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Written By Anthony
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Wyatt forgot how long this flight was. Steffy reminds him that in the end they will be in Monte Carlo. Eric guesses it is a small price to pay. Liam tells Eric that they are so happy to have Eric along with them. This is all something that they can use. Wyatt explains to Eric that Liam has different goals than Bill and he have. They want to turn a profit whereas Liam wants to save the world. Eric doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with that. Steffy feels that it is ambitious. Eric asks why they cannot do both. Making money and philanthropy are not impossible to co-exist. Wyatt asks if they cannot encourage Liam right now. Liam asks if they are there yet.

Quinn is packing. Deacon doesn’t think that he has ever seen her move so fast. Quinn has to get on it. Her man is on his way to Monte Carlo. Deacon wants to remind her that her man didn’t invite her. Quinn explains that if she waited her whole life to be invited places that she wouldn’t be anywhere. Deacon asks if Quinn is going to wear that piece of lingerie for Eric. Quinn will wear it all for Eric. Deacon begs her not to go to Monte Carlo. This thing has disaster written all over it.

Caroline descends from the staircase of the Forrester Mansion. Ridge tells her that she looks lovely. Caroline thinks that he does as well. Caroline looks around the room and thinks it looks beautiful. Ridge thinks that she is as well. They sit down. Ridge made her favorite. Caroline can see that. Caroline asks if they should toast. Ridge feels they should to her. Caroline thinks that this is nice. It has been a while since they have had any alone time. Ridge thinks they need it. Thomas needs alone time with his son too. He was being selfish. He wanted her to be here so he could tell her how extraordinary she is. He doesn’t want her to doubt that. Ridge wants to make a toast to Caroline Spencer-Forrester.

Steffy sits down with a glass of champagne in her hand. Wyatt is holding his phone and tells her to raise the glass just a little bit. He takes the photo. He thinks that was amazing. Wyatt thinks that they should get a photo of her in the cockpit with the captain. Liam asks if he is just going to take a thousand pictures. Steffy tells him that Wyatt is trying to capture enough buzz. Liam gets that but he has the camera in her face 24/7. Liam asks if Steffy ever feels like a hamster. Wyatt tells him that they are working. He realizes that be a foreign concept to him. Steffy begs them to quit bickering. It is a little close in here. Wyatt is sorry. He suggests that the two of them go over here. Eric asks Liam if it is true that Liam wants to start a charitable foundation. Liam does. Right now he is just gathering information. Eric thinks that is great. Liam feels that he is just doing what he can to save the planet. He raises his voice so Wyatt can here. Wyatt tells him not to lose focus on why they are going to Monte Carlo. They are trying to grow the brand and Spencer profit margin.

Quinn asks Deacon what he thinks about a certain outfit. Deacon thinks it reminds him of when they were married. Quinn admits that she has been trying to stay away from black but Eric seems to like it. Deacon thinks she will look good in it. Quinn guesses that she will take it then. Deacon is warning her that his instinct for trouble is screaming don’t go. He asks what she wants to be responsible for ending Wyatt’s marriage. Quinn doesn’t think that Wyatt or Steffy will know she is there. Deacon wonders what happens if they do find out. Quinn has not made any plans. She is going out on some crazy whim. Quinn can stay in either her or Eric’s hotel room the whole time. She is going to Mote Carlo.

Caroline thinks it is so nice of Ridge to make a special night for her. Ridge thinks that she deserves it. Caroline wonders who she was before she was with Ridge. Caroline doesn’t remember. She laughs. Caroline feels that Ridge changed her deeply and fundamentally. Ridge feels the same way. She helped him. His talent was gone. She touched him and the world started turning again. It scares him to think of what would have happened had he not found her. Caroline promises that she is his forever. The two kiss each other passionately. She starts to think about when Caroline begged for him not to think that Thomas would abuse her. He demanded to know who Thomas was to Caroline. Caroline asks what just happened. She wants to know what is wrong.

Steffy and Wyatt are starting to fall asleep. Eric turns to them and tells them that they should probably get some sleep. Wyatt thinks the ideas are starting to come out of his head. He asks Steffy what she thinks about sleeping. Steffy agrees. The two of them walk into the other room. Eric tries to tell Liam something but Liam explains that it is fine. He wants to hear about the new lady in his life. He thinks that it is great. Eric agrees with him. Liam believes that Eric should have brought her. Eric feels that it isn’t that kind of relationship. He doesn’t honestly think much will come of it.

