B&B Monday Update 7/11/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/11/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Bill plays with one of Will’s toys nervous. Allison walks in and Bill asks how Will is doing upstairs. Allison explains that he is doing great and is working on a luxury highway and he will charge top dollar. Bill is glad. He needs Allison to do him a favor and stay a little longer to watch Will. Katie is going to be home soon and they have some things they need to discuss. Allison understands. She imagines it could get intense. Bill explains if it does then they might have to make other plans. Allison will go check on him. Katie walks in slamming the door. Bill notes that she is home and he has been looking all over for her. Katie says that she was with Brooke. They were talking about the affair he was having with her.

Liam informs Steffy that Bill was having an affair with Brooke. He asks if she understands what kind of hypocrite it makes him. Steffy does but she doesn’t understand how it changes things for them. She made a promise to Wyatt. Liam knows she made a promise that shouldn’t have made if she wasn’t tricked. Liam knows that she knows that this isn’t the life she should have. She needs to come home to him.

Eric is singing in Ridge’s office. Pam tells him that he seems chipper. Someone walks in and it is revealed to be Quinn. Pam jumps up and asks what the heck she is doing here. She is not welcome in this building. Quinn asks if she is sure about that. Eric looks panicked. Pam is calling security. Quinn doesn’t think it will be necessary. She is sorry if she has ever done anything to hurt or offend her but she has changed. She is here to ask for her job back. She just needs one minute of Eric’s time. Eric tells Pam it is alright and to leave them be. Eric thinks that she has some nerve coming here. Quinn explains that she had to see him and starts kissing him passionately.

Steffy doesn’t think they should be doing this. They should not be talking about a future together. Liam knows he made vows but she only made those vows because she thought he wasn’t coming back. Steffy is sorry but she isn’t going to leave her marriage. Wyatt walks in. Wyatt cannot believe that he is here again. Liam is glad they can join them. Bill has been having an affair with Brooke behind Katie’s back. So any promise he made about respecting his marriage is off the table.

Katie knows that Bill has always hated that he didn’t get to raise Liam and Wyatt as children. She always felt so proud that she could give him that chance to do so with Will. Give him a son that he could raise with his values. She never expected him to throw it all away for Brooke. Katie asks how it feels to be a conquest for Brooke. She always gets to win. The prize this time is him her husband.

Charlie walks into the lobby and Pam asks what took him so long. Charlie is sorry but he was testing some things out with the guys. Charlie asks what she needs. Pam tells him that he will never guess who is in there with Eric right now. Charlie throws out some names. Pam explains that it is Quinn begging for her job back. She can kiss up to Eric all she wants but she will never get her job back.

Quinn asks if she turned him on. Eric believes that she took a big risk by coming here. Quinn feels that it was a big risk that turned him on. She wonders if it takes a little more than that. Quinn locks the door and takes off her coat. She is wearing a more sexual outfit under. Eric feels she is being insane. Quinn knows he likes bad girls so here she is. She calls him naughty boy.

Wyatt tries to put together the whole situation. Liam tells him that it blew his mind when he found out. Especially after his whole thing about respecting marriage. Wyatt isn’t condoning what Bill did but he isn’t going to allow this to be an excuse for Liam to hit on his wife.

Katie knows the truth. He tried to convince her that it was all in his head. It is such cruelty towards someone he supposedly loves. Will and Allison walk in. Will goes to Katie. Bill whispers to Allison that she needs to get him out of here. He doesn’t want him anywhere near this. Allison will take him out for some fresh air. Katie promises that she will be up in two minutes. Allison leaves with Will. Katie says that is their boy and his home. The family that he is turning his back on. Bill would never turn his back on his son. Katie guesses he would only do that to her then. Bill believes that she became unreachable. Katie knows he is going to claim it is all her fault. Katie thinks that he watched her spiral out of control while he tells her that nothing is going on. He made her think that she was crazy. She asks if that was part of the plan. For weeks and weeks, she has been begging for the truth but he is not capable of doing that. She thinks he is a coward. She sees him for what he is. A small lying coward. She asks how he could do this. She wonders how he could burn their family to the ground.

