B&B Friday Update 7/15/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy thinks that Eric is looking really good and she likes it. Eric notes that Pam said the same thing the other day. He asks if he was really that miserable. Steffy doesn’t think so. He was just adjusting to a world without Stephanie. Steffy knows that she was his wife and best friend. He will never forget her but he is moving on. Eric believes he needs a life of his own. She is thrilled about this new mystery woman.

Quinn informs Deacon that he can go now. Deacon asks why. He assumes that she has another date with Eric. Quinn wouldn’t tell him if she did. Deacon reminds her that she has no other friends so she doesn’t have anyone else to tell. Quinn regrets telling her anything at all. Deacon knows why she is so into him. It’s because he is a Forrester and off limits per Steffy’s orders. Deacon knows that Wyatt will not want anything to do with her.

Wyatt just posted another picture of Steffy and her fans are loving it. He has so many views. Liam asks if he doesn’t think he is selling out his wife a little bit. Wyatt doesn’t think so at all. Steffy is totally into it. Wyatt thinks that Steffy is like the Kim Kardashian of Spencer Publications. Liam sarcastically says hashtag lifegoals. Bill explains that if he can get the two of them out of the sandbox long enough he has something to show them. It is the Spencer summit. Wyatt has been waiting to see this. Bill shows them. Wyatt thinks it turned out great. Bill likes it but he can’t be here because he has to deal with Katie. He wants them both to go on his behalf. Bill wants them there together with Steffy.

Steffy supports Ridge. She feels bad that he lost his position she just doesn’t understand how he could let Thomas be denied his child. Eric guesses that Ridge was doing what he thought was best. Steffy guesses so. Eric takes a picture. Quinn asks if he is sending a photo to his new girlfriend.

Quinn tells Deacon it is a secret. Quinn gets a text message and she thinks it is amazing. Deacon wonders why she is all smiley. Quinn says that Eric just sent her a picture. He just got his old job back as CEO of Forrester. She told him to go for it and he did it. She is so proud of him. She thinks that Eric should have been CEO all along. He deserves this. Deacon thinks that she is being some lusty teenager. He asks if Eric really fulfills her in the sack. Quinn already answered that question. Deacon doesn’t think he has what Deacon has. Quinn believes he is wrong. He treats her like a kind and decent person. Not just some play thing. Deacon remembers a time when she used to love him playing with her. Quinn realizes now what turns her on is a true gentleman. Quinn needs to get over to Forrester and she may know her way.

Bill needs them to both handle this for him. It is the first Spencer summit he has ever missed. Wyatt asks if he is worried that people will be disappointed that he is not there. Liam thinks that they are there to see him not them. Bill knows they are. He thinks that it is an honor that he is allowing them to do this. Liam suggests that Wyatt go by himself and he hold down the fort here. Wyatt is fine with that. Bill wants them all here. Liam thinks that this is awkward. Bill demands that he rise above this. He has to deal with a lawsuit from Katie. Liam tells him he needs to play fair. Bill thinks that all depends on how Katie wants to fight him. Bill wants Steffy to appear on the red carpet. Wyatt can do that. Wyatt doesn’t know about Liam but he is actually starting to get excited. Bill asks if Liam is all in. Liam guesses he will do whatever he needs. Bill needs Liam to not talk about foundations or charities. He can do that on his own. He doesn’t need to be depressing. This is about fame and fortune. He thinks that this is what makes the world go round.

Eric believes that Steffy is a lot like Stephanie. Strong and loyal of the family. Steffy thanks him. Steffy is sure that Eric is proud of him too. Eric isn’t so sure about that. Steffy is sure that she is. She was the great love of his life. Eric knows they had a lot of good years together. Steffy asks if he thinks he will ever get married again. Eric doesn’t think that will happen. Steffy wants him to know that she has his whole support. She likes him already.

In the lobby Pam is swamped with calls. Quinn walks down the hall disguised as man. She puts on a fake accent. Pam asks if he is here to see the CEO. Quinn says she wants to see Eric Forrester.

Steffy leaves Eric alone telling him to let her know if he needs anything. Eric sighs and starts to think about all the moments that he has spent with Eric.

Wyatt tells Liam he better have his passport up to date because they are going to Monaco. Liam wonders if he has any issue with this. Wyatt wonders why. If it is because his wife being there that is only awkward for him. Liam wonders why Steffy has to be there. Wyatt feels it is because his wife is their social media star. That is why. He tells him to look at their likes and followers. This is how stars are made. Liam believes this is superficial. Liam thinks that he is shocked Steffy signed up for this. Liam thinks this was all handed to him because of Quinn. She has no boundaries and will do anything to do what she wants.

Pam is still on the phone. Pam asks how Quinn knows Eric was CEO. She doesn’t see him on there for his appointment book. She wonders what this is regarding. Quinn is here for computer work. She is here to fix his computer drive. Pam will be back in two minutes. Quinn walks over to Eric’s office. She closes the door behind her and puts on a fake accent. She says that she is here to fix his hard drive. In the chair behind his desk Steffy turns around and asks if she can help her.

Liam is just going to throw it out there. Quinn is a psychopath. Wyatt sarcastically tells him that he had no idea. Liam hates that Steffy has to deal with her. Wyatt believes that this obsession Liam has with his wife is really unhealthy. He is holding on to something that has zero chance of actually happening. Wyatt suggests that a trip to Europe might be good for him. He might find a date in France. Liam believes that something could happen at a moments notice. Liam might have an ace up his sleeve. Wyatt is so sick of hearing him talk about this. Quinn doesn’t even exist anymore in his marriage. Liam doesn’t think that Quinn listens to anyone ever. Wyatt knows that Quinn wants his marriage to last.

Quinn tries to leave. Steffy wants her to wait a minute because they have their own IT department. She wonders what company she works for. Quinn explains that it is a very special company for difficult cases. Steffy asks if he is wearing perfume. Quinn claims to be in touch with her feminine side. Steffy takes off his hat and says no way. Steffy cannot believe Quinn is here. Quinn came here to ask for her job back. Steffy said to stay away from her family and this building. She is nuts. So nuts. Quinn is sorry. Steffy asks what she doesn’t understand. Eric walks in asking what is going on here. Steffy tells him to see who came in here begging for their job back in this ridicules disguise. They are not giving her, her job back. Steffy asks Eric to tell Quinn they are not giving her, her job back. Steffy demands he tell her.

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