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Written By Anthony
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Bill and Wyatt are eating ribs in his office. Liam walks in and cannot believe that they are eating ribs. Wyatt asks if he wants one. Liam wonders what Wyatt is wearing. Bill thinks that he looks great. Wyatt wonders why he is in such a grumpy mood. Bill knows that Liam isn’t happy and it is about to escalate. Bill took Will. Katie threatened to take him from him. He had to get him out of the environment. Katie is probably freaked out. Liam is sure that she is. He cannot just take a baby from his mom. Wyatt doesn’t think he took him. He is worried about their brother. Considering the way that Katie has been lately he cannot blame him

Ridge asks if anyone has heard from Eric. Steffy explains that he has asked them to meet them. Rick knows that he is having this meeting to discuss the CEO position. Rick can bed he made the choice. Steffy hopes that it is the right choice. Ridge knows he will be in charge at the end of the day.

Quinn thinks that Eric has a big choice to make. She cannot imagine that Eric got much sleep. Eric didn’t. He wanted to stop by and thank her for last night. Quinn says that if he needs more her opinion still stands. She thinks that Eric is the only person who should be CEO. Eric believes she is good for his ego. Quinn is talented like that.

Liam asks how Bill can be so calm about kidnapping a child. Bill reminds him that he is his father and at the moment he is better off with him. Liam assumes it is only temporary then. Bill thinks it is as long as it needs to be. Liam reminds him that she has been drinking and is depressed. Bill thinks that is his answer right there. He has to look out for Will which he has been all along. Liam tries to get this straight. He took Will from Katie because he caused her to have a mental breakdown. He wonders if he is correct. Bill believes that they are where they are and he will do what he has to in order to protect his son.

Someone knocks on Quinn’s door and she assumes that it is Eric again. She opens it and it is Deacon. Deacon explains that he gets an urge to be around her. Quinn tells him to get over it because they are done. Deacon believes that she is going to have to get a heck of a lot better at the game then she has been He wonders if she is still doing it with Eric.

Steffy doesn’t think that Rick is the only one that could be the CEO. She is next in line. Rick doesn’t think that is the way it works. Steffy thinks it works the way that Eric says it will. Rick wonders what Ridge is going to do with all the time off. Eric walks in and explains that he has decided.

Liam asks where Will is now. Bill says that he is staying with him until Justin draws up the papers. Liam cannot believe that he is going to rip a child away from his mother. Bill is protecting his son. He is also having Katie declared incompetent. Liam thinks that she lives and breathes Will. Bill doesn’t dispute that when she is having a good day. Liam thinks that he is just angry that Katie called him out for having an affair with Brooke. Bill wants him to open his hears. He wonders what happens if Katie is drinking with Will in the car or has a nervous breakdown and disappears with him. Bill cannot trust her to take care of Will. Liam thinks that he knows that Katie would never harm Will. Bill is not going to bet Will’s safety on it. Wyatt feels for Katie but this is about Will’s welfare. He needs Bill’s protection.

Deacon does not believe that Eric Forrester is about to put up with her special brand of freak. Quinn doesn’t care what he believes. Eric has had no complains what so ever. Deacon decides to agree with her. Quinn thinks that Deacon would be dangerous if he had a clue what he was talking about. Deacon tries to get with her but she pushes him off. Deacon says that is his girl.

Eric does not think that they can pretend that the issue of Douglas’s paternity isn’t going to be a PR scandal. Ridge thinks that will be gone before a real scandal could happen. Rick believes it is wishful thinking. Rick thinks that Ridge is being arrogant. Eric has been happy with Ridge’s tenure as CEO. He is happy with the three of them. Steffy is a force of nature. He cannot imagine not having her around taking them into the future. Eric believes that Rick was the best CEO he ever saw. It took him a while to settle down though. He got power hungry but he did settle in and the profits came in. Steffy asks what his choice is. Eric says there is a change. Rick tells him he will not be sorry. Steffy tells him to calm down because it could be her. Eric says it isn’t. It is him. He is going to step back in as CEO. Ridge doesn’t think that there is any need to make a change. Rick thinks that this is going to the biggest scandal in decades. Eric doesn’t think they know how this will navigate in the press. The press will be all over the two of them. He doesn’t want Ridge making choices with the company. Eric asks what Steffy thinks. Steffy is cool. Rick is as well. He would rather see Eric as CEO then Ridge in charge. Eric guesses that it is settled. He is the new CEO starting now. Ridge storms out. Rick thinks that he looks good behind the desk. He is just saying. Rick leaves. Steffy thinks that is unexpected. Eric said that when he semi-retired he would be waiting in the wings if they needed help. Steffy gets that but offering guidance isn’t a full time choice. Steffy likes it. It is good energy. It makes him look strong.

Bill has to take control and defend Will. Liam thinks that this wasn’t an issue until after he had an affair. Wyatt doesn’t like this either but Katie is a mother who drinks and passes out on the sofa while there is a fire. Liam wants to know where Will is. Bill won’t tell him because he would run to Katie. Bill needs to protect his son.

Deacon wonders what it is with Quinn. She marries him then divorces him and then throws him off a cliff. Quinn thinks it is a sickness. Quinn isn’t going to try to analyze it. Deacon wonders what it says about Eric.

Eric appreciates Steffy’s willingness to come back. Steffy will never have a problem with him in that seat. Nobody can do it better. She cannot believe Ridge and Caroline. She knows that Ridge will handle the press and the scandal will blow over. If Ridge wants to be CEO again unless he doesn’t want to step down. She suggests that Eric is seeing someone. Whoever it is she wants to thank her.

Bill has had enough of this. They are still a family. So regardless of how Liam is feeling at the moment he still expects him to respect his brother’s marriage. Liam is confused that Bill wants him to follow in his example. So that means he wants him to have an affair with Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t think he is saying that at all and he isn’t going to break up his marriage. Liam doesn’t think he will have to because Quinn will do it for him.

Deacon asks if Quinn has popcorn. Quinn wants him to go. Deacon wants to hide and see Eric come in. He wants to listen to them. Quinn says that Eric does excite him. Deacon understands her better than anyone else. Quinn wants access to the family that Steffy shut her out of.

Eric starts to think about Quinn telling him he should be CEO. Steffy knew there was a woman in his life and she is happy for him. She really is. He has so much to offer. Steffy likes this. Eric gets a phone call and Steffy asks if it is the mystery woman. Eric will call back. Steffy wants to talk to her and picks up. She does and Quinn quickly hangs up. Steffy thinks she hung up. Eric appreciates her support. He loves her and never would do anything to hurt her. She has been in his thoughts lately. Steffy knows that Stephanie would want him to live with life. Eric doesn’t think that would happen. Steffy wants him to be happy. Steffy knows that he has been sad and lonely but he deserves to be happy. If the mystery woman does then it is ok with her.

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