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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy takes photos in the photo studio and Wyatt thinks they look perfect. Steffy suggests that they start taking pictures of her actually working. Wyatt believes that they need to take these pictures for the press release for the summit. They have plenty of time to do the candid photos later. Right now they are capturing Steffy Forrester as a huge star. Steffy believes that he is over thinking this. Wyatt believes this trip will be great for them. Steffy knows it will be nice to be far away from his mother.

Deacon tries to make sense of Quinn’s latest scheme. Deacon feels that this is ridicules. Deacon wonders if she planned to sneak into Eric’s office and surprise him. Quinn frowns.

Eric sits down at his desk. He tells Ridge that Steffy sent him updates on all the new lines. Ridge could go over them with him if he likes. Eric would like that. He knows that this is stressful. He needs to focus on his family. Eric thinks that is a wise choice. Ridge admits that Brooke helped him.

Brooke walks into Bill’s office and tells him that they need to talk. Bill wondered when she would show up. Brooke asks how he could do this to Katie. Bill tells her that Katie is the one who ended this. Brooke wants to know how he could take her son away from her. Bill took his son away from her. Brooke wants to see him. Bill thinks he is fine. Brooke believes that he needs to be with his mother.

Quinn got into the office no problem but Eric wasn’t there. Steffy was. Deacon asks if she recognized her. Quinn says that she didn’t at first. Deacon believes that all she had to do was stay away from her and her family. Quinn wasn’t there to see her and besides Steffy is married to her son. She is going to see her. She needs to see that she has changed.

Steffy believes that Quinn is crazier than ever. Wyatt is not going to argue with her. Steffy believes that six thousand miles isn’t enough. Steffy is shocked that Bill isn’t going though. This is his event. Wyatt knows that things aren’t good with Katie. Steffy reminds him that Bill took her son away from her. Wyatt doesn’t want to argue. They still need one more person to talk at the summit. He was wondering if Steffy could get Eric to speak. Wyatt believes that he is a legend in business. Steffy feels that is actually a good idea. Steffy will ask him.

Ridge needs to be able to protect Douglas when all of this comes out. Eric asks if Brooke really helped him figure this all out. Ridge thinks that they both forget that when there is a crisis Brooke knows what to do.

Brooke needs Bill to think about what he is doing to Katie and Will. Bill is. He is protecting his son and doesn’t want him along with Will. Brooke doesn’t think she is a danger to him. Bill gets a call from Allison and asks what is wrong. It turns out Katie is in the building. Bill tells her that if Katie wants to see him that she can call him. Bill does not want her let up. Brooke asks if he is seriously not going to let her up here. Bill doesn’t think it is safe. Brooke will not allow him to keep Will from Katie.

Steffy looks at her pictures and says no. Wyatt wonders if Eric would really do it. Steffy believes it would be the best place to announce Eric’s return as CEO. Wyatt thought that was only temporary. Steffy says that it is but they still want to make headlines. Wyatt guesses that it is best to keep the spotlight off of Douglas. Steffy agrees that is the case when it comes out. Wyatt wonders when that will happen. Steffy believes that it should have happened months ago when Ridge first found out that Thomas was the father. Wyatt wonders what it is about both their parents making horrible choices. Steffy asks if his mom is going to make horrible choices while he is gone. Wyatt hopes not. He will go talk to her. Steffy doesn’t really think that talking to her will do anything good.

Deacon thinks that Quinn is kidding herself if she thinks that Steffy will turn around. Quinn believes that she will eventually. Deacon also thinks think’s that Eric could change his mind on her as well. Quinn believes that he could have ended things but he didn’t. Deacon knows not yet but after the office and how Steffy reacted it is only a matter of time. Quinn had a step back with Steffy. It hasn’t changed her relationship with Eric though.

Eric believes that it is good that he has a person to turn to. He wonders if she mentioned what was going on in her life. Ridge says that people go through stuff. Eric believes that Brooke and Ridge both were there for him when Stephanie passed away. Brooke also has her sisters who can help her. He thinks it is terrific that she is there. Ridge is glad as well. They don’t judge.