Quinn asks if Deacon was supposed to be doing something. Deacon is. He is trying to talk her out of this. Quinn demands that he get the tickets. Front row first class. Deacon knows that she cannot afford first class. Deacon tells her that the only flight she can get is in coach. Quinn sighs and wonders what airline he is looking at. Deacon is looking at the only one with a flight going to Monte Carlo tonight. It is a place called discount airline. It sounds very sheik. It doesn’t look that bad considering that she wants to leave tonight. Quinn wonders if it is at least a window seat. Deacon says no. Quinn hopes it is at least an aisle. Deacon says it is middle. Quinn hopes that he is joking. Deacon is telling this is a sign. This whole thing has been falling apart from the start. Quinn doesn’t care so long as she gets there. Deacon wants her to call him after she has spent a few hours on a flight in-between a crying baby and an arm rest hog. Deacon begs her not to go to Monte Carlo. He feels like this will backfire big time.

Caroline thinks that Ridge has managed to avoid why he was pulling away. Caroline goes over to Ridge. She knows when something is bothering him. Ridge has been talking to Brooke. He admits that between the two of them they have made a lot of mistakes. Trying to get what they thought they deserved in life. Caroline feels that everyone makes mistakes. Ridge feels that some mistakes are larger than others. It makes him think of himself and her and how selfish he has been. Ridge knows that bringing kids into the world is a miracle. They have to be there for him. They deserve that. That includes Douglas. Caroline doesn’t understand what he is trying to say right now.

In the bedroom of the jet Wyatt and Steffy sit on the bed. Wyatt wonders if when the Spencer summit is over if she would want to have a mini honeymoon. They will already be there. Steffy thinks that would be wonderful if they could pull it off. They have to see how it goes though. Wyatt will be fine either way though. He asks if she knows why. Steffy asks why. Wyatt says that he married the sexiest woman on the planet. Steffy feels a little guilty.

Eric wants Liam to know that he can let his guard down now. Liam laughs. Eric can feel what he is feeling. He won’t tell anyone not that he would have to. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this exposure of Wyatt and Steffy is taking a toll on him. Liam laughs. He guesses it is hard to imagine that one woman could cause so much damage. Eric assumes he means Quinn. Liam believes she is responsible for all of this. He doesn’t know how someone with a brain injury can be taken away from his whole life. Liam thinks that is why his life was taken away from Steffy. Eric asks what it was life when he was in the cabin. Liam thinks it was funny. He doesn’t really know how to reconcile who she was then as to who he knows her as. Eric wonders if she was really that different. Liam believes she was totally different. She will even say that she fell in love with him and it made her want to be a better person. She wants to find a good man. That is fine but he feels bad for the man. It doesn’t matter what she says. That woman is a human wrecking ball.

Deacon believes that going to Monte Carlo is a bad idea. There is too much that can go on. He wonders what will happen if Steffy sees her. She is carrying on an affair with her grandfather. If she found out she would blow. She would probably break up with Wyatt because of how it would blow over. She would never be close to Wyatt again. Quinn admits that would be unbearable. Deacon thinks that one misstep in Monte Carlo would be the end of their marriage. Unless she is taking some weird turn and that is what she wants now. Quinn doesn’t want that now. Deacon feels that she can pick up with Eric in a few days. She just shouldn’t go to Monte Carlo.

Steffy looks at Wyatt as he sleeps.

Eric has always admired Liam. It wouldn’t have bothered him a bit had Steffy ended up with him. Liam thanks him. Liam thinks that it drives him crazy seeing them together and married. Eric can imagine. Steffy opens the door and overhears them. Liam admits that Bill is on his case about respecting their marriage. Eric doesn’t think that there is any other choice. Liam guesses not. He feels there might not be any other choice. He guesses that it is one thing to discuss the sanctity of marriage. He wonders though how those vows were actually said in that light. He wonders how he respects those vows. He loves her so much. He loves her so much and always has. He always will. He doesn’t care if pursuing her is the wrong thing. He won’t give up until they are back together like they always planned. Steffy walks back into the room. Liam is going to get some sleep. Eric will give him some space. Liam doesn’t want him to do that. Eric will be up for a while. Eric gets put his phone and puts on his glasses. He sends a text. He tells Quinn that he has enjoyed their time together. He doesn’t see it going anywhere though. It was what it was and that was a joy for him. All bad things even when they were really good must come to an end. He presses send.

Quinn guesses that maybe he is right. Maybe she is getting caught up in her momentum. Deacon knows she does that sometimes. It can be pretty adorable but this time it is tempting fate. Quinn doesn’t want to lose her son. This limited access is bad enough. Quinn guesses that maybe she hasn’t thought this through. She hears what he is saying. She has to preserve her relationship with Wyatt. She isn’t ready to give up Eric either. Not when he is in her life like this. He has become so important to her. She thanks him for being here for her tonight and not making her risk the most important relationship she has had in a long time. Deacon jokes and says that on second thought maybe she should go on the flight. Quinn smiles. She thinks he has been a good friend to her. Deacon is glad he could still be of service. Quinn gets the text message from Eric. She reads it and says no. Deacon asks what it is. Quinn says that he broke up with her. She didn’t do anything wrong. Deacon is sorry. It cannot end like this. Deacon wonders if this is for the best. Quinn tells Deacon to book the flight. She is going to Monte Carlo.

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