B&B Wednesday Update 7/6/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/6/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie thinks it is a simple question. Was he on the phone with the office or Brooke. He said some lovely things in there but she wants him to know that she meant everything she said too. Yet then he disappears out here. Bill didnít disappear. He had to deal with something. Katie asks again. Did it have to deal with work or Brooke?

Liam tells Brooke that he doesn’t know what that phone call had to do with anything but she still needs to come clean to Katie. It is bad enough that Katie is turning this around in her head… Brooke told Bill that it was over. Liam assumes that he couldn’t let it go. Brooke explains that he does love Katie and Will. Liam understands. It is complicated but what isn’t complicated is respecting that the mother of his child deserves the truth. She needs to tell Katie everything like yesterday.

Wyatt asks if anyone wants a refill on their margarita. Thomas thinks they taste amazing. Wyatt goes over the list of ingredients that he puts in them. He puts a very special ingredient in. Steffy sarcastically assumes it is more tequila. Wyatt tells her that is his special ingredient. Thomas wonders what it is with the Spencer’s. First Bill and Katie are laying it on really heavy with each other and now Wyatt is just getting all sappy with him. Caroline feels that Bill and Katie are inspiring through all they have been through. They all toast one another on that note. Wyatt drinks from the blender glass. Steffy isn’t sure that she could handle all the things that Katie has had to deal with. Wyatt is glad that she at least has his dad to look after her. Steffy knows how much of a softy he is. Wyatt believes that Bill has his priorities straight. Steffy wonders about Brooke. Bill looked really sad she didn’t show up. Thomas ran into her at the office and she said that she wanted to give Katie some space for her husband and family. Steffy wonders if they should read into that.

Liam doesn’t think that Brooke should allow this to go on. Brooke knows and doesn’t want to hurt her little sister. Liam gets that the circumstances are different and he believes her. It is still a betrayal though. Liam tells Brooke it has to stop and she has to be the one to stop it.

Katie demands to know if it was the office or Brooke. Bill explains it was Brooke. He was just checking up on her. Katie asks why he did that. She is sensitive to the two of them. She wonders why he keeps doing this. Bill is sorry. He doesn’t want to spoil this. He asks if they can go back in. The two do so.

Wyatt and the others are by the window and ask Bill to come over to settle what is flying by the house. Katie stands at the door looking at the alcohol. Steffy asks who wants one of Pam’s trademark lemon bars. Wyatt bets that she brought them by to score an invite. Steffy tells them all she already had plans. Bill realizes he didn’t get to say all he wanted to earlier about the significance of family. He thinks that trust and commitment are important. They work to make things better. His marriage to Katie in general was strained through so much. He loves Katie. Wyatt asks if he can talk to Bill. The two go off to the window. Bill asks how things are going with Steffy and himself. Wyatt thinks that things are great. Bill has set a bar so high for their family. Not only is he the smartest man he has ever known but also the most principle. Katie on the other side of the room starts to hold a bottle. She thinks of a few minutes ago when Bill lied to her. She pours herself a drink flooding the glass. She throws it back drinking the entire thing. She leaves.

Brooke says that after Will was born and she had gone through post-partum Katie was able to forgive her. She doesn’t know how but she was able to do so. She got past the heartache and she promised she would never do anything to betray the relationship. Katie will not forgive her. Liam thinks that she might regain some of the trust by telling the truth. Liam doesn’t think that this will do anything to fix anything. He doesn’t want Brooke to go another day without telling the truth. He can give Katie the truth and the gift of sanity.

Katie walks on the beach. She looks sad. She starts to smile. Katie looks out at the ocean.

Liam has spoken to Katie. She is not in a good place. One minute she is begging to know how many secrets he is keeping from her. The next she is claiming she knows how much Bill and Brooke love her. Brooke insists that they do love her. Liam is not questioning that. He is questioning what her love is doing to her. He knows that she will always want to protect her but Katie knows better. Katie has survived so much. She doesn’t deserve this and he will not allow this. It has to come from Brooke. She has to tell Katie the truth.

Caroline asks Thomas if this happened when he was in Paris. Thomas is as shocked as she is. Caroline asks if he went through with it. Bill walks up to them asking if they have seen Katie. Caroline hasn’t recently. She wonders if everything is ok. Bill is sure that it is. Thomas asks if Ridge will let Will stay up past his bed time. Caroline knows that Ridge is grateful of the time. Thomas asks if Ridge has talked about when he plans on letting the world know he is the father. Caroline doesn’t want to talk about this here. Bill walks over to Wyatt and Steffy and asks if they have seen Katie.

Katie continues to think about Brooke and Bill while she looks at the ocean. She is now sitting. She starts to cry.

Brooke stands in Katie’s kitchen thinking about all the things Liam demanded of her. She then starts to think about Katie thinking that Brooke was right about it all being in her head. Then promising she will keep it together for her family. She gets her phone out.

Bill cannot imagine where Katie would be. Wyatt is sure that it is all fine. Bill hears Katie’s phone go off. Caroline says that is Katie’s purse. He goes through the purse and sees that it is Brooke calling.

Liam walks inside his house. Someone knocks on the back door and it is Katie. He runs to let her in. Liam asks if she was alone. Katie was on the beach. She had to leave. Liam asks if she walked here. Liam asks if she is ok. Katie asks if Liam has anything to drink. Liam has water. Katie wants vodka. Liam doesn’t think that is a good idea. Liam asks if she has spoken to Brooke recently. Katie asks why Bill would lie. Katie is crying. She overheard him on a phone call with Brooke. She asks if it is all in her head. She trusts Liam. He is his father. She needs to know if Liam knows anything. She trusts him and he is supposed to tell the truth. If he thinks she is making it all up then he needs to tell her. Katie begs for Liam to help her.

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