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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt takes pictures of Steffy on his phone. Katie asks if the two of them need some time alone so they can take these pictures. Steffy explains that it is part of Wyatt’s marketing campaign for Spencer. Wyatt is building a social media empire with his wife. Caroline wants details. Wyatt knows that Spencer has a younger demographic. So they will go after them with Steffy. Katie thinks that is a great idea and wonders if it is Wyatt’s. Wyatt explains that it is any chance to work with his hot wife and make her a bigger star than she already is. Wyatt asks if Caroline can take a picture with him and Steffy. Caroline does so. Caroline saw Bill outside and Thomas is on his way. So that only leaves Liam. She wonders if he is coming.

Liam sits in his living room and thinks about his conversation with Bill telling him off. He gets a phone call. He starts to laugh. Liam says yes to Bill. Bill demands to know where he is. Liam is at home. Bill reminds him that Wyatt and Steffy are throwing a family party and he should be here. Liam is not coming. Bill tells Liam to hold off on the judgment. Katie and him will work it out. They cannot fix things if he tells on him. Bill demands he get over there. Liam isn’t going to do that if he has to respect Wyatt’s marriage. Liam leaves his home.

Brooke sits in Ridge’s office and looks at a picture of Katie and herself. Thomas walks in and asks if she needs a ride to the beach. He assumes she is going to the party and Wyatt and Steffy’s house. Brooke thinks it is best she sits this one out.

Wyatt continues to take pictures of Steffy. Bill walks in and takes the hat off Steffy’s head. He tells Wyatt to take a picture of that. Wyatt does so and tells Steffy to look at how many followers she has now. Bill asks Caroline if the dress maker is coming today. Caroline explains that Ridge is staying home with Douglas. Katie wonders if anyone has heard from Brooke. She asked her to come.

Liam walks into Ridge’s office. He looks at Brooke in disgust. Brooke looks up and is surprised to see him. She wonders why he isn’t at the party. Liam isn’t interested. Liam has a problem with hypocrites. He can’t be around his father right now. He knows that the two of them are having an affair.

Wyatt pours Steffy a drink and asks how it is. Steffy thinks it is strong. Wyatt asks if Katie wants one. Katie says she is fine. Thomas walks in and they all say hello. Bill asks if Katie is good. Katie is. She is glad they are here together. She loves their Spencer clan. She loves being Misses Bill Spencer. She is glad that she hasn’t let everything they have been through together blow up. Bill promises that isn’t the case. Thomas asks Caroline where Douglas is. Caroline explains that she let him stay home with Ridge. Thomas wonders why. He wanted to be with Douglas. Caroline explains that Ridge was grateful for the time. Caroline hopes that he isn’t upset. Thomas just wants him to know who his parents are.

Liam tells Brooke that he opened the door to this napping room and he saw the two of them kissing. Meanwhile he is married to her sister who lives in fear of this exact thing happening. Brooke feels awful. Liam doesn’t know how she could do this to Katie. Brooke thinks it is a complicated situation. Brooke gets a phone call. She answers it. It is Katie. Katie asks where she is. They are all celebrating at Steffy and Wyatt’s. Brooke just doesn’t feel up to it plus it is a Spencer celebration and she doesn’t really belong there. Brooke wants her to have a good time. Katie thinks that it would be fun if she came by. Brooke wants her to have quality time with her husband and son.

Bill asks if Katie was talking to someone. Katie was talking to Brooke. She was going to come by but then changed her mind. She sounded off on the phone. Bill doesn’t want her to worry about it and is sure that Brooke is fine.

Liam can see on her face how much this is torturing Brooke. Keeping this huge secret and lying all the time. It is eating away at her. Brooke hates lying to her sister. Liam thinks she should come clean then and tell Katie the truth.

Steffy wants to thank all of them for coming. This is an awesome family. Caroline thinks that she is one of them now. Wyatt agrees. Wyatt wants to thank them all for making their first party as a married couple great. Same goes for their wedding. Thomas believes that you cannot go wrong with this group of people. Caroline agrees. Bill says as head of this family he wants to say that this is a good looking crew. He thinks that Caroline started her own branch of the Spencer family. He wishes it was with someone else though. He couldn’t be more proud of Wyatt. He admires him. His new social media campaign is a perfect example. Bill believes that Steffy is a good edition to the family. Bill tells Thomas that he isn’t sure what exactly he is to him but he is glad to have him around. He thinks they are all incredible people but he wouldn’t realize any of this if it wasn’t for Katie. She taught him all this by becoming his wife and having their son. They have had many challenges but the fact remains that they are family in the deepest and most permanent sense of the word.

Brooke feels horrible about all this. Liam thinks that Katie deserves to know about this. Liam thought that this was over a long time ago. Brooke explains that it was. That break up was real. Liam thinks that something changed. Brooke knows it was her fault. Katie and Bill were fine but then she opened her mouth and said she loved Bill. So if he wants to blame someone it should be her. Liam thinks that Bill could have turned her down. Brooke explains that they tried. Once they both admitted their feelings it was impossible to ignore. Brooke tells him that they were never intimate. Liam asks if Katie heard them. Brooke explains that is when she started acting this way. She claimed that they were always flirting in front of her when they weren’t. Then she was invited over to dinner so they could bond. It was all so strange. Not that she is justifying anything. Liam didn’t know that anything was going on but he has been seeing how Katie has been going. She sees something but they keep telling her she is wrong. The two people closest in her life are lying to her. They have to stop putting her through mental torture. She needs to tell her sister the truth.

Katie turns off the music. She promises to turn it back on in a few minutes. Bill inspired her to say a few words. She really appreciates what has been said. She believes that marriage is about surviving the bad times. They are survivors. Spencer’s are strong especially with Bill here along the way. Katie teaches her about love and faithfulness. They are all lucky to be surrounded by so much love. She he vales them all so much and Brooke. She hasn’t said it enough lately but she wants to say it now. She loves them. Katie and Bill hug.

Brooke hears what Liam is saying and she would agree but Bill and her are over. Liam believes that Katie deserves to know that her suspicions were real. The affair between Bill and her was real. She needs to know she wasn’t crazy. Brooke doesn’t disagree but wonders if it is really necessary to send Katie into a tailspin. Liam thinks that Brooke is already there. Liam gets that she is concerned about her reaction but she should have thought about this before hand. Brooke did. Liam doesn’t think that what is done can be undone but Katie needs to be alright. Liam thinks that Katie should know the truth. Liam is worried something is going to put Katie over the edge.

Bill calls Brooke. Brooke picks up the phone. She asks what is wrong. Bill explains that Katie wishes she was here. Bill thinks that Brooke sounds upset. Brooke explains that Liam is here and they have been talking. He assumes that she knows that Liam knows. Brooke is hanging up. Bill will get Liam in line. He doesn’t want her to say anything crazy. Katie walks out and asks who is on the phone. Bill says that it was the office. Katie heard him say Brooke. She asks if it was the office or her sister.

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