Liam isn’t giving up on Steffy ever. If it wasn’t for Quinn then Steffy wouldn’t even be a possibility for him. Wyatt hates what Quinn did to him. Liam is glad because she shouldn’t even be a part of Steffy’s life. Steffy explains that she already told Wyatt that she wanted nothing to do with her. Wyatt even spoke to Quinn about it. She said she would stay away from Steffy and her family.

Eric and Quinn are under a blanket on the couch of the office. Quinn is still wearing her boots but nothing else. Eric explains that if anyone knew what he was doing in here right now… Quinn laughs. Nobody will find out about them. She would never have imagined that she would be back here at Forrester. To be back in his arms is even better.

Bill guesses that Katie has said her piece so now he will say his. Katie doesn’t have to listen to this. Bill informs her that she isn’t going anywhere. From the day they married he tried to be her pillar of strength. He continued to support her no matter what struggle she faced. He didn’t cut out though. He stayed because he is her husband and he loves her. Katie doesn’t think that he knows how to love. Bill reminds her that she was disappearing on him and then insisted that he be with Brooke. She created the whole thing and yet they found their way back to each other and then the wheel was off. Katie thinks it is all because of him. Bill wonders if he created the drinking. He did everything he could to stop her but she refused to get help. All she did was refuse to accept anything and blamed everyone. He didn’t run though. He doesn’t run when things get tough. Katie believe that there are sorts of ways to have an affair just because he wasn’t sleeping with her doesn’t mean he was faithful to her. Bill guesses all men have a breaking point. They had a life and now it is crumbled and shattered. It is not. He gives all the things he does a hundred and ten percent. He refuses to look back and think otherwise. He did everything he could do. Katie is a good woman and he knows how much their son means to her but she has a lot of demons. Bill lost years with Liam and Wyatt. Quinn was unstable. Katie guesses that Liam’s mother was unstable as well. She protected her son too. Bill believes that she is being out of line. Katie will protect her son. She will not let him stay here. He needs to leave and stay the hell away from her and her son.

Wyatt understands how important it is for Quinn to stay away from Steffy, their home, and her family. He will do everything he can to make sure she respects it. Steffy thinks that is all she can ask. Wyatt informs Liam that he isn’t going to allow Liam to disrupt their marriage. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy should be with him. Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy would be with him if she didn’t want to be. Their future is together. Nothing will change that. Not him or his mother. He asks if he understands him.

Eric and Quinn walk out of the office. Pam tells her that was clearly a huge waste of time. Quinn asks if Eric would agree. Pam thinks that she would have to get on her hands and knees and beg for it. Quinn thought she just did that. Quinn informs Eric that he knows she has the finest rubies in town. Eric wants nothing she is selling. Quinn guesses that he will never see him again. Pam thinks that Eric above her. Quinn agrees that she is below Eric and she prefers it that way. She explains that if he ever wants to check out her rubies that he knows how to reach her.

Katie goes into Will’s room informing him that he needs to get ready for bed. She realizes that Will is not in the room. She calls out for him. She runs downstairs and asks Bill where Will is. Bill explains that he will not be kept from his child. She demands that he call Allison and demand her son be brought back. Bill explains that this marriage is over. Katie will not allow this. Bill will not let Katie raise him with her instability. Katie thinks this is a crime and will call the police. Bill asks if she is sure she wants to do that. After she just assaulted him. He is taking his son out of this house. No more drinking or instability. She will lose. There is not a judge in LA that will disagree with him. Katie begs him not to take her son from her. Bill says that Katie needs to get herself together. He cannot be exposed to this. Katie falls to the ground crying demanding that she get her son back.

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