Brooke pleads with Bill to talk with Katie. Bill is not going to do that. Katie is out of control. She is threatening to take his son. Brooke knows she is upset over what they did. Bill believes she is being irrational. Katie barges in with Allison demanding to know where Will is. Allison promises to call security. Brooke says don’t. Katie wants to know what he has done with Will. She wants to know where her son is.

Wyatt walks into Quinn’s apartment. He doesn’t think she is surprised to see him. Quinn is always happy to see him. She wonders if this has to do with what happened at Forrester. Wyatt says yes. She snuck into Forrester dressed as a Russian guy. Quinn had to in order to get in. Wyatt reminds her that she is supposed to stay away from her family. Instead she goes from crazy to completely insane. Quinn wants her job back. Wyatt knows that but he doesn’t believe that. Wyatt believes she has zero shot of getting her job back. Quinn isn’t so sure. Steffy may hate her for the moment but not everyone at Forrester does. Eric has always been a very kind and generous man.

Eric will handle Quinn he explains to Steffy. Ridge wonders what about Quinn. Eric says that she was at the office. She is crazy not stupid. She will never get her job back. Ridge wonders what she said. Eric would rather not repeat it. Steffy asks what the point is. They have heard it a thousand times. Steffy cannot wait to get away from her. That is why she is here. She asks if they both know about the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. He asked Wyatt to host it. Eric thought that was Bills thing. Steffy tells him that this year he cannot do it. He has to stay in LA because his hands are full with Katie and Will.

Katie is not surprised to see Brooke here. She tells Bill that Allison can call whomever but she is not leaving without her son. Brooke says nobody is calling the police. She has called everyone she can think of. She asks where her child is. Bill is not hiding her child. He is protecting him. Bill believes that what she is doing will accomplish nothing. Katie is not being irrational. Katie is going to have him arrested for kidnapping. Brooke wants her to calm down. Katie needs her son. Brooke knows that she does. Bill and her are not involved. She is here for Katie. For her and Will. Brooke tells Bill that he needs his mother. She told Bill to give her, her son back.

Eric asks if Liam is not going. Steffy says that he is but they need more than three Spencers to replace Bill, so Wyatt thought they should ask him too. Steffy thinks that people come to the Spencer Summit to hear about big business and having Eric would be amazing. It would be a great place to announce his return as CEO. Ridge thinks that he should do it. Eric does think it is an interesting idea. Ridge will hold down the fort. Steffy also tells him to be careful of Quinn. Eric doesn’t think they will have to worry about her. Steffy guesses they won’t even be here to be bothered by it.

Wyatt knows that Eric is a kind man. Anyone else would have called the cops for trespassing. Quinn tells him that he needs to tell Steffy that this stress is not good for her. Wyatt thinks this is hard for him. He needs a break. He tells her that he is going away for a while. He is going to Monte Carlo with Steffy for business with Liam. He hopes it isn’t just the three of them so Steffy is asking Eric to go as well. Quinn asks if Eric may be going too.

Katie doesn’t think this involves Brooke. Brooke knows what Will means to her. Katie doesn’t think that stopped her from moving in on her family and destroying them. Bill asks if they really want to rehash this. He stood by her through all of this. Katie knows he lied about this. He was lying to her face. What he did to her was unbelievably cruel. Bill is giving her the chance to get help and asks why she is fighting her on it. Brooke thinks that she is asking for him to do what is right for his son. So is she. Brooke is sorry for the way she treated her. She is sorry but she is determined to fix this. Bill doesn’t think anyone is asking her to do that. Brooke thinks that Will needs both his parents. She doesn’t think their wounds will heal over night but thinking that he is protecting Will is wrong. He needs to reunite Katie and Will. She doesn’t want them to do something that he will regret. Bill cannot trust Katie. Brooke demands that Bill reunite the two of them today.

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