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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn is working on jewelry. Someone knocks on the door and it is Eric. She asks if he is alright. Eric isn't. He walks in. Quinn asks if someone died. Eric doesn't want to see anyone who wants to see him. Eric asks if the world can seem different after knowing something you didn't know. Something changes after five words. Quinn gives him a cup. Eric says that it isn't water. Quinn thought martinis were his drink. She promises to have olives next time. Eric smiles. Eric doesn't know what to do. The problem is at work. Quinn knows that means it is a family problem too. Eric says that the CEO position is at play again. Quinn is shocked that Ridge is stepping down. Eric says that it isn't his choice it is his. He doesn't know if he should let him stay, allow Rick back in, or have Steffy take a go at it.

Steffy walks back into Ridge's office saying what the hell. Clearly she is still angry. Ridge had a feeling she would be back. Steffy wonders what he was thinking. Ridge assumes she is gunning for the CEO position too. Steffy isn't even thinking about that right now. Steffy asks what else she doesn't know. Douglas isn't his son. She wonders if she is even his daughter. Ridge thinks that she must be because anyone else he would have thrown out of his office for even asking that question.

In Rick's office, Thomas asks if Caroline thinks that they are still talking about them and Douglas. Caroline doesn't think it is a quick conversation. Thomas guesses that if he was done telling everyone the story of Douglas's paternity everyone would be looking for them.

At the Forrester mansion Rick and Maya walk through the door. She asks how Ridge kept this from Thomas for so long. Rick knows that every ten years or so Ridge gets into a scandal that he can explain. Rick screams wondering if anyone is home. Maya notes that no car was out there. Rick wants to wait. He wants to see when Eric addresses Ridge that he is no longer CEO. Maya asks if he really will do it. Rick says that she didn't see Eric's face. All the blood drained from his face. Rick has all the reason to be the new CEO.

Rick will accept the same terms and salary. He won't make his father grovel. Maya looks worried. He asks what is wrong. Maya knows he has been disappointed in the past. Rick believes that this is different. Ridge tried to force him out because of scandal but now this. This is going to dog Forrester for a long time and Ridge has to see that.

Thomas asks if Caroline is worried. Caroline is just worried what this will do to everyone. Thomas knows that this will hurt his reputation more than it will hurt hers. Then there is Ridge.

Steffy asks what he thinks he was doing to Thomas. Ridge was protecting his wife. Steffy reminds him that she wasn't his wife. Not when her nephew was conceived. Ridge believes that Thomas has a reputation for getting what he wants with girls. Steffy reminds him that he has reputation with breaking up with girls too. She is sorry but she asks if he thought she would feel like he was less of a man for not being able to give her a child. Ridge believes that it was hard not to be able to give her what she wanted. Steffy is in no position to judge. Ridge thinks that she is. The person to judge the hardest is himself though. Later on Caroline walks into the office after Steffy left. Caroline can see that everyone is gone and asks how it went. Ridge tells her that sometimes the truth doesn't set you free. Sometimes the truth just opens the door and leaves you vulnerable. Ridge lost his ability to have children and used his son. Ridge knows that it isn't his child though. It is hers and Thomas's.

Steffy walks into Rick's office. Thomas wonders how mad she is. Steffy asks how he could not tell her. Thomas had no idea. Steffy guesses that Ridge went crazy. Thomas believe it got worse before it got better. Steffy knows how he likes to talk about his relationships so it is shocking to find this out. Thomas thinks it makes this feel weird for his love life.

Rick wants to put the painting of Maya back above the fireplace. Ridge will run out of here with his tail between his legs. He will probably leave Caroline. Maya asks why. Rick feels that if the woman who was unfaithful to him was unfaithful to Ridge then there is something wrong. He wouldn't tolerate it. Maya feels sorry for them. Rick doesn't want her to have sympathy.

Quinn points out that Steffy is young. Eric believes that she is a very bright girl. Then there is Rick who was one of the best CEO's he had ever seen. He is going to expect to get his job back. Quinn asks if Ridge is leaving. Eric thinks that it may be best for him to step out of the public eye for a while. Quinn guesses it was conduct not becoming of a Forrester. Eric hates to stand in judgment. He hates that he has to choose. Quinn suggests that the CEO should be Eric.

Rick knows that Eric said he would need some more time. Maya explains that she is always going to support what he wants. They both know though that Eric doesn't like to make changes though. Rick believes that Ridge's lies have finally caught up with him.

Caroline explains that Thomas isn't asking for anything other than to be recognized. Ridge wonders if Thomas is trying to take over as CEO too. Caroline cannot believe that Rick is trying to use this as an excuse to take over. Ridge thinks they both knew it would. Caroline doesn't think that Eric would let that happen. Ridge knows Eric. Right now it is all about what is real. If he thinks about it he might start think about how he is not the real father and Ridge isn't the real son.

Steffy asks if Thomas feels validated now. Thomas feels honest now. He asks why she doesn't approve. Steffy thinks that this is going to be a lot to handle. Biologically he is the father. Their dad was raising him though. Thomas never got a choice in the matter. Steffy could agree but she wants him to have a sense of what he is doing. The first words out of Rick's mouth were that Eric should replace Ridge with him. Thomas asks why that surprises her. He is like an action figure running around screaming he should be CEO. Steffy asks what about her. She asks what he thinks about her being CEO.

Quinn points out that Eric is the lone voice in a authority that everyone around there respects. Eric wonders why he would want to work that hard. Quinn suggests that he make job description the things that he only likes to do. Eric wonders what he does if the things that he likes to do are the things that he doesn't do that well. He doesn't design that well anymore. Quinn wants him to do him. She saw the work he did this past year. It was great. He cannot be this good and not know it is great. He built this business so he needs to take it back.

Maya suggests that Eric isn't home yet because he hasn't made his choice. Maya reminds him that Lizzie is going to have to be fed soon and put down for the night. Rick believes that Jennifer can handle it. Maya hasn't missed a night. Rick thinks it is nice to have the house to themselves. Maya believes it is like they never left. Rick thinks that when they move back it really will be. Maya loves Rick and wherever he is. Is home to her.

Rick asks what Caroline is doing. Caroline thinks it is time they go home. Replaying it over and over in his head is not helping. Caroline believes they need some time to adjust their thinking. No one got hurt. They are all the same people. Ridge knows that they are all different though. He just doesn't know how.

Steffy admits that while she likes her job and is in no rush to push Ridge out the door she wouldn't mind being in charge. Thomas asks if that would be strange publicity wise. Steffy asks why. Thomas reminds her their last publicity stunt was telling people that her and Liam were running the company together. Steffy feels that people have short term memories. Thomas guesses that people who aren't her do. Thomas thinks the whole reason this happened in the first place is because of Quinn.

Quinn doesn't think that he has to do anything right now. He can let Ridge stay where he is. He is slightly less hated then Rick. Then again she cannot see either of them answering to Steffy. Quinn doesn't know what Ridge's transgression was though. Eric thinks that they call Ridge king Ridge. They called his mother Queen Stephanie. Everything that Ridge touches is his in his mind. He has to have his hand slapped some time. Sometimes he looks at himself in the mirror and doesn't think that he is old enough to be anyone's father. There are days like today when he feels like he wasn't even born. He wasn't going to come here. Quinn asks what this is about then. Eric gave her, her key back. He said it was over more than once. She isn't going to turn him away from her door. Quinn needs to know what the wrong idea is. A girl could have feelings. If they should be over then they should be over. Eric kisses Quinn and she smiles.

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