B&B Tuesday Update 7/19/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/19/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In Brooke’s kitchen she looks through her fridge with Ridge. Brooke explains that she has a pork chop. Ridge doesn’t really want one and asks what kind of a fridge only has one pork chop. Brooke likes having one extra of everything. Brooke has an olive spread but it is Rick’s. Ridge says they should have it then. Brooke wonders what brings him over tonight. Ridge wanted to check on her. Brooke assumes that Caroline already had plans. Ridge confirms that is the case.

In Rick’s office Caroline asks Thomas if he is sure this isn’t a bad time. Thomas doesn’t think it is ever a bad time to see his son. Thomas asks where Ridge is. Caroline says that he needed some time. Thomas explains that one of the benefits of moving into the loft was that he could avoid the awkwardness of being home. He does have a place for Douglas though. He cannot wait for them to come over. Caroline thinks that it was nice of Ridge to let him move in. They needed to step out from the house because there were things going on that deserved a little bit of privacy.

Sasha asks if Zende and her will really be working together now. Zende will shoot what they tell him to shoot. Zende asks if she is done for the day. Sasha is. She assumes that he has plans with Nicole.

Julius asks what Nicole is talking about in their apartment. He thinks that she just got here. Vivienne explains that they wanted to have dinner with her. Nicole has plans to see Zende. Julius assures Vivienne that if she can have a baby on her own she can have a baby on her own. Nicole has to get started on her hair. Zende is going to be picking him up from here. Someone knocks on the door. Nicole hopes that isn’t Zende already. Julius opens it and it is Sawyer from work. He says that Zende asked for her to have this outfit. Sawyer leaves. Nicole looks at the dress. Vivienne thinks that Zende is one special young man.

Ridge thinks that giving Thomas the loft was the best thing to do. Brooke thinks that Ridge must be some hero. Welcoming Thomas into that little boy’s life. Ridge really doesn’t think so. Katie might though. She always makes the right choice outside of her husband. He guesses that is love though. Ridge asks if Brooke is ok.

Sasha smiles and looks at pictures of herself. She notices Zende walk back in and he is wearing a suit. Sasha asks if he is taking Nicole to a premier. Zende believes it might not be wise for her to know what he and Nicole are doing. Sasha thinks he looks handsome. That is all he will say. Sasha wants opinions on photos. She wonders what is different. Zende explains it is the light composition. Sasha wishes she was shooting with him and maybe she will one day.

Thomas wonders what will happen with Nicole and Zende. He asks if he can bounce Douglas. Caroline believes that is ok but he might spit up. Thomas is perfectly ok with this.

Ridge knows that Katie has been upset with Brooke before. Brooke knows it has never been like this. Ridge knows that they have fixed things in the past. Brooke doesn’t think it will work this time. Ridge wonders if they slept together. Brooke didn’t but Katie doesn’t think it matters and she has to agree with her. Brooke made it clear to him that there was no future for them. She was hoping that he would be persuade otherwise. Brooke cannot get involved with Bill again. Ridge thinks that he is in a similar situation. Brooke believes his situation is different and she thinks that he is a better person than anyone.

Julius looks at his gold club. Vivienne tells him not to dare think about doing that right now. Julius just thought he would get a few rounds in. Vivienne believes that they need to be on their best behavior for Zende. When Nicole walks out he needs to tell her how beautiful she looks. Julius believes that she has always looked beautiful. Though he doesn’t understand what was wrong with her hair. It looked fine to begin with. Zende shows up. They all like his haircut. Julius thinks that back in the day they would say he looks cleaner than a preacher’s son. Zende thanks them and wonders if Nicole is ready. Vivienne is. The gown he sent over looks beautiful on her. Julius can discuss that a little later. Vivienne doesn’t want to embarrass Zende. Nicole is sorry to keep them waiting. Zende thinks she is as beautiful as he first saw her.

Nicole and Zende walk into the mansion. Nicole wonders why it is so dark. She wonders if it is a dinner party. Zende says that is exactly what it is. Nicole wants to know why he didn’t tell her. She asks if she knows anybody. Zende says everyone. There is himself and her. That is all. They walk over to a table in the living room and a waitress serves them champagne. Nicole cannot believe that he did this all for her.

Vivienne thinks that they have the most beautiful and caring daughters in the world. To see those two together again it is clear that love is in the air. Julius wonders where they go though. He asks what happens when you cause someone pain and they welcome you back in. Vivienne is trying. Julius wants to be husband and wife again. Vivienne is trying. She is really trying.

Brooke asks if Thomas is going to take his place in Venice. Ridge says that he will have over nights with Douglas when he is ready. He can have weekends or whatever he wants. Brooke wonders how that sits with him. Ridge is nervous. Brooke asks if he told Caroline. Ridge didn’t have to tell Caroline. She knows him better than anyone. Except maybe Brooke. Brooke wonders what it is exactly that makes him so nervous. Ridge doesn’t know. There are a lot of memories in that house. He thought they would move back there one day when Eric threw him out of the house. Brooke doesn’t think that Eric would ever throw him out of Stephanie’s house. Ridge knows he didn’t but he did fire him.

Caroline jokes that she is like a giant lunch bag for Douglas. Thomas is going to make a book of all the crazy things that Caroline says for when he is older. Thomas doesn’t feel like dad’s really do much. He jokes that Caroline should agree with him. Caroline never actually had a father growing up so she missed it. She remembers that he was the first person to know that. Thomas was really surprised to find out when her mom’s came out to him. Thomas admits he is terrible at fixing leaky faucets. He can make a call though like it is nobody’s business.

Brooke tells Ridge that Rick didn’t say that this happened. Rick is not even a designer. Ridge tells her that Eric is CEO. Brooke is sorry. Ridge thinks that it will be fine. Brooke does wonder though.

Thomas asks if she thinks that Douglas is tired. He thinks that he is tired. Caroline admits that sometimes when he sleeps he does make cute little baby snores. Caroline says that he nods off when he is feeding. Thomas thinks that Douglas is a chip off the old block. Caroline admits that he could do worse. Thomas wonders what is going on. Caroline thinks it is nothing. She thinks it is moments like this that they never think will happen and then they do.

Vivienne and Julius play golf together. Vivienne thinks that he made her miss. Vivienne believes that he wants to be an expert in everything. Julius asks when the nostalgia kicked in of seeing their baby go out with prince charming today. Vivienne doesn’t remember them ever being this young or pretty. Julius thinks that this goes to show her how much she doesn’t know. He remembers walking her home from concerts in the park. Everyone would be trying to look at her. He would think to himself how lucky he is to have this beautiful woman at his side.

Nicole thinks that Zende went all out. Zende wants to show her something. He takes her outside. They see the sunset and she thinks it is beautiful. Zende thinks it is theirs tonight. Zende remembers back home in Africa. Things change so fast. Things you call yours are the things you hold on to. Give yourself to the things you love. He gives yourself to her. He thinks that she brings out the best in her. Nicole feels this is crazy. Everything that has happened has been crazy. Her parents are here now and Lizzie. She had a baby for her sister. Her life has changed so much. Most of all or best of all she is here with him. Nobody could be as happy as she is tonight. The two look at each other and smile.

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