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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/12/16


Written By Anthony
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Ridge has Eric, Steffy, and Rick in his office. He says they can sit down but this won’t take long. Rick has the numbers for the intimate’s line. Ridge says that this is not about business. This is personal. It is sensitive and he hopes they will all allow him to make the choice that he and Caroline think is best. Eric asks if he is having trouble with Caroline. Steffy thinks he is looking tense. Ridge promises they are fine but his family is going through some changes and he wants them to be aware of it. They all look confused at what he is saying.

Thomas is on the sky lounge lifting barbells. Caroline says hello. Thomas asks if everyone is in Ridge’s office. Caroline says that everyone who doesn’t already know is there. Thomas assumes that Steffy and Eric are. Thomas knows this won’t be an easy conversation. Caroline wonders how everyone will react. Thomas believes it will result in how Ridge explains things. Caroline feels that he will be honest and tell the truth.

Quinn sits in her apartment and thinks of hooking up with Eric. Someone knocks on the door and she says she was just thinking about them. It is Deacon and he knows that she probably wasn’t expecting him. That is alright though. He can make himself feel at home.

Caroline asks if he is ok that Ridge is making this announcement on his own. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge made it sound like there was any other option. Caroline believes that he just didn’t want them to get a lot of questions. Thomas knows that they will have a ton of questions. Especially after his family finds out. Caroline is so sorry that she kept Douglass from him. Thomas doesn’t think that this is her fault. It is all Ridge’s. He needs to own up to it. Caroline doesn’t even know what to say to Steffy and Eric. Thomas thinks she already has said enough.

Quinn asks what he wants. Deacon hasn’t seen her in a while. Quinn claims she has been busy. Deacon has to wonder with the greeting she got. Quinn says it isn’t for him. He knows it isn’t Liam. Quinn says that it is Eric Forrester.

Eric can tell that this is serious. Ridge believes that it is serious enough to tell them first before they hear it from someone else. Steffy knows it isn’t about him and Caroline. Ridge says it is about Douglas. Rick wonders if he is sick. Ridge tells them that he isn’t his. He will always be a part of his life and he will always love him but he is not his son. Steffy reminds Ridge that he was there when Douglas was born. Eric knows that he was the first person to see him and named him. Ridge says that Caroline and him planned to raise him as their own but not anymore. Steffy asks if it is because he is not his son. Ridge tells them that no he is not the biological father. Eric wonders if they used a donor. Ridge says no. Rick wonders if he thought that he was his. Ridge never thought that. He doesn’t think that it was about DNA. It was about being there for the child. Steffy wants to know who the father is if he is not. Ridge says it is Thomas. Rick starts to laugh.

Thomas tells Caroline it will be ok. Caroline thinks he has been so kind to her since all this. Thomas knows that a mother tries to do what is best for their child. He knows she wasn’t trying to hurt him. She was trying to protect her family. Caroline knows what she did was wrong. Secrets make a mess of everything.

Deacon does not think that she is dating Eric Forrester. Quinn never said they were dating. She said that they were seeing one another. Deacon asks where. Quinn says everywhere. She explains that their not telling anyone. He needs to keep his mouth shut. Deacon wonders why she is telling him at all. Quinn guesses that she wanted him to grasp that this is over or maybe she just wanted to see the look on his face.

Steffy asks if her brother is really Douglas’s father. Eric asks if Douglas is Ridge’s grandson. Ridge says yes. Rick asks if what he is saying about Thomas and Caroline… Ridge tells them that he and Caroline were broken up for one night. It was his fault. He didn’t think he could give her the life she wanted. It was his fault. Steffy asks how they knew it wasn’t his. Rick remembers the vasectomy. Brooke told him all about it. Ridge is sure she did. Ridge confirms that he had one in France. He tried to have it reversed but it was impossible. Steffy cannot believe he allowed everyone to think that Douglas was his. Even Thomas. Eric wonders if Thomas knows. Ridge confirms that he does. He told him a while ago. Steffy wonders if he went along with it. Rick is sure that he didn’t give the poor boy a choice. Eric cannot believe this. Ridge says that it took him a while to realize that he couldn’t be the father. Steffy remembers that Thomas was in the house when Caroline was having his child. Rick thinks that he stole his son from him. Steffy asks how he could do this. Ridge tells them that the night Thomas went to her hotel room he thought something that was a misunderstanding. He wanted to protect his wife. When this comes out in the press he is taking the hit for it. Douglas needs to remain free of all the media. Eric agrees. Ridge says that is all he wanted to say. This meeting is over. Rick tells him no way. He doesn’t get to drop a bombshell like that and say the meeting is over. Ridge says it is over. Rick knows that the press is going to go nuts with this. He asks if this is how he protects his family and the company. There are consequences to his actions. He thought he could get away with it. His day of reckoning has come.

