wyatt, Eric, and Liam all walk out of a car and adoring fans all take pictures of Steffy while the three men watch. Someone calls Steffy Miss Spencer to which Wyatt corrects that she is Misses Spencer. Liam rolls his eyes.

Ridge thinks that Caroline has given him everything. He tried to give her everything as well. He couldn’t give her the one thing that she wanted though. He couldn’t give her a baby. Caroline asks if they are really doing this. She still loves him. Ridge loves her more than life. Ridge thinks they have to do this for their kids. Caroline just wants him to know what this journey they have had together has taught he so much about herself. She wouldn’t trade it for anything she has had in the world. The two are crying. Ridge sees a sketch pad and pencil. Ridge grabs it and the two hold it together. They draw as one, one last time. Flashes off their relationship are shown. The two stop. They put down the sketch pad. Ridge takes off his ring. Caroline takes off hers as well and gives it to him. He holds them in a fist. Ridge puts them right below a photo of the two of them getting married. Ridge holds Caroline.

Steffy continues to have pictures taken of her. Wyatt notices that Liam doesn’t look thrilled. Wyatt wants him to lighten up because they are in Monte Carlo. Wyatt understand that it might not be easy but it is good for him. He needs to focus on the summit, Spencer, and maybe even his foundation but Steffy is his past.

Quinn sits in the middle hugging on to her purse. Matt is smiling at her. She then looks at Kieran and she is as well. Quinn whispers “Monte Carlo here she comes”.

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