B&B Wednesday Update 7/20/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/20/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole is so full. Zende tells her she hasn’t even started. Nicole thinks he has made her full. When she is with him… It sounds corny but when she is with him she feels like she lacks for nothing. Zende promises that she never will.

Brooke knows that Ridge has lost so much. Ridge points out that it is only her job for now. Brooke knows it is more than that. Brooke will get her sister back. Ridge likes the sound of that and he will run the company again one day. Brooke knows that he lost his son. Ridge points out that Douglas was never his to lose.

Thomas tells Douglas the story of how he met Caroline. Caroline says that is enough of that. Thomas explains that Caroline married his grandfather and the moral of the story is that everyone lived happily ever after. Caroline can tell that their son is in for some interesting bed time stories. Thomas knows that he is. Thomas doesn’t want him to ever doubt that he is loved by his mom or anyone. Thomas wonders if it is weird that he is living at the loft that used to be Ridge and Caroline’s home. Caroline is glad that he is living at the loft. Thomas thinks it will be so much fun. He just has to get the place baby proofed. Caroline knows it will be convenient for Douglas.

Caroline is proud of how Ridge handled this with Douglas. Ridge points out he only did it eventually. Brooke knows how much he was dealing with when Caroline got pregnant. Ridge guesses that forgiveness is important. The two of them wouldn’t be here without it. Brooke thanks Ridge.

Nicole thinks that this is incredible. It is the first time she has had French food unless French fries count. She cannot thank him enough. Zende tells her not to thank him. It is the least he can do. Zende wonders what a day in the life was like for Nicole in high school. Nicole knows it was nothing like this. Zende explains that this was only possible because Ridge and Eric cleared the entire house out for him. The Forrester’s are true romantics. Nicole agrees with that. The two kiss each other.

Ridge asks if she has heard anything from Katie. Brooke knows she is worried sick. Ridge wonders if she has heard from Bill. Brooke hasn’t heard a word but she loves him that is for sure. Ridge thinks that there is no reasoning with the guy and she should stay away from him. Brooke doesn’t think that you can just take a child away from its mother. That family needs to be united again. She is going to make it happen. Ridge likes that. He hasn’t seen her determined in such a long time. Brooke thinks it is the right thing to do and that is what matters. She needs to do what is right for Katie and get things back together.

Caroline wonders what Thomas thinks Douglas will be when he is older. Thomas thinks he will be able to swing a curve ball. Caroline tells Douglas that his father thinks he will be an athlete. Thomas will make sure he can have anything he wants but they will not spoil him. Caroline won’t have a problem with that. Thomas has seen Caroline’s shoe collection. Caroline wonders when. Thomas saw it when they were together. Thomas tells Douglas that Caroline has his entire college fund is in Caroline’s shoe closet. Caroline believes that they could fill a warehouse with all the suits he owns. Thomas doesn’t even think that is close. Caroline guesses they will not spoil their child. Caroline thinks this is amazing. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Veronica. She says hello. She wonders if he is ready. Thomas has plans to go to dinner with her.

Nicole wondered if this would ever happen. Zende was trying to be original. Nicole thinks that he is. Nicole promises that he is but she never dreamed things would be this good for them. Then they split up Nicole knows that he reacted the same way anyone else would. Zende has seen a lot of selfless acts in his life but nothing like that. Zende wishes he was more aware of the incredible woman he lost. He isn’t sure if he even deserves her but he is grateful. She is the finest and most generous woman he has ever met. Zende thinks that Nicole is something. He thinks that she is gorgeous. Nicole guesses that she is sitting at this table surrounded by elegant flowers and music. Sitting with the hottest man she knows. She asks if she is the luckiest person in LA. Zende wins that title by a landslide. The two get up from the table and kiss each other. Zende takes her hand and the lifts her. He carries her up the staircase.

Ridge knows that Bill will not make this easy. Brooke agrees. He will go on and on about how this is about Katie’s drinking. It doesn’t justify what she did. She was drinking because of her. She is going to correct this. He needs to leave Bill to her. They will cooperate. Ridge loves to hear the woman that he fell in love with all those years ago. Brooke asks if there is anything she can do for him at Forrester. Ridge needs to focus on his family. The world is going to know that he lied about Douglas. It is the right thing to do. They will raise that little boy and that boy deserves to be raised without scandal. He thinks Thomas and Caroline deserve it because they love each other.

Caroline didn’t realize that they had plans. Veronica says that they just are getting food. She asks if she can hold Douglas. Caroline says yes but to support his head. Veronica promises she knows what to do. Thomas thinks that he is really something.

Nicole and Zende make their way to the bedroom. Zende loves Nicole. He hopes she knows that. Zende wants the future he almost lost with her. Nicole wants that too. Zende undresses Nicole. The two kiss each other. Nicole lays down on the bed and Zende gets on top of her. The two make love.

Thomas asks if Caroline is good. Caroline wonders why she wouldn’t be. Thomas hates leaving both of them. Caroline promises it will be fine. Thomas promises to give her a call. Caroline says whenever. Caroline asks if Veronica could take a picture of them together. She does. Thomas says bye to Caroline. Caroline looks at the picture.

Brooke asks if Thomas and Caroline are really in love. Ridge always knew that the two of them were in love. He was just hoping it was one sided but he saw how they look at each other. He knows it is real. He knows it is his fault. He forgot to live in the present the way she should be loved. Ridge thinks they need to take care of their family and their children. Brooke hopes he is included Rick. Ridge guesses him as well. They are the leaders of this clan. Brooke needs to get Bill and Katie together. Ridge needs to be a good grandfather to Will. Brooke guesses they have their work cut out for them. Ridge knows that they can do this. They are leader.

Zende and Nicole are in bed together under a blanket. Zende wants to spend the rest of his life like this. He is sorry that he caused her pain. He loves her so much. Nicole loves him too.

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