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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie cannot believe that after all this time and all the promises, denials, and lies. Katie asks Brooke how she could do this.

Bill wonders if Liam is pleased with himself. Liam asks if he thinks this is funny. He takes no pleasure in this. Bill knows that he does. He is playing Liam the hero. He has to tell the truth even when he doesn’t understand it. Bill is talking to a guy who changes relationships more than he changes his underwear. Bill thinks he should have stayed the hell out of it.

Thomas is cleaning up and Steffy asks if he wants to take the beer with him. Thomas will leave them for Wyatt. Steffy thinks that he is such a good brother-in-law. Thomas cleans up some plates. Steffy tells Thomas to wash them. Thomas isn’t that nice. Thomas wonders where Wyatt went. Steffy thinks that he went to visit Quinn because he has a look of guilt.

Quinn texts Eric wondering if he will be home later. Someone knocks and she answers the door. She is surprised to see Wyatt. He asks if everything is ok. Quinn says she has never been better. Wyatt asks what is going on. Quinn asks why he is always so suspicious of her. She is just happy that he is here. She asks if Steffy sent her to invite her to the party. Wyatt says it is over. He just wanted to thank her for staying away. Quinn would do everything for her favorite daughter-in-law.

Steffy knows that it is hard for Wyatt to go behind her back just to see Quinn. Thomas thinks that Steffy is making excuses and making Wyatt out to be the unhappy one. Steffy clearly regrets marrying Wyatt.

Bill believes that Liam’s understanding of what he and Brooke have been through is extremely limited. Liam didn’t tell Katie anything. Brooke is telling her right now.

Brooke explains that it is not exactly how she thinks. Katie is going to tell her what she thinks. She loves her husband and has kissed, and touched, and who knows what else. All these suspicions that she has been trying to drink away. To dull the pain to convince herself that she would never betray her. Not with her husband. Not her own sister.

Wyatt believes that Steffy needs some distance right now. Quinn understands. One day she might come around and understand. She might even want to invite her to some of these parties. She would love to be invited as part of the Forrester family.

Steffy doesn’t want to talk to him about regrets. Thomas isn’t trying to bring her down. It needs to be said though. She still cares about Liam. Wyatt and her work. They are good together and she is committed to him. Thomas knows that Liam is only staying away because of Liam. Thomas asks if Liam were to go after her if she would still be with Wyatt.

Bill believes it should have been him who had to tell Katie this. He is her husband. Liam thinks he has had every opportunity and Brooke is her sister. Bill believes the timing was for him to decide. Bill asks what happens if Katie cannot handle it. Bill tells him that he better hope that she survives this.

Brooke doesn’t want her to get worked up. She needs to think about her heart and health. Katie asks what Brooke was thinking about when she was sneaking behind her back with Bill. Brooke could only think about her. She wanted to stand by her and her family. Katie thinks she lies as much as she breathes. Katie is fine because she is not crazy. This is not all in her head. She wanted her to doubt what was in front of her face but this is real. She knows how to deal with it because she has been here before. Katie thinks that Brooke needs help. The story of the beautiful blonde who fall in love with the wrong guy is a lie. It is a part she plays. People get hurt an awful lot in front of Brooke. Katie asks when this started. She wonders if it was high school or when their father left. Someone should have told her that he left and wasn’t coming back. He left all of them. He hurt Donna and their mother. They all survived though. They didn’t look for a man to fill the emptiness. Not Brooke though. Katie thinks that the slut from the valley stays the same.

Someone knocks on the door and Steffy says it is open. Liam walks in and asks if they are alone. Steffy says yes. He is glad that he didn’t have to tell Wyatt to leave. He tried to listen to Bill. He thinks that following Bill is a joke. Steffy doesn’t think that he is making any sense. Bill was cheating on Katie the entire time. Steffy is shocked. Suddenly Liam doesn’t care about marriage. Liam is not going to be quilted anymore. He belongs to Steffy.

Katie knows that all those men thought that she really cared about them. Katie remembers Dave. She wonders how long it was after she met him that she dropped him for Ridge. That was just the beginning of the pattern. She would go on to drop Eric, Grant, Thorn, and Nick. Let’s not forget about Deacon her daughter’s husband. All these men. Then there is Bill. A man so inappropriate. Katie asks if she is finally seeing what is wrong. Brooke fought this. She told Bill there was no way this could ever happen. Katie asks if she ever thinks about Storm or mom. She wonders what they would say. She is Will’s aunt. Brooke didn’t sleep with Bill. Katie doesn’t think that it matters. Katie asks why she denied herself. It didn’t make her any less of a cheat or a liar. That is almost worse because she watched as Katie turned into this. She lied to her face. Brooke didn’t want it to be this way. Katie knows she eventually did. She got bored and decided to tell Bill she loved him. Katie assumes that she wasn’t dying quick enough for her. Brooke is going to leave and go far away. This is all her fault. She can allow Katie and Bill to have their life back. Katie isn’t going to forgive Bill ever. He doesn’t want anything to do with him or her. Not ever again.

Quinn asks if Wyatt is going so soon. Wyatt needs to be clear. The only thing that can mess up his marriage is if she complicates it so she needs to stay away. Quinn gets a text. She smiles. Eric says he will be in touch. Wyatt needs him to stay away from the Forrester’s.

Steffy cannot believe that Bill was lying after all the pressure put on them at the family meeting. He was demanding of them. Liam almost fell for it but nothing is standing in his way. He starts to kiss Steffy.

Brooke doesn’t think that Katie is thinking clearly. Katie is thinking more clearly now then she has in a long time. Brooke reminds her of her life with Will. Katie tells her that she can have Bill. Until the next man comes along or the next one. Or maybe not. Maybe her and Bill will last forever. It makes no difference to her or her son. She never understood how Liam’s mother and Quinn could keep their sons away from Bill but now she understands. They saw what she refused to see until now. He is dangerous and she will keep her son away from Bill. Brooke doesn’t think she can do that. She is the one who told Bill about her feelings. She is. If she needs to blame someone blame her and not Bill. Call her a whore because she knows that is what she thinks of her. She is sorry but she didn’t mean to hurt her. She failed. Katie kisses Brooke and hugs her. Katie is going to remember the best things about her. Her beauty and laugh. How the light always seems to find her. She shines so bright that everyone who stands next to her doesn’t look in comparison. Brooke asks what she is saying. Katie says they will always be sisters but this is goodbye. She hugs and kisses Brooke again. She says goodbye. Katie walks outside. She smiles. Inside Brooke sits down and starts to cry hysterically…

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