Thomas tells Caroline that she had to know that this day was coming. It is impossible think otherwise. Caroline does understand. Thomas knows that Ridge was willing to do anything so she could start a family. He knows that if he got to punish him while he was at it then it was even better. Caroline doesn’t think it was punishment. He saw the night that Douglas was conceived as something awful and it wasn’t. It could have been so much worse if she had been alone. She is grateful that he was there. She knows that he would never do anything to hurt her. Veronica walks out and says that Steffy asked her to put this perspective together. She wanted to get his thoughts on it. She wants to go for drinks to discuss it. Thomas will let her know. She leaves. Caroline says it was nice to see Veronica as well sarcastically. She asks if they are seeing each other. Thomas says it is nothing serious. It is like she said. Life goes on. Caroline doesn’t appear to be happy with this.

Deacon asks how this happened. Quinn went to Eric to ask for her job back. He asks if he gave it to her. Quinn says no but he heard her out. He didn’t have his squad assort her off the property. Deacon guesses that is heartwarming. He never thought that Eric Forrester was the leather chains type. Quinn believes he knows there is more to her then that. Quinn cannot believe he is talking to him. She tells him that he better not tell anyone about this or she will kill him and he knows she will.

Ridge asked him to meeting as a sign of respect and now he is going to respect him. Eric believes that Ridge is right. They need to pull together in a time of crisis. Rick wonders then if he agrees that this is a crisis. Steffy doesn’t think that this affects him. Rick believes that if it affects the company then it does. This could be the scandal of the year. Ridge will not allow his family to be slandered. Rick points out that he put them and all of the family in this position. Eric believes that they need to let Ridge and Caroline and Thomas handle this by themselves. Rick wonders who will be running the company while the design team is trying to figure out how to co-parent. Ridge will. Rick thinks he is disqualified. He asks if Ridge forgot about the morality clause. Ridge doesn’t think what he did was against morality. Rick reminds him that he is part of another scandal. Ridge is going to have to pay.

Deacon knows that this is always a catch with Quinn or a hidden agenda. Quinn explains that Eric didn’t need to be seduced. Deacon reminds her that Steffy doesn’t want her near her or her family. It makes him wonder how she will react too her being with her grandfather. Quinn doesn’t think this is about revenge. Deacon wants her to try to claim this isn’t a little bit about getting back at Steffy. Quinn stayed away from Quinn. Eric is interested in her. She won’t turn him down because her son’s wife says no. She asks if it ever occurred to him that Eric could be using her. She doesn’t think so though because there is a real connection. She feels a real spark. She doesn’t want him to look skeptical. He knew the other women he was with. Sheila Carter and his wife Stephanie. She was no pussy cat. Deacon doesn’t have to be reminded of that. Quinn believes that Eric is attracted to bad girls. Quinn knows that he is right though. Everyone listens to Eric. If he accepts her then maybe everyone else will. All she wants is a chance. To be accepted by the Forrester’s would change her life.

Eric believes that Rick needs to get a hold of himself. Rick believes this needs to be dealt with. Eric believes that it has been dealt with. Rick doesn’t think that Ridge can run the company when the scandal hits. Ridge can control the company. Rick knows that this story will bring attention to them and diminish their brands. They have to keep this scandal as far from the company as possible. Steffy points out that he is the only one calling it a scandal. Rick wonders how she felt about it when she heard that Ridge was playing daddy to his grandchild. Rick knows that Bill is going to have a field day with this. Ridge knew what was at stake. He warned him one more scandal and he would be out. Ridge isn’t stepping down as CEO. Rick doesn’t think that he has a choice. Steffy reminds him that she is the president. If anyone would be next in line it would be her. Rick says that he brought in more money for this company then they have ever seen. Ridge reminds them that this conversation is pointless. Rick doesn’t agree. This scandal will hit the news and their bottom line. They have to make a change otherwise they will have every reporter outside of their offices. Eric explains that he hasn’t been involved here as much lately as he used to. He has taken some steps back. Maybe a little too far. A choice needs to be made now. He is deeply disappointed in what he heard today. He cannot think this through right now. So he is going to need some time. He will let them know what he decides. Eric leaves. Steffy asks what he was thinking. He lied to everyone. Rick knows that he thought that he could control everyone like he always does. That didn’t happen though. He finally got caught. It caught up to him. His reign as king is over. He went too far and now he is going down.

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