B&B Monday Update 7/18/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/18/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric closes the door. Steffy asks what Eric is waiting for. Quinn just wants her job back and wonders if that is too much to ask. Steffy wonders how she can possibly want this after everything she has put her family through. Quinn asks what she has done to her family. Steffy decides to call security just to show how much the Forrester’s despise her.

Liam tells Wyatt that Quinn cannot help but screw up everything she touches. Wyatt doesn’t think his marriage will be screwed up from it. She knows how much it means to him plus she has been different lately. He doesn’t mean a different person but something has smoothed out the edges. Liam believes it is an act. Liam thinks that Steffy was smart to tell Quinn to back off. He wonders what mother-in-law from hell will do to destroy this marriage.

In the photo studio Nicole and Zende are kissing each other. Zende tells her that he needs to get back to work. Nicole tells him that she can go if he needs her too. Zende wants to be distracted. Nicole wonders why because shoes are amazing. She explains that shoes are the holy grail of accessories for most women. They never get tired of looking at them. Nicole does feel bad though because if it weren’t for her then he would have the other job. Zende is fine with it. Nicole does trust him and that is all that matters. Zende is taking pictures of the shoes. Nicole asks what he is doing. Zende is taking pictures of them. She called them the holy grail of women’s accessories. Zende wants them to agree that he was foolish and never should have let her go. Nicole agrees. Zende wonders if she misses being pregnant. Nicole does not miss morning sickness. She is glad that they are back to their old self though. Zende notes that they haven’t really celebrated officially. Zende wants to show Nicole how much she means to him.

Wyatt reminds Liam that Quinn likes Steffy. Liam is sure that Quinn likes Steffy even more after she banned her from both their lives. Wyatt thinks that is how it has to be right now. Liam asks if Wyatt is under the impression that Quinn will magically do something that gets her back into Steffy’s good graces. Wyatt will not let him under estimate Quinn. Liam thinks that is exactly what he is doing. He is like he has before. Wyatt asks if he is worried about him them. Liam isn’t because Wyatt has had to deal with this his entire life. Wyatt thinks that Liam is an idiot. He will only protect Quinn only when she needs to be protected. Liam thinks that Quinn is sick. She will do something to Steffy after none of them see it coming.

Steffy calls security and tells them that they need them to get to Eric’s office. Eric tells her to hang up. Quinn will leave on her own. It was very unwise of her to come here. Steffy tells her that she is wasting her time and to get out and never come back. If she comes near her family… Quinn screams no. Steffy says that any hope she had about being a part of this family is never going to happen.

Nicole says that Zende is taking her to Vegas on the Forrester jet. Zende doesn’t take it upon himself to reveal things. Zende wants to keep this a surprise. Nicole has to go see her parents. Zende will pick her up there. Nicole states that her parents have just as many questions for him as she does. Zende thinks they should. Nicole explains that Vivienne is working and Julius is trying to work things out. She is part of her family. Nicole doesn’t feel threatened or insecure. Zende is in love with her and not Sasha. Sasha walks in. She looks sad.

Eric is disgusted in his office. Quinn walks back in. She hid in the supply closet until Steffy left. Eric wonders why she is still here. He asks what she was thinking sneaking into Forrester like this.

Wyatt gets that he doesn’t want Quinn in Steffy’s life and she isn’t. Liam says that she isn’t. He knows Quinn will find a way in. Wyatt is not letting his guard down. So far Quinn is staying away from Steffy. Steffy walks in and says she isn’t staying clear. A Russian man came to the office only he wasn’t a man and he wasn’t Russian. Quinn came to see her grandfather so she wore this ridicules disguise. Steffy was sitting at Eric’s chair and then Eric came in and shut it down. She is done dealing with Quinn. Wyatt will deal with Steffy. Liam is going to call Baker. Wyatt isn’t going to let that happen right now. If they have to deal with a restraining order they can when they get back from Monaco. Steffy asks if the three of them are going to Monaco. Wyatt says that Bill is sending the three of them to the Spencer Summit. Liam tells her surprise.

Sasha thinks her timing sucks. She can come back another time. Nicole thinks that it is ok. They both have work to do. Sasha asks if Zende is doing another shoe shoot. Nicole explains that Zende will be shooting lingerie. Zende says that is if everyone agrees. He hasn’t run anything by him yet. Sasha doesn’t understand. She asks if she is being dumped for a different model. Nicole thinks that her work has been fine. Nicole has just been thinking a lot and there is no reason to be worried. Sasha asks if she is actually ok with her boyfriend shooting her in lingerie. Nicole trusts Zende completely. They kiss. Nicole will see him tonight.

Quinn knows that Eric is angry with her. Eric asks what she thinks. Calling herself a Russian man. He thinks that the point is that he would not be this upset over having her in his life at all. Quinn asks if she messed up what they had going. Eric knows that his granddaughter is upset for a good reason. He wonders what he should do.

Steffy and Wyatt look at the commercial for the Spencer Summit. Wyatt tells her that Bill cannot make it to Monaco because of Katie and Will but he still has huge expectations. Wyatt hopes that Forrester can spare her. Steffy asks how last minute this is. Liam believes that if she cannot get away then she cannot get away. Bill will understand. Wyatt thinks that this an amazing way to capitalize on things. Steffy realizes that she will be a continent away from Quinn. Wyatt knows that some distance between his mother and her is some good idea. Liam is only going to go so he can talk to Prince Albert about things. Wyatt reminds Liam this is about Spencer and nothing else. Wyatt leaves. Steffy can tell that Liam isn’t looking forward to this trip.

Sasha is impressed with Nicole’s 180 on them working together. Zende doesn’t think that it was ever about them working together. Sasha knows that she just didn’t want her in lingerie around him. She should test it out. They can take some pictures and see what happens. Zende meant what he said. Nicole is the only one he loves.

Quinn thinks that Steffy really put her in her own place. Eric wonders if she thinks that she was being unfair. Quinn thinks that she and her daughter-in-law have some things that they need to work out. Nothing is ever going to happen if she doesn’t believe she has changed. Eric wonders if she has. Quinn thinks that she has. She knows she is worthy of a good man. Quinn doesn’t have fantasies of whatever this is. Quinn will never have another Deacon or Bill. She won’t have a man that only shows the worst parts of her. The part that get her into trouble. Eric wonders if part of what got her in trouble was the fake Russian accent. Quinn thinks that the accent can be sexy. She guesses it isn’t. Quinn explains that she is living in the moment and loving it. That is their promise to each other. To live in the moment. Eric is loving this.

Liam asks if Steffy is really ok with this. Steffy wonders if there is any reason she shouldn’t be. Liam guesses not. Liam thinks that Wyatt is slowly morphing into a Bill Spencer mini. Steffy will look for the signs. Liam knows that success is about profit with Bill. Steffy thinks that Liam wants to be there for people and she respects that. Liam knows this trip will be really hard. Seeing her and Wyatt together. One where she wishes she was sharing with her wife. He thinks that he still gets to be with her. She still gets to see her laugh and smile. After all that time alone.

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